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excellent Logo symbol! this is top notch. I like that the symbol of the star kinda marries up with the stars in the back of the circle,...


Showcase #1
Upcoming Model sheets
From Left to right: Ultraman (DC Comics), Superman Unchained (DC Comics), Optimus Prime -GI Joe (Hasbro), Antiperion (Capital Comics), Superman Classic (DC Comics), The Blue Torpedo (Capital Comics).
Optimus Prime Transformers Cyberbots Preview
So, back in 2007-2008 I came up with this comic book story concept, which could also involve a series of limited run figures based on GI Joe, and the G1 Transformers universe. Essentially, the Autobots and Decepticons have to store their regular bodies in Antarctica, and transfer their Sparks into new bodies, humanoid Cybernetic bodies, while they find a cure for the disease that is eating away at their transformium metal bodies. This is just one of many concepts I developed, and here is a link to the originals...

Now if anyone says my designs are taken from their ideas, you now have proof of when I came up with the idea.. They are date stamped. The model sheet for Optimus Prime will be up later next week. This one will be a refined version of his design.
Star Superion Prime
Star Superion Prime: The Living Star! Guardian of Freedom!

Adam Powers' First day on the job as a Night security guard for Monument labs was uneventful, until he was called to aide Doctor Argoss, Secretly a Varnon Alien scientist called Teh Zeeb. Using the source Orb, a powerful device that harbors energies from the source well, the central cosmic radiation that keeps the galaxy together.

Doctor Argoss sought to use the Source Orb's Power coupled with Genetic enhancement research from his colleague Doctor Zog, to create the Ultimate Super Human soldier. While trying to break up a fight between Doctor Zog and Doctor Argoss, Adam powers fell into the Hyper Chamber, and was injected with a Genetic Serum and irradiated with the source Orb.

The resulting Energies released proved too powerful for the Hyper Chamber's systems, and released a shockblast that destroyed the lab, and drove Doctor Zog insane. Doctor Argoss escaped the destruction, and aided Adam by taking him to a special lab on the out skirts of the New York countryside. Adam Powers Awoke to discover that he had gained fantastic powers, over time he could fly, and would become more powerful then he could ever imagine. With Doctor Argoss' Guidance and apprenticeship under the Silver age Hero known as The Sovereign , He eventually became the Super Hero known as the Star Superion.

Powers and Abilities:

The Star Superion was created accidentally By Dr. Argoss, AKA the renegade Varnon Alien scientist named Teh Zeeb, at Monument Labs. During that crazy experiment, which devastated the lab itself, Star Superion was infused with a large dose of unknown cosmic energy from an ancient power source, the source Orb, created by the long dead and war like race known as the Kalosians. His genetic Code was rewritten to produce the ultimate super human, with a dense molecular structure, and the ability to absorb and charge his cells as a super powered energy battery. The result gave him super strength, invulnerability, super speed, and Flight.

However, the down side is that Star Superion's body, as it charges becomes more and more electro charged, to the point that eventually his cells convert to the form of pure energy.. a result of which Star Superion is then a living star and his core is self generating heat and power on it's own..

this form is highly unstable and though once in this state he is almost unstoppable, his molecular structure is stretched to the breaking point. So much so, that after powering down, Star Superion is left mortal, and can be killed. His weakened cellular structure takes time to revert to it's modified dense state, and as such, could be killed by conventional means.

Star Superion, when in his fully powered mode, can manipulate energy, firing off bolts of pure plasma, and even beams of plasma charges and electrostatic lightning, act on his mental commands. though the lightning coursing through his highly charged body looks random, it is actually a symbol of his thought patterns. When mad or angry, the lightning congregates around his fists or his face and accents his feeling, and when in super angry mode, his body begins to burn even more brightly.. there is no danger of Earth's stratosphere being ignited, because he is not fire, but rather energy, in it's pure form.. But the heat generated from within his body is enough to melt the hardest metals on Earth..thankfully his mental control of the Energy allows him to touch things without burning them..

Water does not harm him in his energy state, but would allow him the ability to dissipate his form and surround an enemy if need be, or electrocute them with a charge..the only problem is that charge would devastate any sea life in the vicinity..

Star Superion's Cells act as living energy batteries, absorbing any energy and giving him superhuman powers. Plasma, gamma, radiation, solar, hydrogen, and any other type of energy is absorbed by his cellular structure. His cells act like a sponge drawing and converting energy and fuel from the atmosphere around him, including solar light.

He possesses tremendous strength; while Star Superion's Strength is not infinite, its full extent is so great that it has never been accurately measured. His body is virtually indestructible due to his dense molecular structure.. Star Superion can move, react, and think at superhuman speeds greater than sound. He can defy Gravity and fly from his force energy. Star Superion's Genetically Irradiated cells can generate a force field that extends for a fraction of an inch around his body, rendering any material within the field nearly indestructible, such as his skin tight costume. (because his cape extends beyond the field, it is easily damaged.). Star Superion's body emits light and little stars of pulsating energy when he's charged up in a fight. You can always tell when he's angry by how much of a glow exudes around his body, which he must constantly control when in his secret identity of Adam powers Television Reporter Camera Man, for New York 7 Action news.
Greetings fellow True Believers! I am back! It's been a long road. I took a new job, spent a lot of time working to know it well, and now I have some comfort and confidence that I can finally get back to doing art and writing. I have decided to work on a fan fiction comic as my first outing since being MIA. Coming exclusively to Deviant art I will be doing a comic book series based on the X-men, and X-factor universe. This will be my vision, showing SJW Marvel comics how it is done. Welcome to the M-Factor! With this new project, I will be presenting a comic cover 1st, it will be in black and white inks, and then presented in color. It will be a series based on the X-Factor, and will be set around the time of the late 1980s, soon after the Apocalypse saga and the introduction of "Ship" the X-factor's ancient alien spaceship skyscraper base, and will involve an alternative universe direction beginning there. This series will start with Magneto joining the X-Factor having made a deal with the US Government to bring in Mutants as a defense initiative, similar to Avengers. Intrigue and Mutant on Mutant battles will ensue as the US Government tries to stop a series of Alien plots, rogue Mutants, and A.I. enemies that threaten the United states and the global world order of peace and prosperity.

The reason I am focusing on this? Well, I think if I am going to complain about SJW Marvel comics, then it is high time I show them and you what I think is the way it should be. If I am gonna complain, I better put up or shut up, so this will be my way of saying, here is a fan comic, which blows anything these so called writers at Marvel can do, and in the era of identity politics and sad censorship and silencing of fans voices, and media attacks on the fans (CONSUMERS) It's high time someone stepped up and gave it a go. So, coming soon..

  • Listening to: Tool
  • Reading: TheTardis Handbook
  • Watching: Doctor who
  • Playing: I wish!
  • Eating: as little as possible
  • Drinking: as much as possible


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