Weekly Feature 4

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Photo Manipulation

Drifting Away by alltelleringet
Love and Feud 2 by Hoangvanvan
Where the heart is... by KateRodrigues
Dreaming of Love by Lillucykawild spirit by AF-studios

Come home safe by GestiefelteMieze
Legends of the Forest by Brumae-Art
Perfection by Altair-E
Spirited Away 2 by AllaD8
Fiery by gyaban
The fallen empire by Skema9
The mermaids by ElenaDudinaGypsy Firefly by Foxfires
crossing worlds. by denkyoThe slow house trailer by digitalessandra
The Stand by neverdyingPerfection by Lilyas
Thanks for the DD by vividlypastel
The Youngest by YagaKKherson winter by StanOd
Underwater Dreams with Ariel by alexa-asta
IN THE END by DX-Degeneration
Stalingrad by Tri5tate
Dream-Patrol by Mr-Xerty
Midnight Whales by tamaraR
Celestial Warrior Uriel by Carlos-Quevedo
Point Sentinel by tigaer
Sleeping Beauty by JeffachUnder The Spell I Can't Break by BiLyBao
Steampunk factory by Dr-F0x
sigma by danalainaTrophy Wife by MichaelO
Eagle Freedom by MrBeO9X
Nameless by vs3a
The magical painter by CindysArtThe Dragonborn Comes by Celtica-Harmony
A.L.W.I.T.W by AQ0106

Digital Painting

Ernesta by yuchenghong
Summoner 2 by 88grzes
Steam Rebellion by Grivetart
Water Goddess reg by Toru-meowFrost Creations by DolphyDolphiana
Big Five: White-Backed Vulture. by CrazyAsian1
League of Legends - Irelia vs. Janna by EwaLabak

Here, at the end of all the things. by DarrenGeers

Fairydust by tjota(Flighty) Shallow Forest Spirit by Toru-meow
U N I V E R S E by Valentina-Remenar
Princess balcony by ilolamai
Wing of Night by Artgerm-- Beyond -- by yvanquinet
Virtuoso by alicexz
Requiem cover1, preorder now by jiuge
Rain by OmeN2501

Thanks for Watching
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Thanks for the feature. :)
CaoChiNhan's avatar
Your welcome :D (Big Grin) 
ryeddh20's avatar
@_@ hoa cả mắt luôn. quả là pts cái gì cũng làm được :3 sư phụ @_@
CaoChiNhan's avatar
Quan trọng là người sử dụng thôi :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you so much for the feature :heart:
CaoChiNhan's avatar
Your welcome Love 
Celtica-Harmony's avatar
Thanks for the feature, dear. Beatiful collections
CaoChiNhan's avatar
Your welcome and thank you :D (Big Grin) 
CindysArt's avatar
Wow! Amazing feature! Really beautiful work! :love:
Thank you so very very much for including my work too. :heart:
CaoChiNhan's avatar
Your welcome Cindy :happybounce: 
neverdying's avatar
Great feature! Thanks for including my work here! :)
CaoChiNhan's avatar
Your welcome :D (Big Grin) 
Lillucyka's avatar
Thank you for the feature! :love:
CaoChiNhan's avatar
Your welcome =P (Razz) Wink/Razz 
ElenaDudina's avatar
Thanks, dear Cao :love: for the feature of my The mermaids by ElenaDudina
CaoChiNhan's avatar
Your welcome and my name is Nhan, in VietNam we speak name backward :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you so much for including my work in this amazing feature! I am a dummy!  
CaoChiNhan's avatar
Your welcome Clap 
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature :heart:
CaoChiNhan's avatar
Your welcome :D (Big Grin) 
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thanks for featuring !! :D
CaoChiNhan's avatar
Your welcome :happybounce: 
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