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Capital- Icon Suite



My first icon set.

Capital- Icons Suite
Includes: 99 Png's at a size of 128 x 128

:. Applications: Adressbook, Alcohol 120%, BitComet, Foobar Photoshop, Run, VLC, VLC- Alt.

:. Drives: CD Drive, Dark Drive- External Drive, Download, Firewire Drive, Floppy Drive,
Games, Hard Drive, Movies, Music, Network, Photoshop, Pictures, System, USB Drive.

:. File Types: 7zip, ace, aiff, asp, avi, bat, bin, bmp, ccd, cmd, com, css, Fonts(tiff), gif, hqx, htm,
img, iso, jpeg, mdf, mds, midi, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, ogg, php, png, psd, psp, rar,
sit, sitx, txt, wav, wma, wmv, xml, zip.

:. Folders: Documents, Downloads, Folder, Games, Movies, Music, Photoshop, Pictures, Sites, System.

:. Hardware: eMac, Film Reel, Floppy, Headphones, iMac, iPod Nano, PowerBook G4 12-inch, PowerBook G4 17-inch, Printer, Television.

:. Misc: Basketball, Book, Box, Desktop, Download, Globe- Alt, Globe- Dark, Globe- Glass,
Globe- Milk, Globe, Pictures- Alt, Pictures.

-----------------------------------------[Arranged By Name]-----------------------------------------

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love it!!! the zip boxes and hdds are awesome, i made a few extras using the plain hdd +fav