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Sequebec City Application - Bill Johnson by CapnRedIvan Sequebec City Application - Bill Johnson by CapnRedIvan
Bullet; Red Abilities

Graduated from Eller majored in business economics
Minor in marketing
types at 80 words per minute
Makes a mean pot of coffee
Great at making friends in the office
Team building
Performance management and strong leadership skills
Hands on approach
Computer design systems knowledge
Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Software FutureX Editions

Bullet; Red Personality: 

Hard working family man. He likes to promote synergy, and is a team player. His main disadvantage is being too hard of a worker. Self motivated, and has never hesitated to take responsibility of a project or position. Always honest about his work qualifications and appreciates feedback. That is good because that is essential to being a hard worker. He's always been a polite person that has a bad taste for gossip. He doesn't like to spread office rumors and respects the privacy of his coworkers. He's never late and never takes an unnecessary break. He hates procrastination and leaving early. His employers appreciate this behavior. As such, he's moved up in the ranks quite a bit. He's always been good at communication, and expressing his thoughts in a concise and clear manner. He dislikes inappropriate between employees on the job, but does see the benefit to it and will allow it in small doses.

Bullet; Red Story:

He has a wife, 1 kid, and 1 in the oven and a robo dog. Although he's only working data entry, its just a stepping stone to a higher up position; assistant branch manager at Smell and Co. Insurance. He worked on a farm for most of his youth until he went off to college. He knows his way in and out of a tractor. He used to work as an intern. One day when he was operating Microsoft Office, he noticed a document was unsaved when someone attempted to close it. He made sure that the document was saved. His boss, Johnson was very happy and they have been good friends ever since. They occasionally go golfing together.
Bullet; Red Likes / Dislikes:

-a good pot of coffee
-THe big bang theory
-Spending time with his family
-when people steal his lunch from the fridge
-cold coffee
-the commute to work
-being late to work

Bullet; Red Additional Info's:

He is a moderate Republican.
His favorite tie color is dark grey.
Smellvis Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015
in the future there is only data entry
Smellvis Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015
it is the future
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