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Colorful Morning Icon Set

Hello! : )

I present you my third icon set, "Colorful Morning"!
Well, actually, I made these icons for some time, a project that I eventually dropped by more ...
Originally, this set of icons, unlike my previous projects, is a fully digital work done with Photoshop and, partially, with Illustrator.
However, being short of ideas for this project I abandoned its development...

Despite everything, I just found the source files of this set of icons on my hard drive, so after a quick check, then converting the source files into usable icons (both Windows and Mac OS X compatibles icons are included in the .zip archive), I decided to share with you, despite the fact this icon set is incomplete and may contain some minor flaws...

Of this, please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, questions ... This is very nice to see your opinions!
Oh! And of course, feel free to share these icons with people that you really enjoy, your friends, your family, your contacts on other forums, your neighbors... But, please, please do not use my works for any commercial use! ^^

Thank you all! You are awesome! :tighthug:



:lightbulb: How to change icons in Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
:lightbulb: How to change icons in Windows XP
:dalogo: How to download file on deviantART


My others icons set:

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omg i love it pls make more ^^

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thankyou so much for this amazing artwork!
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:happybounce:Megaphone Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for visiting my gallery, unfortunately my DeviantArt page isn't maintained anymore and thus my account will be deleted from DeviantArt in late 2017!
If you wish to download anything from my gallery (for example, my old icon sets or visual styles), please do it as soon as possible before it will be too late! ;o)

Don't hesitate to visit me and my critters on our website here:
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All my friends are now jealous lol
this made my desktop so cute! Thx!
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love your colors and style! very nice
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Beautiful icon set! Thank you so much!! :heart:
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Thanks *__* ^^
They are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing~
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Very like this:)
Can i take this ? :D
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These icons are so beautiful, you are very talented!
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Aww thank you! <3
Is it possible to use this for Windows 8? :( I want it because it's so cute but I only have Windows 8
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Of course, don't worry. The walkthrough for customizing your icons on Windows 8 is exactly the same as in Windows Vista and Windows 7 . ^___^
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loved too much! Thanks for sharing!
I dont know why but the page dont show me the option of download, help me! i really want these icons :C
I just realize where was, thanks haha
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It's cool !!
Thank you for your sharing ^O^
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really awesome.
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