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IcyBlack theme collection



gtk2/3 Theme : "IcyBlack"
    Mainly colour changes to "crunchy-dark-grey" by hhh <>,
    which in turn is based on "Greybird" by Simon Steinbeiß

OpenBox Theme : "IcyBlack"  using CathexiS by samirkahvedzic as a starting point

    (If you only want the OB theme, get it from Openbox theme IcyBlack)

Icons:  "IcyDark" from IcyDark icon theme for Faenza

Wallpaper was gimped from here

LovelyBacon has made some matching i3 and xdefaults themes        xdefaults by LovelyBacon
                                                                                                i3 theme by LovelyBacon

EDIT:2014-10-10  Found a typo in gtk-2.0/apps/thunar.rc. 
EDIT:2014-10-10 Changed the bg image for selected Thunar sidepane items, to make it more subtle
EDIT:2014-10-11 Minor changes to selected_bg_color so that gt2/gtk3 match
EDIT:2014-10-11 Corrected incorrect  image filepath in gtk2; Changed xfce-notify colors to match theme
EDIT:2014-10-22 Corrected another syntax error in original gtk-widgets.css

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Very nice!
These would look great in my upcoming blackmamba distro...