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Just realized it's been a while since I updated some links and info here!

i'm taking commissions here!
I also have a weasyl
and a webcomic
and a patreon!



Two new Tumblr blogs:
My original work, [here]
My new webcomic, [here]
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VinCity is here, the Vinnie Terrio based Littlest Pet Shop fangame by my friend (:iconfatbirds:) and I!
Read more on his blog
Play the game here
Read about lizards here
Check this Trailer
Gecko Like Fly Gecko Like Fly Gecko Like Fly
hey there, it's probably been like a year or something since I last wrote one of these

anyway, I'm writing This one to let any of you who are interested that I'm working on a Littlest Pet Shop Flash game called VinCity. I'm working with my good friend Gabbie (:iconfatbirds:), who conceived of the game and who is creating all the art assets, while I work on programming. be hip, check it out

You can read more about it in this post
VinCity has a Tumblr here

I'll let you guys know when it's done, too, so, keep an eye out! :toadnoes: 
My previous journal entry was a year and a half old, so time for a new one:

If you want to see all of my art, the best place to look is my Tumblr,

That's about all there is to say, have fun.
Hi new followers- first off, come see this art stream that should be fun…

Secondly, if you're here to see my pony art you're probably better off checking my tumblr ( I use that much more frequently and there's a lot of art I post there and not here.

Also my main pony project, Harry Truman's Fimbriae, which is a pony photoshop blog you can find at www.harrytrumansfimbriae.tumbl…

thanks y'all
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I do have a Tumblr, and if you're here because of ponies I'd reccomend going ahead and following it- I make a point not to upload too much pony stuff to DeviantArt. It's also just where you're more likely to see little quick doodles and sketches if you're into that.

You have to put up with some jabbing though.

So I'm over at www.harrytrumanthehuman.tumblr… take a looksee
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I'm locked out of Tumblr for a week because the network I'm using for the next few days has all of Tumblr blocked for inappropriate content. Luckily I'm still able to use such wholesome and family friendly sites as DeviantArt.
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If you're a normal person, you probably aren't familiar with the tumblr blog flutterdash mpreg which is pretty much a hoarded url with some stuff on it (it's run by Bobby, one of the guys I was just talking about brown-nosing the other day). If you are familiar with it for whatever reason, you may have seen a couple of my stupid submissions of varying levels of off-putting, sent via Harry Truman.

Well guess what? Now that's kind of a thing. For whatever reason I enjoy photoshopping ponies. And you should enjoy it too! Actually, you really probably shouldn't. But something possessed me and made me decide to start my own blog rather than feed off of Bobby's like a parasite.

So here's your formal invitation to Harry Truman's Fimbriae, and here's your formal….

The blog is in fact run in character as Harry Truman (acting I'm sure exactly like the real fellow did), but it's not like there's enough text for that to make much of a difference. I accept submissions and suggestions, although I'd never expect to get enough of those to carry the blog, so I'm planning on most the content being produced by me without any sort of prompt. I'll be putting out one image a day for as long as I have images, which will last at least a week and a half based on the buffer I've amassed so far, so you can expect some content for that long at the very least.

What am I doing
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A lot of math problems are unintentionally amusing
here's a good one for you

Ojemba is sitting on a sled on the side of a hill inclined at 60°. The combined weight of Ojemba and the sled is 160 lbs. What is the magnitude of the force required for Mandisa (his friend) to keep the sled from sliding down the hill?

I'm not sure which I find more amusing- the parenthetical aside informing us that Ojemba and Mandisa are, in fact, friends, or just the total preposterous of the situation in general, as though these two just like to sit in sleds on the edge of steep hills for fun.

This is irrelevant to everything but I just wanted to share it
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I've got a lot of time at the moment and I'm kind of out of ideas for small art things and out of energy for big ones
So here's a great brand new original definitely-mine idea to anybody out there who might be overhearing me typing-- give me your ideas and I'll pretend they're my own

I guess this means I'm taking requests but I don't really know what that's supposed to entail in this corner of the internet
so just give me ideas if you want and I'll do something if it strikes my fancy


Alright I think I'm done with that thanks guys
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I never use my Journal
So look Ma I'm using it, although I am unfortunately using my hands in the process

1. For each of the 20
(Har) first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list! (You can tell I didn't write these rules because of the exclamation point.)

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger
(I think that's me) on the first place. (If'n you want, I won't track you down if you don't.)

1. :iconpsykeout: I Need a Moment 2 Grow-WIP by Psykeout Paper GC-o by Psykeout Slendermans by Psykeout
2. :iconnickcole: Thanksgiving Souji by NickCole   HP Peanut Avatar by NickCole Psykeout by NickCole
3. :iconloko-motion: Elkwood.....HAPPY? by Loko-Motion Life Is Ruff by Loko-Motion Adventure Elk by Loko-Motion
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