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I Need An OC Contest

What To Do:

So, I've been told numerous times that I need an OC and as many times as I've tried I cannot come up with one. :X I guess I just can't settle on a theme or something...I dunno. This is where you come in! I need YOU to create me an OC! Don't know me? hmmm...well theme something off my name or look through my gallery to get an idea of what I like or something...I don't know. Think of something!

The Rules:

:bulletgreen: FIRST! I am not judging on skill! This contest is all about the theme. What do you think when you think capncraka? If I like your theme well enough then you win! Simple as that. In other words...YOU CAN WIN THIS CONTEST EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEVER MADE AN EMOTE IN YOUR LIFE! I'd just like an idea.

:bulletyellow: The Winning entries theme becomes my property ( i.e. if you win and you made an emote with a pirates hat then the pirates hat theme becomes mine. winner will be paid for the theme through prize monies :la: )

:bulletred: Must be a 15x15 emote

:bulletblue: Enter as many times as you'd like!

:bulletorange: Note me with your entries


February 25th ( MY BDAY D: )


Only ONE prize! The winner will get $30 to spend on what they'd like...want a year sub? sweet! want a print? find one for under $30 plus shipping! DevWEAR? What size are you?! Anything you want :la:

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I've sent a note. :giggle:
In case you didn't receive it, here it is. [link]
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I suggest a cracker colored emote with a captain's hat and a silly grin.

Don't think I'll make it in picture form before the contest, just thought I'd throw my thoughts in here :slow:
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:lol: i think captains hat comes into mind quite a bit
zachriel's avatar
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wow, this gonna be a challenge.
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If I knew how to make these little icons I would so enter...

I'll give it a show anyways XD
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plenty of tutorials at #Emotication
LuseyMoth's avatar
perfect, thank you :3
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i think ill enter :I
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SENT THEMMM!! :iconlaplz:
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I have a question, does it matter if I made a background for the emoticon? Is it still able to be entered in the contest?
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background doesn't matter :}
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Did I send you the note already?
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you sent me a note for your periodic table entry...but not for my OC contest
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Okay. I shall do that.

Don't ask :XD:
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I may join.
When an idea pops into my head.
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