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Ethereal Icons

My second icon set! :D
Inspired by MINIUM and ELEMENT.
If you've been wondering why I haven't been posting deviations recently it's because of these icons!
I've finally finished. 114 Icons as PNG's and ICO's (phew)

I hope you like them, took a lot of effort :D

Ethereal Icon Package: [link]
© 2005 - 2021 Capital18
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The low, especially documents icon.
these icons are perfect
Nice icons, eternal icons thanks
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Xcellent Work!
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can't download :O
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i love ur work!!

thumbs up!!
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relly .. proud of you .. good work bro :love:
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Really high quality iconset, nothing to add, I savd it and will make a good addition to a styled computer system ^___^ Great work!
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I was expecting an Ethereal icon, for Ethereal, the network sniffer :P
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Thanks, will do.
hey wuick suggestion, for your next release you should make a windows drive icon (hard drive) just like in the element suite. hehe great overall
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very nice icons, i'm looking for something like this but a complete pack for gnome (a linux desktop enviroment)

the closest I found was snowish but i'm still looking for something better :)

congratulations ;D
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Really great icons; I love all of them. Its easy to see other icon sets have heavily influenced you but you still have your own unique style!
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nice, really like the trash icons, and how the folders look like a 3-ring binder XD.
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Awesome work! :nod:

*downloads* :D
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nice work bro
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