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Wioweieibill by CapnRedIvan Wioweieibill by CapnRedIvan
Quote: "Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend - or a meaningful day." - Dalai Lama

Relationships: TBA.

Pose I think from…
Wade Wyve.

19 (total age is around 181, birthday is December 13th).

6'1 human form, 8'1 in monster form.

Monster type/species:
(Norse) Wyvern.

Species Description: A subspecies of dragon that come in three varieties; Ice, Sea, and Swamp. Ice Wyverns have scales designed to protect them from cold winds and weather and their wings are built for gliding like a kite through windy canyons. They have poison-tipped barbed tails and sharp beaks used to crack open the icy surface of frozen rivers to get to the fish below. Their body structure is similar to that of a chicken, with taloned feet and winged arms. They are not as large as the common species of dragons, so they usually use their poison abilities and skilled flying techniques to avoid becoming prey to larger dragons and beasts. Sea Wyverns are similar to the Ice Wyvern, but instead of a barbed tail, they have a fish-like tail and live close to sea shores, ocean caves, and port towns. Their territory is often rivaled with that of the harpies, but a few clans do get along. Also unlike the Ice Wyvern, Sea Wyverns have gills and can breathe under water for long periods of time as they dive into the sea for fish. Swamp Wyverns are a bit more different than the other two versions. They have a barbed tail like the Ice Wyvern, but have no legs and move similar to that of a serpent. They can also breathe fire like common dragons and their wings are wide enough to allow for actual flight instead of relying on the wind to glide.


Glamor item:
Ice Crystal.

Character's Major:

Current Classes:

Passed Classes:

- History.
- Expressive Arts.
- Potions.
- MPE.
- Human Studies.
- Music.
- Monster Anatomy.
- Mythical Medicine.
- DAH.
- Home Economics.
- Mystics and Magic.
- Martial Arts.
- Technology.

Current Points:
26, 105.

Natural weapons:
- Poison-tipped tail.
- Beak.
- Talons.

Trained weapons:
- Alteration magic.
- Bow.
- Potions.
- Martial Arts.


Bullet; Red getting shot
Bullet; Red demotions
Bullet; Red Excel crashing
Bullet; Red traffic
Bullet; Red Heart Disease
Bullet; Red Blunt force to the head
Bullet; Red Layoffs

Bullet; Redbeing mortally wounded asdfasd
Major Skills:
Bullet; Blue Poison Generation - He is able to generate poison into his breath or tail for use in paralyzing targets, either for self-defense or to capture prey, such as fish.
Bullet; Blue Hardened Skin - His scales can absorb most of any physical damage he recieves, protecting him from severe injuries unless attacked around his soft scales.
Bullet; Blue Alteration Magic - Also nicknamed 'Philosophers Stone' by Wade. He can use alteration magic to change the color of an object or convert one material into another as long as their elements balance each other out in 'equivalent exchange'. This magic, however, uses up a lot of his energy and can only be used to up to three times daily at his current level.
Bullet; Blue Ice Resistance - In monster form, his scales protect him from ice-based attacks and heavy snow.
Bullet; Blue Sonic Screech - He can scream very loudly, causing opponents to be briefly stunned.
Bullet; Blue Well Grounded - This monster has the innate ability to ground themselves, allowing them to avoid harmful mundane shocks and electricity, as well as provide some resistance to more powerful shocks (would still not recommend getting hit by lightning or grabbing a downed power line).

Minor Skills:
Bullet; Blue Reflective Scales - His scales can deflect electric-based attacks unless in water and can also redirect sunlight. This does not mean that electric attacks will not hurt him though.
Bullet; Blue Prehensile Tail - He has good control over his tail, being able to pick up objects with it.
Bullet; Blue Enhanced Speed - Because he is smaller than other dragons, he can run much faster.
Bullet; Blue Farsight - He has keen eyesight and can see well in far distances.
Bullet; Blue Gliding - As natural of a winged creature, he has a talent for flying. However, his wings are built in a similar fashion to kites and require strong wings to glide in the air.
Bullet; Blue Alchemy - He has knowledge of various herbs and alchemic potions.
Bullet; Blue Cooking - Using his knowledge of alchemy, he also knows how to cook and likes to experiment with new recipes.
Bullet; Blue Sure Footed Stride - This monster is incredibly at keeping it's footing under adverse conditions, able to resist inclement weather conditions that might otherwise rob them of stable footing. Also this monster increases the amount of distance they can fall without getting hurt.
Bullet; Blue Resolve of Stone - This monster has earned the ability to keep cool and collected under pressure (even if they don't show it on the outside). When there back is to the wall they have the determination to keep on going, giving them the ability to shrug off mundane discouragements and take twice as long to fatigue physically.

Bullet; Purple Hasty - He often acts before thinking a plan all the way through.
Bullet; Purple Loyal - He trusts his friends greatly would would throw himself in danger if it was to protect them.
Bullet; Purple Determined - He does not like giving up on something he started.
Bullet; Purple Prankful - He enjoys jokes and pulling pranks, his signature prank being GenderBending potions.
Bullet; Purple Large Appetite - He loves to eat, his favorite being seafood and spicy dishes.
Bullet; Purple Competitive - He enjoys competition, whether they are races, sparring matches, or food contests.
Bullet; Purple Alchemical Interest* - He likes to experiment with ingredients whether making potions or cooking sweets.
Bullet; Purple Interest and Curiousity* - He finds humans and other species interesting and loves to learn more about them.
Bullet; Purple Annoyance* - He dislikes people who find joy in the pain and sorrow of others. He also does not like animal cruelty unless neccessary for food.

- Food, especially fish and spicy foods.
- Heights, strong winds, and flying.
- Heat when in human form.
- Observing or practicing martial arts.
- Making friends.
- Jokes/Pranks.
- Listening to music, often Celtic, instrumental, or alternative.
- Watching clouds.
- Jogging.

- Cold environments when in human form.
- Unnecessary violence.
- Giving up.
- Celery.
- Chocolate (unless hot cocoa or dark chocolate).

- Cooking.
- Sewing (learned this because he often tears his clothes when transforming. He also likes to make plushies of all of his friends).
- Listening to music (mp3 belongs to his friend William).
- Fishing.
- Camping.
- Photography.

Character's Background:
Son of Cian and Eira, Wade was born in the icy wasteland of Niflheim. His father, Cian, was a son of Odin (or at least told so by his parents and brother Skjoldr) and was once human, but cursed into a Wyvern by the trickery of Loki because of his mistake in putting his trust in him. Because Loki sought to use Cian and Eira to breed an army of monsters in preparation for Ragnarok, the two Wyverns hid away in Niflheim near the realm of Hel and built a nest in a cave within a narrow canyon. Strong winds blew through the canyon and below could be seen the frozen rivers of Elivagar. After some time, Eira layed 14 eggs, in which 13 were lost in the pits of Hel when Loki's agents found their cave and failed to return with the eggs. The youngest and only one remaining of the eggs was named Wade and overprotected by his mother. As a warning to all others who ventured upon the canyon, Eira decorated the icy cavern with a pillar of frost and crystal with one of Loki's agents trapped inside for eternity. When Wade hatched healthy, Eira and Cian were happy, but were also afraid that they would not always be there to protect him from the dangers of the world. So as Wade was raised by his mother, Cian made it his goal to find a way to disguise his son as a human to hide him from threats such as dragon slayers and began to experiment in alchemy.

- When Wade was older, but still a child, he noticed a lost human wandering across the frozen rivers below. Having never seen such a curious creature up close before, Wade quietly landed behind the person and crouched down as he silently stalked him towards a small settlement beyond the canyon. Some scouts keeping watch noticed the young Wyvern tailing the wanderer and didn't hesitate to set up a trap, tossing nets over the edge of a high cliff to entangle Wade below. Wade was confused and unable to escape from the net. The people whom captured him noticed that he was a young dragon and feared that larger ones would soon find their settlement. Not sure of what to do, they turned to the Dragon Slayers order for help and they suggested setting a trap for the adult dragons by hunting for a few of their young and gathering them all in a specific area. When their parents arrived, the soldiers would distract the adult dragons with nets and arrows while the Slayers ambushed and finished them off. While trapped inside a metal cage, Wade met and made friends with a few other young dragons who were captured for the planned ambush. As expected from the Dragon Slayers, the parents of the young dragons followed the bait and the ambush set in motion. What they did not expect, however, was that Cian had gotten help from a mage-in-training named Krol Kiff Karr. Krol shapeshifted himself into a small crow and flew through the small battle occurring and unlocked the cage containing the young dragons. When the Slayers and soldiers noticed that the imprisoned dragons were loose, they knew they couldn't fight back against their numbers and were forced to retreat. After everyone was free, Wade noticed that a young Knucker named Phaeton had no where to return home to since his parents were already priorly killed by Dragon Slayers. Because of this, Wade persuaded his father to adopt Phaeton and they have been best friends and caring brothers since.

- Several more years later, Wade followed his father to the country of Draco outside of Nifleheim and was still curious about humans and had also gained an interest in alchemy by observing his father's experiments. Unfortunately though, Cian's teacher, a human apothecary and monk named Clayton Bakker, was eventually killed when corrupted guards from the Capitol Kingdom of Draco executed him and burned down his home. Wade didn't fully understand why the armored humans killed the kind man, and Cian had to teach him that not everyone was a good guy. Some time later, Wade decided to go exploring in the new, curious land not covered in snow or ice. As he went on his little adventure, he accidentally flew into one of two human boys who were hunting. The boys were scared at first and one of them aimed his bow at Wade, but the one Wade accidentally knocked over closely observed the small Wyvern and could tell that he didn't mean to harm them. The boy introduced himself as Peter Edith, and his friend with the bow was Christopher 'Kriss' Kross. Kriss was still nervous about Wade since it was believed to be rare to find a non-hostile dragon. Wade became excited when Peter offered him to be their friend and began spending more time with them when he wasn't studying herbs with his father. After a while though, while Kriss went away to a military training camp to follow his dream of becoming a Captain of his own squad, Peter's father persuaded the Draconian Order of Dragon Slayers to accept Peter as one of their apprentices and he was afraid that they would learn about Wade. Wade, on the other hand, was curious as to why Peter seemed to be avoiding him and missed his friend greatly, so he decided to go searching for him despite catching the attention of traveling humans. Before any harm could be done to Wade, Peter tried to persuade the Slayers that not all dragons were mindless, aggressive beasts, and noticing Wade's gentle and protective behavior when he found Peter, the Slayer Captain smirked and decided to spare Wade. However, he also had a devious plan to convert captured dragons into weapons and when Peter overheard his plan the following night, he mounted Wade and asked him to fly far from the camp for a while. As they tried to think up a plan, the Slayer Captain found an alternate solution to his goal without Wade and surprisingly managed to capture a large red dragon and find a way to control it after a few days time. When the red dragon attacked, Wade knocked Peter out of the way of a rockslide and got buried underneath the rubble, but survived because of his tough scales. Peter spent hours to dig Wade out from under the rock while Kriss took notice of the large red dragon from his training camp and decided to prove himself by fighting it. Kriss distracted the dragon with his arrows while Peter freed Wade, and with teamwork, they were able to calm down and defeat the red dragon and put the Slayer Captain and his associates under arrest.

- After one of his many adventures with his friends, he stumbled upon a young harpy being attacked by a couple of undead creatures and helped her out. However, after defeating the undead, the harpy appeared to have taken a liking to Wade and didn't want to leave his side. After another long journey, the Harpy led Wade to her nest and, with support from her clan members, tried to persuade him to be her partner, but Wade got nervous by the offer and politely refused, suggesting that they wait a few years when they were older (and more matured in each species' respected ages) and promised to give them being together a shot then. The Harpy was a little sad, but understood a bit and let him leave, but joked by giving him a warning about falling in love with someone else.

- Upon returning home, he witnessed a conversation between his father and a Researcher by the name of Charles Dray Crawell. While Cian sought to create a prototype makeshift glamour to help monsters blend in with human society, Crawell sought to use Monster Genetics to make major advancements in modern medicine and to enhance and improve the Human race. Against Cian's better judgement however, Crawell decided to test one of the serums on himself and it mutated him into a crystal-like dragonoid. It had also tampered with his sanity, resulting in Cian's death. Wade blamed himself for not being fast enough and attacked Crawell in a burst of adrenaline and rage, chasing him into the air in a ferocious fight until he managed to sink his teeth deep into Crawell's, or as his insane ego called himself, Draygo, throat and abandoned him somewhere to bleed out. He did not stay around long however to be certain that Crawell had died. After he returned home to collect some things, he found a letter addressed for him to a place called Monster Academy and, after mourning his father, began a journey towards the school to learn more about the world. He was delayed a bit however by some things, such as the discovery of planes or a Cleric named Donovian who sought the gemstone he carried along with him.

Roleplay Info:
Roleplay example:
Script - Wade: As they ran towards the exit, Wade noticed Jinmei didn't look too well. She groaned as she placed her hand upon her head and stopped to rest a bit. "Are you alright Jinmei? You seem hurt?" Before he could offer to help her outside, Brighid came rushing towards them and lifted Jinmei onto her shoulders, knowing the poor girl's rigormortis had set back in.
Bullet; Black - Borrowed MP3.
Bullet; Black - Blue hooded-jacket.
Bullet; Black - Journals written by his father (Often related to alchemy).
Bullet; Black - Glasses (worn when reading or to increase focus).
Bullet; Black - Shades (worn during hot days).
Bullet; Black - Rift Gem (Glamour object).
Bullet; Black - Random vials (potions he made during spare time, not all have labels).
Bullet; Black - Small bag/Satchel.

Event Rewards:
(Stone Dungeon)-Detention free pass.
-Three day pass and a week pass to leave the school.
-Luxury dorm-room.

- Ride Out the Storm.
- Stony Resolve.
- Air Sprite:

Minor Skill: Wispy Flight: By turning itself into a semi ephemeral state (half there half not) a Air sprite can zip around and fly about, squeezing through small openings and the like. Unfortunately while in this state they are heavily affected by prevailing winds and must be careful not to blow away.
- Geodeling: A small rock creature, usually four limb-ed with a single crystal for an eye.
Minor Skill -   Limited Tremorsense: A Geodeling doesn't really see, but can feel vibrations in the ground to sense it's surroundings. A Geodeling can sense an object or being within a 10 foot radius around it as long as the thing in question is in contact with a surface the Geodeling touches.

-A Ceramic Wyvern Statue. It's like a miniature me!
-A very warm vial of yellow, glowing blood. A little creepy, but it helps keep me warm at night. (from Mel Azo by Liinaii)
-An Alchemy Book. Now I can create even more potions!
-A Cook Book. Awesome, I wonder what I can make by combining these recipes with my alchemy book!
-Toy Lightsaber. Not exactly sure what this is, but it makes a strange noise when I move it.
-Communication Bracelets. Daniel got me this gift so we can communicate since I don't know how to use a phone yet.
-Wooden Airplane. A gift from Spindleman. Reminds me of those creatures I raced in the sky that had humans inside them.
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