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TPC Twilight Ascends commission by CapnChryssalid TPC Twilight Ascends commission :iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 9 4 TPC Rarity Sweetie Blueblood by CapnChryssalid TPC Rarity Sweetie Blueblood :iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 37 4 TPC Blueblood Celestia commission by CapnChryssalid TPC Blueblood Celestia commission :iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 15 1 This Platinum Crown new cover art by CapnChryssalid This Platinum Crown new cover art :iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 51 5 Twilight-Brass Battle Duet Platinum Crown by CapnChryssalid Twilight-Brass Battle Duet Platinum Crown :iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 40 21 This Platinum Crown: Royal Lineage by CapnChryssalid This Platinum Crown: Royal Lineage :iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 23 13 Rarity Antimony This Platinum Crown Commission by CapnChryssalid Rarity Antimony This Platinum Crown Commission :iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 144 21 Dash Ritterkreuz This Platinum Crown Commission by CapnChryssalid Dash Ritterkreuz This Platinum Crown Commission :iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 48 14
Rainbow Dash vs The Marewich
Rainbow Dash versus Marewich
- - -
Shaking the water from her coat and mane as she entered her little castle in the clouds, Ponyville's premier weathermare snagged a hanging towel from the back of the door. What a day! The Mayor had everypony working double shifts to make up for climatic shortfalls, and that meant mandatory overtime for Equestria's airborne federal employees. Racing to cover for an unseasonably dry southern warming trend was a pain in the flanks; clouds had to be brought in from a hundred miles away or more and all the actual work was seriously cutting into her much needed naptime.
Figuring half-dry was mostly-dry, Dash tossed the towel into a pile of its fallen sisters. The bundle of laundry was large enough to plant a flag on, but there was still enough room in the hallway that doing the laundry could be put off for a while more. The only Laundromat was in Ponyville, after all, and that place had to be about twenty percent muddier by now, what with the engineered dow
:iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 2 2
Ponycraft Rainbow Dash Paladin by CapnChryssalid Ponycraft Rainbow Dash Paladin :iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 82 40 Ponycraft Pinkie Pie Shaman by CapnChryssalid Ponycraft Pinkie Pie Shaman :iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 85 15 Ukyou Kuonji: Green Lantern by CapnChryssalid Ukyou Kuonji: Green Lantern :iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 20 3 Catch, Hug, Release by CapnChryssalid Catch, Hug, Release :iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 40 8 Pink and Blue by CapnChryssalid Pink and Blue :iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 34 12
World of Ponycraft p4
--- ---
World of Ponycraft
Cataclysm Wrapup
--- (4) ---
Devart's File Submissions are limited to 64kb. I can not get this chapter to fit within their size requirements, no matter how much I cut, and I have cut as much as I feel I can.
The link below will take you to FFN and the new chapter.
CHAPTER 4 "World of Ponycraft" on
Sorry for those who wanted to read it on Devart.
Unless they relax their inane size restrictions on text submissions, I just can't work with this.
:iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 5 2
World of Ponycraft p3
World of Ponycraft
Cataclysm Wrapup
- - - (3) - - -
Twilight couldn't help but look surprised seeing Pinkie Pie stop, having finally filled her saddlebags with all the necessary treats and "essentials" from Sugarcube Corner… and then promptly transform into a ghostly pink wolf with a puffy candy colored mane, like some kind of wild phantom poodle. Her bags vanished in a puff of magical smoke and, tail wagging, Pinkie Pie sat down and blissfully scratched behind her ear with a hindhoof - er - hindleg. It was just so random and sudden.
"So that's what her travel form looks like?" Spike said from her back, cracking off the edge of a gem as he indulged in a quick magic-burning snack.
Pinkie-Ghostwolf nodded enthusiastically, having clearly overheard.
With a crackle and another puff of elemental smoke, the pony returned, transforming back to normal, saddlebags and armor and all. Her attire was patchwork and makeshift, with bits and pieces thrown in; colors contrasting and clashing wi
:iconcapnchryssalid:CapnChryssalid 10 26


Mass Effect - Miranda Lawson cosplay by MonoAbel Mass Effect - Miranda Lawson cosplay :iconmonoabel:MonoAbel 336 30 MLP:BHOA:008 by Trotsworth MLP:BHOA:008 :icontrotsworth:Trotsworth 370 76 Sonata Dusk by imDRUNKonTEA Sonata Dusk :iconimdrunkontea:imDRUNKonTEA 1,551 141 Take A Bite Of Me by Hazard-Girl Take A Bite Of Me :iconhazard-girl:Hazard-Girl 1,391 203 Let's Dance by Ganym0 Let's Dance :iconganym0:Ganym0 1,496 38 In The Night  by caluriri In The Night :iconcaluriri:caluriri 454 65 .:Cop Donut Brofist:. by Shuga-Chu .:Cop Donut Brofist:. :iconshuga-chu:Shuga-Chu 308 33 ranma 1/2 by sakimichan ranma 1/2 :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 13,531 566 What could have been by Rameslack What could have been :iconrameslack:Rameslack 81 15 Alexstraza The Life Binder by artofcarmen Alexstraza The Life Binder :iconartofcarmen:artofcarmen 1,084 75 Ysera The Dreamer by artofcarmen Ysera The Dreamer :iconartofcarmen:artofcarmen 777 44 Ilena by saniika Ilena :iconsaniika:saniika 101 21 XCOM - TTS by CDemirkan XCOM - TTS :iconcdemirkan:CDemirkan 177 51 Spess Maryn by drcloud Spess Maryn :icondrcloud:drcloud 958 176 X-Com Trooper by drcloud X-Com Trooper :icondrcloud:drcloud 581 64 Promotion by drcloud Promotion :icondrcloud:drcloud 590 102




United States
Current Residence: Long Island, NY / Philadelphia, PA
Wallpaper of choice: Picture of Windows 7-tan
Another year come and gone and I did little on devart except to fav a few things after watching Zootopia.

This is the sleepiest of all my archive sites, still being the most responsive - if anyone does have a PM for me, that is the place, or FIMfic.
Speaking of, this year's Bronycon went quite well, especially the OC panel where we actually got to everyone's questions for the first time ever (usually only the first 4 or 5 get to go but we busted through what must've been a dozen questions in the final 20 minutes). I also got some commissions done, which means a little upload to Devart. Actually, I got a commission or two done last year at the con as well and never even scanned them! In one case because I figured I wanted to digitally ink it as well or maybe color it myself. Among many fandom-related things to do is see to these new pics and do a few uploads.
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