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Los Cocos Loco Chapter 3- End Game!
Get ready, because here comes the explosive finale to Los Cocos Loco! Our unlucky trio of heroes now find themselves trapped with the Trevaine family's hacienda after they just escaped the clutches of the vicious Estrella de la Manan. But all is not what it seems within the old mansion and they will soon find themselves fighting once again! Who knows, maybe there will be DiD, too? Wink/Razz

Los Cocos Loco is set in the Semla universe and is is sold separately from the main comic. It chronicles the misadventures of a young Francois Chevalier, Sisu Aalto and Bianca Amaretto as they are forced to join forces to survive. How does this lead into their places in the main comic? Read and find out!

The comic can be bought at the Semla store page found here: and is availible for free to all Patreons of 10 USD and up. Enjoy, everyone!

Cover Art: :iconskelebomb:
Page Art: :iconjoselxxvi:
Editing: : C'est Moi!
Lettering: :iconsuicidedidart:
Script: :iconeio-eio-eio:
Sara 1, Labana 0
Looks like High Queen Sara of Vasland will be able to practice her archery this day.  Although the raid led by the Helconian Boyar Labana of House Scian had been squashed and their leader captured, the High Queen decided to exact a bit of revenge before ransoming her captive.  Of course, Labana was....fairly sure Sara wouldn't miss, although she was finding herself becoming more and more vexed considering her predicament...

Just a fun pic, continuing my trend of adapting other folks' OC's for the Semla Universes' historical periods.  In this case, many thanks to :iconlostonezero: and :iconjackmackhack: for use of their characters, Queen Sara and Labana Scian respectively :D.

In this situation, we have Sara as a Sub-Banrion Period Vasland queen, her outfit mostly a combination of Post-Roman Britain with elements of traditional Japanese Kyudo gear.  Labana's costume mostly derived from Saxon period armor with bits and pieces of Samurai inspiration.

I hope you guys like!
Serena the Corsair 1, Captain Elena Amaretto 0
The Freckl sea in central Xintei wasn't the safest of waters even during the age of sail.  Despite Pearl being the clear naval power of the region they were still never quite able to finish off the thousands of pirates and corsairs that hid about the myriad islands pillaging and raiding.  Indeed, sometimes the finest of the Pearlian Royal Navy would find itself on the back foot, particularly when going against the experienced mariners from the island nation of Xue.  A mish mash of Dedrunan, Paxian, Pearlian, and a host of other races and cultures, they had found their own culture and voice, and refused to bend the knee to anyone, no matter how strong, loud, or gaudy.

That was the case when Captain Elena Amaretto was defeated and taken prisoner by one infamous Serena the Corsair, scourge of the Pearlian Thalassocracy.  One wonders what might happen to the helpless captain now?

I wanted to draw some of LOZ's characters in outfits for how they would fit within the history of the Semi-Auto Semla universe.  As there are no drow there, I asked him for the closest real world culture that she would fit in his mind, and reworked it for Semla.  Predominantly Ottoman and Indian influenced, I had a lot of fun with this piece.  I hope you guys like it!

Thanks again to :iconlostonezero: for letting me use Serena, and to my partner in crime :iconeio-eio-eio: for his colors!
A Julsaga
Welcome to yet another Christmas special from us at Team Husman! This time, we'll be spoofing the hell out of a Christmas Carol with our very own brand of self-mockery. There will be lewds, there will be ropes and there will be jokes. So head on over to the… and pick up your copy today so you can enjoy it over the holidays!

As always, the book can be obtained for free over at for all Patreons of 10 USD and up. Regardless, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope you will all join us for another great Semla year when the comic resumes on the 7th of January!

Script: :iconeio-eio-eio:
Art: :iconsovjann:
Lettering: :iconsuicidedidart:
Editing: :iconcaocaothedeciever:

Happy Holidays, everyone!

The Cultured Corner
Time for another look into the world of Semla! But this time it's neither politics nor countries, but pop culture! Lan Xuelan, hacker extraordinaire, is ready to chaperone you all through the world of movies and games. In this 26-page picture book, we will cover the Semlaverse's own pop culture and how it relates to the various countries in the setting. Familiar and new faces will be seen, as will plenty of DiD!

As always, this comic can be found in our Store page over at the homepage. Patreons of $10 and up can find it over on our Patreon.

Cover Art: :iconpumpkinpinup:
Page Art: Joseph Olesco
Script: :iconeio-eio-eio:
Editing:Moi, Cao le Gran
Lettering: :iconsuicidedidart: 

A free semla to anyone who can spot all the references (Provided you can make it to Sweden!) :P (Lick)

Hello, everyone!

I wish to announce that Semi-Auto Semla will be taking a scheduled hiatus from now and until early September. Please see our website announcement page for more info and a lil' bonus :D (Big Grin)

Stay warm, everyone!
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