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Raichu Tribal Tattoo

By Canyx
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~Darkenedflame000 suggested that I do a Raichu and I felt in the mood whenI read her comment, so here it is! : D

Black ballpoint pen, touched up on some paint program

(PS can someone tell me how to put someone's avatar/link to their page in this comment box?)
Edit: I got it, thanks to :iconofficialloser: : ))))

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Hey! Just wondering if it would still be alright if I went and got this as a tattoo?
Helene8's avatar
love this tribal, did you already make another from raichu ? totally in love of it
Vexx123's avatar
this is sweet do you mind if i get it tattoed on me
Canyx's avatar
ToxikoThePunk's avatar
i love it :D maybe you do an Darkrai o.o? that was so great , my style is too bad , so i cant draw it by myself x.x...
PrincessOfLior's avatar
you should do an Abra next!
xXSaiSaiXx's avatar
Hello! Gosh I haven't used this account in years, but I dug it out in order to ask of your permission to get this as a tattoo. It'll be my first, and I really look forward to it, but as a fellow artist I feel the need to make sure it's okay!
Thanks :}
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Sure thing! Thanks so much for asking and I'd love to see a photo of it when you get it done :)
Mothpress's avatar
i wat that tato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DaRkDoKi's avatar
OMG This is such an epic thing!!!
Seriusly! The concept and the shape of it just blown up my mind!!!!
XxMiincalunaxX's avatar
i would love to get this done! and is it ok if i do?
Canyx's avatar
Yeah sure! Pics would be great :)
JennyLynn210's avatar
I WANT IT O.O; So much waaaaaaant<3
Graphicsguys's avatar
guess who? lol and liken the tribal style very nice ;)
Canyx's avatar
HMMMMMmm... OH MAN. A thousand apologies but your name sounds too familiar... Did I design for you before? Or if you got my Raichu design done...?
Sorry, bad memory and bad record keeping (until recently) but please remind me! And glad you like the tribals :)
Graphicsguys's avatar
Oh come now the photoshopped profile pic doesn't give it away? give you a hint starts with a Z ends in a achry XD
Canyx's avatar
No, that's the worst part... I saw your name on your profile (can't see the pic though) and it sounds so familiar but I can't quite place it.
But don't take it personally...I've forgotten names while sitting across from people before.
Graphicsguys's avatar
Canada you crazy lmao it the fluffy hippy, the werewolf man the one, the only ZACH P BROOKS! I didn't know you had a deviant art :)
Canyx's avatar
... I haven't been in Canada for at least 8 years O_O
Now I'm doubting if I actually know you XD
Graphicsguys's avatar
oh yeah I always call ya ,Canaidia lol you'le have to excuse me I'm suffering from short term brain leaches , have any suggestions on a probable cure?
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