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the Robokraken

The Robokraken cometh.

could be the future, could be the past
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Robosquid, cool concept :la:
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Thanks! It had to be done! :ahoy:
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This is really good, but remember to not be afraid of shadows :)
Even though it's metal, some parts would have to be almost black, especially because it's under water = not as light as on land :)
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Thanks. I'll keep an infra-red flashlight with me when I'm diving!
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Enshohma's avatar
How big / long is this mechanical beast of yours?
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I would guess that it's eye is about two thirds the size of a man.
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Can't believe I never replied to this until now, but thanks for that answer, and based on it, I recommended your Robo-Kraken for Kaijuden (that Godzilla and other giant monster DA group)
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Thanks.. and more accurately, just the green part of the eye.
Enshohma's avatar
Ahhhh...making your monster even bigger...cleaver man!
Shannanigan's avatar
That is pretty sweet... check you out with your fancy vectoring ways. :D
CapnDeek373's avatar
hehehe - they way of the Vectorai!
Anceylee-Star's avatar
haha! I love squid-like creatures- and krakens count! Very nice vector image.
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Thanks! More to come!
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Thanks! I still haven't really decided if it's from a future era or a past era, though, I'm leaning toward Futurama! It just fits!
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this could be a neat build-a-bot figure!
reminded me bender, he would be a even more evil robokraken.
CapnDeek373's avatar
We don't know yet how evil this one is.
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