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excellent Logo symbol! this is top notch. I like that the symbol of the star kinda marries up with the stars in the back of the circle,...


Superman Fleischers Revenge
So if DC comics were to come to me and ask me to plan out a comic universe for Superman, and wanted to know what I would do. My answer would be the Max Fleischer Cartoons! In this little side detour is to hone and refine my inking skills for the upcoming Guardian legion models and Doom Brigade sheets. Don't worry this won't effect my Doom Brigade No. 1 coming soon. I just wanted to basically take my art style, and Those Fleischer Cartoons and translate that into a comic style and updated look for that universe. First up, Superman! So here I decided to use a black belt (colored grey in highlights) medium reds, light baby blue shirt and pants. yellow border around the red "S". back "S" is just yellow, with a black "S" and yellow shield on medium red cape. Boots medium red, with a yellow border. (I wanted to make just a few mods to the costume, those little touches of differing color will make the suit standout. ) the Face, I always liked the Ed McGuiness style of simplicity, and eyebrowed hidden eyes. seemed to evoke the feel of the Cartoon look. I liked a bit more hair to My Superman over the cartoon, and a bit more "Widow's peak heavy" then that of Mc Guiness. A marrying of the two models. I also Like the Short knee High cape, and the rounded boot toppers. A definite rare design, and elegant. I wanted to have that translated too, over the traditional spikey boot toppers. Fleischer's Superman Costume is sleek, powerful and bold, basic and elegant. It's curved boots, to the "S" shield with Yellow Border, it's shorter Cape, and Action is a perfect choice for me as a comics universe. I intend to continue releasing a new ink only character model of Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Perry white, Eagle Men, the Mummy warriors, evil scientists, giant robots, etc.. This is to again practice and yet also show DC comics How I would want to see them do a comic series.  I mean there could be original stories intermixed with a translation of the cartoon stories into each book.

I may take some artistic License too, Like I would love to do a Fleischer style Bizarro Superman! Maybe I will...
TWITTER Still Shadow banning Anyone not a Leftist
I did a check today on my cell phone, because no one gets my tweets ever, and they never respond. I was Shadow banned by Them! They hate anyone with a non-group think liberal leftist point of view. If you've been tweeting and just thinking no one cares about what you say, it could be that because your not a full on communist leftist SJW Group think Borg, then you are probably Shadow banned by the Orwell Crowd and Conservative bot patrols on Twitter, shadow banning your account.. They also won't tell you they did it either.. I found a link to a search that looks for you on Twitter.. Low and behold..


Shadow Banned by the Liberal Mafia! The Borg are in charge on that platform! don't expect free speech, just their "Approved" and "right" speech!
Bastards!! Totalitarian Scum!!
Star Superion Digital Ink in progress
Clean up and digital inking. Modifications of Star Superion's left hand. Final Inked work coming next. I also plan to do a series of these for the rest of the Guardian Legion, and make a combined poster image of the entire crew..
Star Superion Model Sheet
Star Superion: The Living Star! Guardian of Freedom!

Adam Powers' First day on the job as a Night security guard for Monument labs was uneventful, until he was called to aide Doctor Argoss, Secretly a Varnon Alien scientist called Teh Zeeb. Using the source Orb, a powerful device that harbors energies from the source well, the central cosmic radiation that keeps the galaxy together.

Doctor Argoss sought to use the Source Orb's Power coupled with Genetic enhancement research from his colleague Doctor Zog, to create the Ultimate Super Human soldier. While trying to break up a fight between Doctor Zog and Doctor Argoss, Adam powers fell into the Hyper Chamber, and was injected with a Genetic Serum and irradiated with the source Orb.

The resulting Energies released proved too powerful for the Hyper Chamber's systems, and released a shockblast that destroyed the lab, and drove Doctor Zog insane. Doctor Argoss escaped the destruction, and aided Adam by taking him to a special lab on the out skirts of the New York countryside. Adam Powers Awoke to discover that he had gained fantastic powers, over time he could fly, and would become more powerful then he could ever imagine. With Doctor Argoss' Guidance and apprenticeship under the Silver age Hero known as The Sovereign , He eventually became the Super Hero known as the Star Superion.

Powers and Abilities:

The Star Superion was created accidentally By Dr. Argoss, AKA the renegade Varnon Alien scientist named Teh Zeeb, at Monument Labs. During that crazy experiment, which devastated the lab itself, Star Superion was infused with a large dose of unknown cosmic energy from an ancient power source, the source Orb, created by the long dead and war like race known as the Kalosians. His genetic Code was rewritten to produce the ultimate super human, with a dense molecular structure, and the ability to absorb and charge his cells as a super powered energy battery. The result gave him super strength, invulnerability, super speed, and Flight.

However, the down side is that Star Superion's body, as it charges becomes more and more electro charged, to the point that eventually his cells convert to the form of pure energy.. a result of which Star Superion is then a living star and his core is self generating heat and power on it's own..

this form is highly unstable and though once in this state he is almost unstoppable, his molecular structure is stretched to the breaking point. So much so, that after powering down, Star Superion is left mortal, and can be killed. His weakened cellular structure takes time to revert to it's modified dense state, and as such, could be killed by conventional means.

Star Superion, when in his fully powered mode, can manipulate energy, firing off bolts of pure plasma, and even beams of plasma charges and electrostatic lightning, act on his mental commands. though the lightning coursing through his highly charged body looks random, it is actually a symbol of his thought patterns. When mad or angry, the lightning congregates around his fists or his face and accents his feeling, and when in super angry mode, his body begins to burn even more brightly.. there is no danger of Earth's stratosphere being ignited, because he is not fire, but rather energy, in it's pure form.. But the heat generated from within his body is enough to melt the hardest metals on Earth..thankfully his mental control of the Energy allows him to touch things without burning them..

Water does not harm him in his energy state, but would allow him the ability to dissipate his form and surround an enemy if need be, or electrocute them with a charge..the only problem is that charge would devastate any sea life in the vicinity..

Star Superion's Cells act as living energy batteries, absorbing any energy and giving him superhuman powers. Plasma, gamma, radiation, solar, hydrogen, and any other type of energy is absorbed by his cellular structure. His cells act like a sponge drawing and converting energy and fuel from the atmosphere around him, including solar light.

He possesses tremendous strength; while Star Superion's Strength is not infinite, its full extent is so great that it has never been accurately measured. His body is virtually indestructible due to his dense molecular structure.. Star Superion can move, react, and think at superhuman speeds greater than sound. He can defy Gravity and fly from his force energy. Star Superion's Genetically Irradiated cells can generate a force field that extends for a fraction of an inch around his body, rendering any material within the field nearly indestructible, such as his skin tight costume. (because his cape extends beyond the field, it is easily damaged.). Star Superion's body emits light and little stars of pulsating energy when he's charged up in a fight. You can always tell when he's angry by how much of a glow exudes around his body, which he must constantly control when in his secret identity of Adam powers Television Reporter Camera Man, for New York 7 Action news.
Unless you have been hiding under a rock, Like I have, then you probably already know about the horrendous Marvel comics SJW failures. I have been so immersed in my own work, and not really buying comics lately, that I had no idea how far Marvel comics has fallen. They put political correctness propaganda in their stories so much so that they pretty much killed their entire fanbase. I was oblivious to this fact, until recently. Please everyone who noted me, please give me some time, I will respond. in fact, I got like a bazillion notes from people, people I didn't even know were fans of my work. All of them telling me how horrible Marvel comics has gotten, and tho DC comics seems to be doing things right, having an alternative other then Marvel has become a huge thing. I have like 50 notes! I can't believe how much Marvel comics has gotten away from the days of the true believers hero centric story telling, to that of girl power, political propaganda, and diversity quota social engineering. Their stories and arc suck. their Parent company Disney has even goen that route with Star Wars, turning what was great canon into a SJW cluster F^%% Fest of incoherent story telling and crappy pacing, moronic actors who don't know what they are supposed to be feeling with good CGI.

But back to Marvel in general. If I were to put my talents to work with them, I would demand complete creative control. I would rebuild their books back to something special. something to look forward to. I would restore the Golden Age of Marvel comics to it's rightful place. I would cut their books to a core 6. I would reboot their entire universe, and would have complete control over the writers, their writing, the art, the look, and the direction their universe would take from there. The SJW fiasco and the subsequent rebirth failure is just the excuse the executives would need to hire an unknown like me, let the dices roll, and see what happens. I would take Marvel comics and turn it into something that fans would want to read. no more gimmicks would be a slogan placed all over the marvel comics building. I would say no more multiple covers, no more 1 shot issues just designed to pull sales from DC. I would create comics that readers would buy, and continue to buy. It would be the ultimate rebirth of the company, and the rebirth of creativity that is sorely lacking these days in Hollywood, and in the Marvel comics universe.

I thank you guys for all the awesome notes. I had no idea that those things had been going on. It saddens me to see what has happened. I was mortified!!
There is just so much one person can do. I think there is a vacuum that can be filled with fresh and real true artistic creativity, and Marvel sadly doesn't seem to know or care. in fact, someone in one of the notes I got pointed me to an article where Marvel basically blamed their fans for their shitty sales, and then essentially said America is Racist, sexist, and bigoted! really?? this is how you sell comics to fans? blame them for your mistakes??

I would have 5 core stipulations put into my contract.

1. I have complete and total creative direction and control over the entire core comics line for Marvel.
2. FIRE Joe Quesada, Mark Waid, and about 15 other high profile names. Their time has come to leave, make way for writers and artists people want to see!
3. No-ANIME style art in the books! It has become so ridiculously cartoonized that looking at the books is just cringe worthy. squinting eyes does not convey every kind of emotion!
4. Cancel all titles and only release 6 books. I choose the titles, the story directions and oversee all the edits on the books dialogue and writing.
5. None of the Capital comics universe characters, concepts, and or storylines are for sale, or can be pilfered by the writers or Marvel comics. I would never let my creations become owned by such a company, even if I ran it. My characters would remain solely for my purposes and future plans. I would only be there to rebuild their failing universe, and trust me friends, I would make it AWESOME!

Yes, I know, I have 50 Notes to go thru, and so far there is a common theme I am noticing, you guys want CCS BAD!! You want comics from CCS Bad!! I know, I know. there is a lack of great stories, art, and characters out there now. I understand what has been going on. I have woken up, got out from beneath my rock and realize now why I have become so popular with comic fans recently. I can't tell you guys how humble I am to be the focus of such wishful requests to get on with it already! I can see that void is huge now, and Marvel has actually lost fans, and some maybe forever. I get it! I am down with the new news.

I'll tell you guys this.. If you truly want me to take the reigns on with Marvel, I will consider it. But I want to have total creative control. NO CORPORATE MANDATED POLITICS IN THE COMICS! I will not work under that agenda driven drivel. I would only work there if I had the ability to reshape that universe like Jim Lee has done successfully to the DC universe. It would be an interesting challenge. I know I have more talent after having read all the articles you guys sent me, all the comments on the state of the Comics realm, and slumped sales of Marvel comics and the need for me to get my books out! I get it guys! I am so freaking humbled by the sheer volume of requests, I can't put into words how this simple Deviant art artist has become a fan favorite with no comics out yet!!

I know you guys have watched me for awhile, when I was Skywarp-2…    a nod to my huge presence on as a Transformers fan, and the 673 comic characters, stories, and synopsis there on that page. all copyrighted and secure in my pocket. You have watched my art progression get way better as I trained myself on how to use digital coloring and this new digital ink pen to convey my work to you and my vision. You now know I have a secondary passion, which is Doctor Who and time lord technology art..

time-lord-rassilon.deviantart.…    For those going way back, I am sure you remember the birth of Star Superion, his first incarnation came from City of Heroes. Yea, I remember you guys, we used to run missions together. it was a tight little community of cool artists and fans. I loved all you guys! to have such an outpour of requests.. and to now know what has happened to Marvel, makes it all the more sense in the world to me that there is a need for pure and naturally talented artists and writers to come back to the Marvel universe. I would hire a lot of Deviant art members for sure! If Main stream comics have been the core body of fan expression, then Deviant art is the soul and heart of the comic fans. Here we support each other's vision, give feedback when needed. We know what we like, and we know when we see something that we don't like.

I hear your cries, I love your support, and I will read all those notes and reply as soon as I can. I can't believe how far My MARVEL comics has fallen. If I were to be in charge, I would make it Amazing Marvel comics! I would bring back the heady good old days, and make it real, make it exciting, and make it what it always used to be.

But for you my friends, I will get on the CCS stuff ASAP! I will write short stories beneath my art, and once I am ready, you guys will have a comics bonanza from Capital comics studios that will blow anything New Marvel can ever think to bring out. I will make it my mission to show them how it's done, and give you the best writing, stories and concepts that are NOT political, NOT SJW, and completely driven with one goal in mind. To make you love the characters, identify with them, feel for them, and see them thrive and battle a non-stop thrill ride into a Comics universe worthy of your attention and love. I appreciate everyone's requests. I know your more interested in my comic stuff then my Doctor who work.. (I am still obligated there) but I promise you, I swear..

I will make every effort to give you guys something you can tell your friends about. I just don't want to make a comic that one reads and puts in a bag and stores away, I want to make comics that you'd want to read over and over again, because you just love the ride!!

THAT my friends is what I will Promise to Bring you. You deserve the best! Tho I am not the best out there, I will try with every fiber of my being to give my all to you, for you, and everything I post here from this day forward is for all of you! I want you to be entertained, happy, and have something we can all look back at and say, those comics there..

those comics.. Capital Comics.. those ones are the ones I want to keep.. those stories are just amazing.

If I can do that, and make you all proud of me, then I am fulfilling my life's dream, to be a creator that creates ideas, stories and comics that you, and I would want to see. I don't care too much about any kind of personal popularity, or adulation.. tho the support is nice. I just want to give this my best, and give you the best.

Without you guys, I would not be here. Without your support, I would have given up when I lost almost everything in my life. I am humbled by the recent slam of notes. I am actually tearing up writing this, because of the love I can feel coming from the words in those Notes. I don't know, it's like you all had the same idea all at once and just slammed me with such information, and love, and support, and demands in some cases..

I'm on it guys! Cheers!

P.S. I love you guys too!

  • Listening to: Tool
  • Reading: TheTardis Handbook
  • Watching: Doctor who
  • Playing: I wish!
  • Eating: as little as possible
  • Drinking: as much as possible


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