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I just finished reading The Shepard's Crown
Terry Pratchett.
I am sad because it's the last of his that I will ever get to read.


Terry Pratchett book spine by katea  Discworld - Granny Weatherwax by Riana-art  Discworld - Samuel Vimes Closeup by tabu-art
OOOK by Berilia

Discworld: Death by puggdogg  Oblong Office by faQy  Mended Drum (v2) by funkydpression
Discworld_Dearheart by BlackBirdInk  Nor Glom Of Nit by Icequeenkitty  Lord Vetinari by juliedillon

Ankh-Morpork City Watch  WIP by smradagast

  The Literary Luggage by nihidea  Discworld by Joshi38

Tiffany Aching by Dimikka  Wizzard's Old Peculiar by Nemons  Susan Death by vidagr
goodbye Sir Terry by mastaczajnik 

Here's a few groups to get you started. I'm sure there's many more. Always check their affiliates!

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