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Time to Play! by RoxiiCosplay

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A Succubus' Snack - Lilith Aensland by Gakenzi
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Life of Hal-Chapter 1: Pg 14 by MonstrousMultiverse
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JUST GO FOR iT!!! by Pisces3Ferver
Various Attacks and Magics List<English Translation>This is "Various Attacks and Magics List".What do you think of these Attacks and Magics?Click the Ref URL if you are worried about these Attacks and Magics.If you do not understand please search on Google etc.Also, you can post (Attachment) the Attacks and Magics Art you drew to Comments.<日本語翻訳>これが「様々な攻撃と魔法リスト」です。これらの攻撃と魔法を見てあなたはどう思いますか?これらの攻撃と魔法が気になるのであれば参考になるURLをクリックして下さい。分からない場合はGoogleなどで検索して下さい。あと、あなたが描いた攻撃と魔法の絵はコメント欄に投稿(添付)してくれても構いません。▲Punch◆Jab■Ref URL◆Cross■Ref URL◆Leopard Blow■Ref URL◆Hammer Fist■Ref URL◆Hook■Ref URL◆Uppercut■Ref URL▲Kick◆Flying kick■Ref URL◆Front Kick■Ref Doing a Front Kick,■Ref URL◆Upper Front Kick■Ref URL ◆Side Kick■Ref Doing a Side Kick,■Ref URL◆Front Spin Kick■Ref URL◆Somersault Kick■Ref URL◆Upper Back Spin Kick■Ref URL◆Upper Front Spin Kick■Ref URL◆Side Slash Kick■Ref Doing a Side Slash Kick,■Ref URL◆Heel Drop■Ref URL◆Rolling Heel Drop■Ref Doing a Rolling Heel Drop,■Ref URL◆Sky Kick■Ref URL◆Rear Spin Kick■Ref URL◆Double Spin Kick■Ref Doing a Double Spin Kick,■Ref URL◆Side Hurricane Kick■Ref URL▲Throw◆Seoi Nage■Ref URL◆Tomoe Nage■Ref URL▲Other◆Hip Attack■Ref URL◆Hip Drop■Ref URL◆Spin Hip Drop■Ref URL▲Weapon◆Turning Around Pierce■Ref URL◆Down Swing■Ref URL◆Side Swing■Ref URL◆Ground Strike■Ref URL ◆Tornado Slash■Ref URL▲Magic◆Dragon Tornado■Ref URL◆Ground Inferno■Ref URL◆Ground Lightning■Ref URL ◆Ground Thunder■Ref URL ◆Body Healing■Ref URL▲Ranma◆Hiryu Shoten Ha■Ref URL▲Megami Tensei◆Magma Axis■Ref URL◆Javelin Rain■Ref URL◆Double Javelin Rain■Ref URL◆Deadly Fury■Ref URL◆Gaea Rage■Ref URL◆Spiral Viper■Ref URL◆Xeros Beat■Ref URL◆Divine Shot■Ref URL◆Oni-Kagura■Ref URL◆Freikugel■Ref URL▲Street Fighter◆Hadoken (Fireball)■Ref Doing a Hadoken (Fireball),■Ref URL◆Shoryuken (Dragon Punch)■Ref Doing a Shoryuken (Dragon Punch),■Ref URL◆Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku (Hurricane Kick)■Ref Doing a Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku (Hurricane Kick),■Ref URL◆Ginga Hadoken (Galaxy Fireball)■Ref URL◆Hyakuretsukyaku (Lightning Kick)■Ref URL◆Tenshokyaku (Spinning Air Kick)■Ref URL◆Spinning Bird Kick■Ref URL◆Kikosho (Qigong Palm)■Ref URL◆Psycho Crusher■Ref Doing a Psycho Crusher,■Ref URL▲Final Fight◆Double Lariat■Ref Doing a Double Lariat,■Ref URL▲Aggressors of Dark Kombat◆Hip Bazooka■Ref URL▲Soul Calibur◆Bottoms Up■Ref URL▲Art of Fighting◆Hien Hou'ou Kyaku■Ref URL▲The King of Fighters◆Hien Shippuu Kyaku (Flying Hurricane Kick)■Ref URL▲Dragon Ball◆Kamehameha■Ref Doing a Kamehameha,■Ref URL◆Kaio-ken■Ref Doing a Kaio-ken,■Ref URL◆Transform to Super Saiyan■Ref URL◆Spirit Bomb■Ref URL◆Rock, Scissors 'N' Paper■Ref URL'N'_Paper▲Saint Seiya◆Pegasus Meteor Fist■Ref Doing a Pegasus Meteor Fist,■Ref URL◆Pegasus Comet Fist■Ref URL◆Pegasus God Light Fist■Ref URL▲Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken)◆Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken■Ref Doing a Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken,■Ref URL◆Muso Tensei■Ref URL▲Ultraman◆Ultra Beam■Ref URL◆Ultra Specium■Ref URL▲Kamen Rider◆Rider Kick■Ref URL◆Vital Charge■Ref URL◆Revolcane■Ref URL◆Squash■Ref URL◆Omega Drive■Ref URL▲Raging Fighter◆Skyring Revolution■Ref URL▲Xenogears◆Fukei■Ref URL◆Kakei■Ref URL◆Suikei■Ref URL◆Chikei■Ref URL◆Kokei■Ref URL◆Yamikei■Ref URL◆Kishin■Ref URL◆Kosho X■Ref URL◆Goten X■Ref URL▲Sailor Moon◆Moon Princess Extension■Ref URL◆Moon Crystal Meditation■Ref URL▲Senran Kagura◆Hanzou-Style Full Bloom■Ref URLō-Style_Full_Bloom◆Deep Shadow■Ref URL◆Oukaensen■Ref URL◆Zekka Hou'ousen■Ref URLōōsen◆Zekka Hou'ousen Yomishiki■Ref URLōsen_Yomishiki◆Sound of the Wind■Ref URL◆Crimson■Ref URL◆Crimson Lotus■Ref URL◆The World is Mine■Ref URL◆Lovely Spin■Ref URL◆White Widow■Ref URL◆Ice Queen■Ref URL◆Paradiso of the Abyss■Ref URL◆Divine Judgment■Ref URL◆Goli Mar Dunga■Ref URL◆Happy Turn■Ref URL◆Happy Laser■Ref URL◆Happy Storm■Ref URL▲Final Fantasy◆Holy■Ref URL◆Flare■Ref URL◆Ultima■Ref URL◆Meteor■Ref URL◆Oversoul■Ref URL◆Soul of Chaos■Ref URL◆Fervid Blazer■Ref URL◆Ninjutsu■Ref URL◆Ultra Particle Beam■Ref URL◆Soul Shift■Ref URL◆Dragoon's Pride■Ref URL◆Twin Moon■Ref URL◆Master Mime■Ref URL◆Riot Blade■Ref URL◆Warring Triad■Ref URL◆Omnislash■Ref URL◆Final Heaven■Ref URL◆Supernova■Ref URL◆Lion Heart■Ref URL◆Desperado■Ref URL◆Time Compression■Ref URL◆Reverse Gaia■Ref URL◆Final Requiem■Ref URL◆Blitz Ace■Ref URL◆Blitz King■Ref URL◆The Sending■Ref URL◆Gestalt Drive■Ref URL▲Dragon Quest◆Avan Strash■Ref Doing a Avan Strash,■Ref URL◆Gigagash■Ref URL◆Gigaslash■Ref URL◆Blade of Ultimate Power■Ref URL◆Quadraslash■Ref URL ◆Royal Rumble■Ref URL◆Whopper Chop■Ref URL◆Great Ball of Fire■Ref URL▲Seiken Densetsu / Mana◆Glint Slash■Ref URL◆Quakebringer■Ref URL◆Radiant Rend■Ref URL◆Hellion Fury■Ref URL◆Light Lance■Ref URL◆Raging Fury■Ref URL◆Elysium Slash■Ref URL◆Raptor Lance■Ref URL▲Other Journal◆Study Series■Ref Illustration Type,Study of Illustration TypeNovember 8, 2020 This is a Necessary Journal to learn about■Ref Doing a Moves,Study of Doing a MovesNovember 9, 2020 This is a Necessary Journal to learn about "Doing◆Various Characters List■Ref Male Ver,Various Characters List Male VerFebruary 1, 2021 This is "Various Characters List Male Ver". What■Ref Female Ver,Various Characters List Female VerFebruary 1, 2021 This is "Various Characters List Female Ver".◆Fanon Characters List■Ref Male Ver,Fanon Characters List Male VerFebruary 1, 2021 This is "Fanon Characters List Male Ver". What do■Ref Female Ver,Fanon Characters List Female VerFebruary 1, 2021 This is "Fanon Characters List Female Ver". What◆Original Characters List■Ref Male Ver,Original Characters List Male VerFebruary 1, 2021 This is "Original Characters List Male Ver". What■Ref Female Ver,Original Characters List Female VerFebruary 1, 2021 This is "Original Characters List Female Ver".◆Various Monsters List■Ref Male Ver,Various Monsters List Male VerFebruary 5, 2021 This is "Various Monsters List Male Ver". What do■Ref Female Ver,Various Monsters List Female VerFebruary 5, 2021 This is "Various Monsters List Female Ver". What◆Fanon Monsters List■Ref Male Ver,Fanon Monsters List Male VerFebruary 5, 2021 This is "Fanon Monsters List Male Ver". What do■Ref Female Ver,Fanon Monsters List Female VerFebruary 6, 2021 This is "Fanon Monsters List Female Ver". What do◆Original Monsters List■Ref Male Ver,Original Monsters List Male VerFebruary 12, 2021 This is "Original Monsters List Male Ver". What■Ref Female Ver,Original Monsters List Female VerFebruary 12, 2021 This is "Original Monsters List Female Ver". What◆Various Mechas List■Ref,Various Mechas ListFebruary 12, 2021 This is "Various Mechas List". What do you think◆Fanon Mechas List■Ref,Fanon Mechas ListFebruary 12, 2021 This is "Fanon Mechas (FM) List". What do you◆Original Mechas List■Ref,Original Mechas ListFebruary 12, 2021 This is "Original Mechas (OM) List". What do you
FGB Kokoro and Akane Comic WIP 2 by Veika by Dinobolt6
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Mature Content

SFV - Chun Li Fighting Stance (Nude) by DavidChikardi
Haunting Ground
Daniella - Femina pulchra by SketchMeNot-Art
Azuras Wrath
DWOAH: Spawn vs ChakravartinDeadliest warriors of all historySpawn vs ChakravartinThe Gods bow to meAl Simmons aka Spawn info:Height: 6 foot 2Weight: 450lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Chains, Axe, Sword, Claws, Revolver, Dual SMGs, Sniper Rifle, MagicArmour: Leetha of the 7th House of KStrengths: Can be considered to be one of the most powerful beings in all of fiction, Demi-Godlike strength (Possesses beyond Superhuman strength, Can tear people apart with ease, Can harm and overwhelm the likes of Violator, Malebolgia and the Redeemer, Is the strongest Hellspawn, Out strengthed Urizen), Godlike durability (When struck by a speeding car he was unmoved and the car was destroyed, Once landed from a fall so hard he shattered concrete but was unphased by it, Tanks blows from the likes of Malebolgia, the Redeemer and Urizen, Survived having the Violator rip out his heart, Survived being torn to pieces by Kurse), Massively hypersonic speeds (Flew from New York to Los Angeles within a day, Is stated to move as a ‘crimson blur’, Stated that there is no contest between his Chains and a bullet, Can casually dodge bullets, Can keep up with the likes of Malebolgia and the Redeemer), Is a master of both ranged combat and CQC thanks to his military training in his human life, Feels the pain and anguish of all mankind and is aware of any act of violence and murder on Earth, Possesses a vast arsenal of Hell Magic (Can teleport, Can summon an entire forests worth of trees instantly, Can brand someone with entire intricate sentences, Can become ethereal, Can open and close portals to Hell at will, Can revive the dead, Can break Demonic possession), Possesses one of the best healing factors in all of fiction, Possesses over 6000 Souls within his being that he can summon at will, Conquered both Heaven and the infinite realms of Hell.Weaknesses: As a Hellspawn Spawn suffers a strong weakness to Holy Weaponry (Especially those crafted in Heaven), Despite his incredible healing factor Spawn can be killed instantly via decapitation, His vast Magical arsenal is finite and if he uses it all he loses his powers permanently.Chakravartin info:Height: VariesWeight: VariesWeapons: Bare Hands, MantraStrengths: Alongside Asura Chakravartin is the most powerful being in the Asura’s Wrath universe, Godlike strength (Is more powerful than all the other Demi-Gods save for Asura, Stopped Asura’s first punch and threw him back with a single finger, Destroyed and brought down the remains of the Brahamastra, Shattered the floor of the Event Horizon, Shattered both of Asura’s arms with his punches, Becomes even stronger with each transformation), God-like durability (Is more durable than any of the other Demi-Gods save for Asura, Tanked the first few hundred punches from Asura, Survived assaults from Asura that would have destroyed the Demi-Gods, Becomes more durable with each transformation), Massively hypersonic speeds (Is faster than any of the Demi-Gods, His multiple arms forced Mantra Asura onto the defensive with constant barrages of attacks), Can elongate his limbs at will, As Golden Charkavartin he becomes the largest character in Capcom history being larger than a galaxy, Within his body as Golden Chakravartin he possesses his own pocket dimension that he can control at will, Can create Energy Blasts and Weapons through Mantra, His battle with Asura utterly destroyed and reset the universe.Weaknesses: Possesses one of the greatest God complexes ever and constantly underestimates anyone who defies him.Battle begin!Within his domain Chakravartin peacefully meditated when the Gods attention was drawn to a presence rising up into his home, the familiar shape of Wyzen rising from the ‘floor’ “Wyzen, you dare disturb my peace without being summoned? What is the meaning of this intrusion?” he barked to which Wyzen gave no reply “I am speaking! Answer!”.“Fatso here won’t be talking for a while” an unfamiliar voice spoke as Wyzen fully emerged from the floor, revealing to be only his top half as the Demi-God was thrown lifelessly to the ‘ground’ revealing a smaller being clad in the darkest of black and the bloodiest of red “eating the souls of too many innocent people made him slow and sloppy, like a hog for the slaughter” Spawn sneered harshly kicking Wyzen’s bisected corpse out of the way as he marched towards Chakravartin “all I had to do was put on the pressure and he squealed...and squealed...and squealed like a god damned pig”.“You dare harm a servant of the one true God?!” Chakravartin boomed before throwing one of his many hands forward on an elongating arm, striking Spawn with his splayed palm so hard that it created a shockwave that blew Wyzen’s half body away.But Spawn was unmoved.“From my experience anyone calling themselves a God is nothing more than some pompous blowhard” Spawn sighed as he took hold of one of Chakravartin’s fingers using it to force his hand away from him “and your shiny golden ass is no different to me”.Enraged by the insult Chakravartin unleashed a barrage of open palmed strikes from all of his arms, his hands moving so fast they created afterimages giving him the illusion of having thousands of arms as they rained down upon Spawn, the Hellspawn reacting in response to the attack before summoning Hellfire around him to shield him from the blows, the Flames repelling Chakravartin’s hands to which Spawn followed up by summoning several infernal Chains from the flames, each one impaling through one of the Gods hands before winding around his arms to restrain them.“Got you fucker” he growled as he then reeled the Chains back towards him, dragging Chakravartin with them towards him as he summoned his Axe which he then swung at the Gods neck aiming to decapitate him with a single blow.As the Axe made contact however Chakravartin’s golden skin cracked but didn’t break, the Axe straining against his neck before Spawn pulled it away “tough bastard ain’t ya?” the Hellspawn scoffed as he swung the Axe down again only for the God for sprout another arm to catch it mid swing.“You dare to test the patience of God?!” Chakravartin barked as his arms broke free from Spawn’s chains.“Oh I’m testing more than that” Spawn growled back raising his Axe again aiming to cave the God’s skull in.Before the Weapon could reach him however Chakravartin threw three haymakers at once with three of his right Fists, knocking the Hellspawn off of his feet before starting to rain a flurry of hypersonic punches all over his body with all six Fists, each punch tearing into Spawn’s body until finally one punched straight through it to impale him on his arm “pitiful mortal upstart” the God hissed with disdain only to flinch as Spawn’s head snapped up.“Care to try again motherfucker?” Spawn growled as he converted his hands into Claws raking them at Chakravartin’s eyes, forcing the God back before he summoned his Firearms and infused them with Hell Magic, allowing them to levitate around him as he empowered his Revolver, Dual SMG’s and Sniper Rifle before opening fire with them, riddling Chakravartin with hundreds of Hell infused bullets which tore into the Deities body.As his golden skin cracked and splintered under the infernal Gunfire Chakravartin threw out his arms with a flash of blinding light and a booming shout of “ENOUGH!!!” bathing the area around them in sheer weight, enveloping Spawn completely as the world around them changed and was reshaped.When the light faded away Spawn was shocked to find that he was no longer in Chakravartin’s domain but instead seemed to be in outer space with the endless vastness of black and stars spanning out in every direction “what the hell?” he gasped before his eyes fell upon a truly massive structure thousands of miles away but thanks to its sheer size it appeared to be right in front of the Hellspawn.A truly colossal statue created in Chakravartin’s image.“So now you’re as big as your damn God complex” Spawn growled in annoyance as the Statue began to move, reeling back one of its many arms before surging it forward in a throwing motion.“Bow before the might of the one true God!” Chakravartin’s voice boomed even through the vacuum as Spawn’s eyes widened at the sight of a literal planet coming towards him, the Hellspawn just managing to teleport out of the way before reappearing as it passed by.“WAS THAT FUCKING PLUTO?!” he exclaimed watching the Dwarf Planet sail through the vacuum before it collided with the Sun, becoming completely engulfed by the star before disappearing forever.Turning around Spawn quickly reacted as Saturn’s own Rings were thrown at him like a discus, the Hellspawn summoning colossal Claws that spanned larger than the Earth itself to catch the Rings before they could strike him.“Bastard’s fucking with the entire Galaxy!” Spawn spat as he used his summoned Claws to throw Saturn’s Rings back at the God before propelling himself through the stars towards Chakravartin, spawning massive Demonic wings along with an unholy Sword as he did so to propel himself through space towards the God.Diving and weaving and teleporting around the meteors and thrown planetoids Spawn shot towards Chakravartin like a jet black shooting star, his Sword poised and ready as he then connected with the truly massive Statues chest, his Sword carving straight through it allowing him to carve his way into the Galaxy sized monument to Chakravartin’s self importance.Once within the massive statue Spawn found himself in what seemed to be a completely new plane of reality and at its centre stood Chakravartin in his Creator form, the God’s golden skin now replaced with silvery platinum and his once Divine image was now far more demonic as from his bottom jaw down it appeared to be peeled open revealing deep black muscles underneath.Upon landing inside of the Statue’s pocket dimension Spawn rushed at Chakravartin who suddenly disappeared from sight, the God moving so fast that Spawn couldn’t keep track of him allowing him to deliver a crushing sucker punch to Spawn’s abdomen, sending the Hellspawn into the air and nearly making him drop his Sword as Chakravartin blinked out of sight again to reappear above him, driving an elbow to Spawn’s spine to send him to the ground.Landing hard on his feet Spawn swung his infernal Sword around to try to attack Chakravartin as the God’s speed started to overwhelm him, each blow that landed on the Hellspawn creating a shockwave that shook the seemingly endless expanse of the pocket dimension.Pleased by the feeling of Spawn’s bones shattering under the force of his punches Chakravartin then grabbed hold of his opponents face and with one brutal pull tore it from his skull, revealing the jet black muscle and sinew underneath along with Spawn’s glowing green eyes as the Hellspawn cried out in shock and pain.But what Chakravartin had mistaken for terror however was quickly revealed to be rage as Spawn suddenly summoned a near small oceans amount of Hellfire transforming the quiet serenity of the pocket dimension into a miniature version of Hell itself, completely engulfing both of them as he started to rise into the air, every injury the God had inflicted upon him healing completely as he began to release hundreds of the Souls he had contained within him creating a maelstrom of screaming torment around them.As the Souls spiralled around him Chakravartin tried to repel them with blasts of Mantra, his attacks only acting to momentarily disperse Spawn’s Legion before they started to swarm him completely, near overwhelming the God as more Chains erupted from the ground to wind tight around his legs and body.Before they could bind his arms Chakravartin snapped them up to slam his palms around the Blade of Spawn’s Sword catching it before it could make contact with his head “you cannot defy the will of God! The Mortals need my guidance! My control!” the God barked as if to justify his countless millennia of subjugation of the human race, the constant sacrifice to feed himself and the Demi-Gods who served him.Pushing harder on the Sword as sparks began to fly between it and Chakravartin’s hands Spawn slowly forced it to the God’s face starting to slowly cut into the metal that covered it “if you’re humanities shepherd then they can afford to wander blind for a while” Spawn growled before wrenching his Sword free from the God’s grasp and with one harsh swing of it cleaved off both of Chakravartin’s hands, making the God scream in both rage and pain before the Hellspawn brought his Sword down again diagonally, nearly beheading the God as the Blade entered through the right side of his neck only to come to a stop at his collar bone.Collapsing to his knees as the infernal Sword burned his insides Chakravartin looked up at Spawn with sheer disdain and hatred “I condemn the deepest pits...of Hell itself!” he spat through wheezing breaths but his threatens were less than empty to the Hellspawn.“Oh yeah?” Spawn snorted back as he took hold of the God’s head with both hands, getting a firm grip of it before tearing it straight off of Chakravartin’s shoulders “I’ll see you there fucker”.Winner: SpawnFirst of all I’d like to apologise for how late my first fight of 2021 is, I’ve been covering more shifts at work recently and it’s been killing my will to write.But anyway, why does Spawn beat Chakravartin?Well as mentioned in Spawn’s bio before the fight he is literally one of the most powerful beings in all of fiction and whilst he has never taken the title of a God it is obvious that it is because the title is beneath him, yes Chakravartin is the creator and master of the Asura’s Wrath universe making him universal in power but Spawn conquered both the infinite expanse of Heaven and the infinite realms of Hell arguably making him multiversal in power so whilst Chakravartin is stronger than the Hellspawn and has countless eras of experience over the Hellspawn Al Simmon’s far greater power easily trumps the Gods.
Dragons Dogma
Julien- Dragon's Dogma by The1TrueBubbleMaster
Ghost Trick
[Ghost Trick] Radiation by kaus-quietis
Clock Tower 3
Power Stone
Julia - Sketch by Fokk3rs
Resident Evil new

Mature Content

Simping For Tall Vampire Lady by AlbertWeskerG
Resident Evil FULL
RE3 Jill Valentine by ashg-linkin
GNG OC Kokoro Sketch by XamuArt by Dinobolt6




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