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Pastelia for Windows 7

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Published: December 19, 2009
Hello! :icongrilledcheesegrinplz:

I have the great pleasure to present you my first visual style for Windows 7, Pastelia!

What then with this visual style?

Having searched for visual styles around the web, I found that most of them were similar to each other, mainly with an close aspect to the famous Mac OS X interface, or accentuating the transparencies effects of Aero.
However, to date, there isn't any themes for Windows 7 offering an alternative, a different vision of the appearance of this operating system...

This theme, with pastel colors, pink, yellow and light gray, is specifically designed for people seeking a clean workspace, with sweet and soft colors.
A style for every taste, for making you feel always more cheerful... : )

You can find more information about using this visual style on the "How to use this visual style" text document, included on the .zip archive...

Oh! This visual style is only compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 RTM (build 7600) 32-bit version, compatibility with the 64-bit version and Windows 7 SP1 (build 7601) isn't tested.
It doesn't work on Windows Vista, Windows XP and with Windows 7 RC (build 7100)!

I'm not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this visual style! ; )

Please feel free to comment or asking any questions!
Of course, feel free to share this theme with people that you really enjoy, your friends, your family, your contacts on other forums, your neighbors... But, please, please do not use my works for any commercial use! ^^
Thank you so much~ :heart:



Icons: Merry Go Round Icon Set by *Raindropmemory


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ayihsotNew Deviant


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kozimicHobbyist Digital Artist
damn wish i knew this existed back when i still used Windows 7 this is cute as hell
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Can I use it in windows 10?? :)
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Unfortunately this theme isn't compatible with Windows 10 as it was designed for Windows 7 (same apply for all themes designed for any specific Windows versions). ^-^
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:happybounce:Megaphone Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for visiting my gallery, unfortunately my DeviantArt page isn't maintained anymore and thus my account will be deleted from DeviantArt in late 2017!
If you wish to download anything from my gallery (for example, my old icon sets or visual styles), please do it as soon as possible before it will be too late! ;o)

Don't hesitate to visit me and my critters on our website here:
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yuuri8Student Interface Designer
hey i followed the instructions, copied the fied to Themes, then download the Universal patcher thing , but they dont specify what to do next, copy it too somewhere
nothing changes
help plzzz!!!!!
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will this work for windows 8?
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mimakouHobbyist General Artist
hey, can it be used on windows 10?
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Hi, I love your theme! I have a question though, on the start menu how do you get your icon to look like that, without it being put in a box?
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This is so cuuute thank you <3
Totally watching you, you're awesome!
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Aww thank you so much!! :heart:
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I don't know if its just me, but the download link for the theme patcher isn't working :/ 
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Thanks for noticing me about that, the original page seems to be not available anymore. As replacement you can try this alternative theme patcher (UxStyle):
Tell me if it works for you ^^
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x3LynnxHobbyist Digital Artist
i have a question, is there a way to change the font? or even the font size? Its pretty cute but waaay to small for me haha
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It is not possible unless if you have Windows Style Builder and know how to modify the settings in the .msstyle file.
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I think I never commented, but I've been using this as my theme since 2012 (or so), I really, really love it, so I wanted to thank you for creating it and sharing it. 
I'll probably change to windows 10 soon and I wonder if this theme will work (I hope so) 
Regards :D 
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Thank you so much!! <3 Unfortunately it won't work at all on Windows 10 (and not on Windows 8 too). :<
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Love your work. Thanks
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It might be worth mentioning in your instructions that the theme will only work if you go through and delete the language preferences you don't need, thus eliminating a few folders that are disabling it from working. I had to restart my computer 3 times because I thought it was the patcher's fault but it turns out Windows just couldn't cope with the language options D: 

Also I tried the link for the patcher and none of them were active, but this Softonic download is exactly the same and works fine~

This is such a beautiful theme! You've done an exceptional job with it ^w^ Thank you so much!~
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Ah this is super cute!! Is there any way to make it work for windows 8? Theres barely any nice pastel themes for windows, and yours is the best I've seen but it isn't compatible with win 8 haha.
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