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Toybox for Windows 7

Final version of the previously known "Ichigo Pistachio for Windows 7" visual style.
Now including 6 colors variations! Yay! :dummy:

*Windows 7 Starter not supported



1. Extract the folder named "Visual Style" from the .zip archive to your desktop.

2. Go to the C:\Windows\Resources\Themes directory.

3. Open the 'Visual Style' folder located on your desktop, drag the contents of the "Visual Style" folder instead of the actual folder (as shown in this example) to the "Themes" directory opened just before.

4. Now, right-click on your desktop, select "Personalize" (or any corresponding word for non-English systems), and finally select one of your favorite colors of the Toybox series!

5. After that, pick your favorite picture on your computer as your desktop background (unless if you want a blank colored background)!

Note: If you never used any third-party visual styles on your computer before, you need to patch your system files or the themes will not work properly!
Please read the excellent walkthrough written by `neiio for more information here:
How to Install & Use Custom 3rd Party Themes*
*archived version on as the original link is broken





Redistribution, modification or repackaging of this theme not allowed without my explicit written consent firstly.
And, please, do not use my works for any commercial or profit use! :heart:

Thank you to everyone for the bugs reports, helps and your support!!! :tighthug:



Thanks to *Raindropmemory, Mozilla and Microsoft for the inspiration for this visual style, and `neiio for his installation tutorial mentioned above. ^^
Yoritsuki (by Hybrid:Works)
Longhorn Icon Pack R2 (by *Flahorn)
iWindows (by ~wwalczyszyn)
Build Icons (by Design Kindle)
Slicy (Mac OS X app)
Sweet Icons (by ~Melaamory)

© 2012-2013 Cappippuni. Reproduction, distribution or modification on my works not allowed without my explicit consent.
Contact: send a note Follow me: BlogFacebookFlickrBehanceTwitter
© 2012 - 2021 Cappippuni
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Please, make a version for windows 10!

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Does it works on Windows 10?

thanks looks wonderful!!!!!!!

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

After see that, I was totally impacted for the visual change, then I download and install it. Is very simple but this is the better point. Simplicity that show your awareness.

A beautiful contrast of colors, is very original, normally, the people try to show a ''new image'' that ''break'' with the ''normal view'', try to be ''futured''. But things really shocking, the styles that we really like the simple things, beautiful ... And the fact of a futuristic attempt - Windows 8 style - makes watching things like this even more welcoming.
After instalármelo, I feel "better" with my computer, I like much more, is more "comfortable" working on it. I don't have any problem from my point of view. How much could highlight the gray used for the menus is perhaps a bit "too dark". But I guess this depends on taste.

So good job.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Impact

very gay but kinda cool some tim e tog nmafe i nlg nlkn nio nl eleoiieo hio oi oni noinoin nonoinoi nonoi fwe few gwwgg lhrjseh kjh k hkehrf aeiuhfeho heoih fesoh oesihr owihe oiw hoiaehf ioahoihoiHoih aoiha oahoah oih oeh ohoih oih oih ioh ioho ho i h hioh ioh ioh oih oih oih oih ioh oih oh io e rierer w ew aet e grsg t eatlk j h;oi ew hido ger ghdhue odsiorfjoies iof eoihseioht oihszio hoih oiehio hoi hoi hioh oi hoihoihih ioh hvhvhvh h h h h h h h hh fhhroi io oeit io oi oiweio tieot ioeio eh ioes io ios ioes oi ioseio ew
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Hello ~ChromeWitch,

I can understand that this theme cannot please everyone, wanted to make something different when I made this visual style, but please avoid to post such comment. Diversity of styles is always nice.
Thank you for your understanding. ;)
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I liked the theme dude but jst got bored :P so sorry if i offended u or anything
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:happybounce:Megaphone Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for visiting my gallery, unfortunately my DeviantArt page isn't maintained anymore and thus my account will be deleted from DeviantArt in late 2017!
If you wish to download anything from my gallery (for example, my old icon sets or visual styles), please do it as soon as possible before it will be too late! ;o)

Don't hesitate to visit me and my critters on our website here:
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After endless frustration trying to find another theme as good as this one, I felt the need to return and show my appreciation.

Thank you for a theme that is not just more black and white or glass, that is easy on the eyes without being boring, that is sweet but not cloying, AND also thanks for providing this theme for free, for not hiding it behind countless redirects, ads, downloaders, and other such bs.  I really wish there were more themes like this, that could manage to do something different without retreading the same paths or going off into the unknown.

Granted, it is not perfect.  The taskbar button does not flash like it should when I get new messages on Pidgin.  But frankly, that is the ONLY thing it doesn't do right.  Small price to pay for something this good.
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Lovely theme! I really wish there was a Windows 10 version.
jindix1's avatar
gracias hermoso trabajo
RosaJoker's avatar
It's very beautiful and I have installed it my 'personalize' window these themes are just plain black with plain white aero glass. They are all the same. Can I fix it? Thank you in advance~
SonyZR's avatar
Wonderfull thank you :)
ElectricSama's avatar
OMG! This is so cute!
psychodoll12's avatar
Port it to W8 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:(<3
Suassive's avatar
I'm loving how colorful & cute this theme is :D
rdmonroig's avatar
Hello. How do you install?
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Hey, I love the theme but I have a problem - the top bar doesn't display correctly and it annoys the hell out of me. This is what it looks like:
puu (dot) sh/iz6qs/5ba83dccf3.jpg
puu (dot) sh/iz6yo/69e33fcd7f.jpg
(Obvs put in full stops where it says to, DA is weird with Puush)
See what I mean? I'd be grateful if someone could help. I tried the UxStyle patch program, but not the other. I'll update you if it works. >-<
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Hi! I can see you have enabled high DPI rendering (doubling the pixel definition on screen for crisper details) based on your screenshots. This theme have some visual glitches when using DPI higher than 100% as I made it years ago before high density displays were common. I couldn't update this theme as I'm not using Windows 7 anymore, sorry for bad news. ;n;
Thanks anyway for reporting this issue I wasn't aware. Skype status - Online 
WizardyNinja's avatar
Thanks for getting back to me, I'll try disabling the high DPI rendering to see if it makes any difference. I can't remember why I enabled it so I'll just see what it does. If it doesn't work then ah well. XD
Cappippuni's avatar
Glad to see this issue has been solved. Have fun! ^___^
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