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Canvas Unknown is dedicated to artists who are looking to share their ideas among like-minded individuals with out fear of bulling, puts downs or trolling. For those who wish to share their ideas with the world and among other are welcomed here!

We do intend to add additional features and a Discord Server is in progress of being created solely for the purpose of supporting artists and the group =3 The Rules for the Group are the same as the Discord Server Rules:

This group accepts suggestive to NSFW Content (within the bounds of dA's rules and terms and conditions. Discord Group will have it's own set of NSFW rules in regards to this) Upon Joining, you agree that you are at least the age of 18. Under aged Members attempting to join will not be accepted and anyone who is found within the group that is under the age of 18 (including the Discord Chat) you will be removed immediately.

1. Respect Each as you would want to be respected. Don't start unnecessary problems. (Doing so will receive an instant boot from the Group)

2. Please Post Content to their proper channels, especially NSFW content. (If you have a personalized Folder for your story/webcomic/or content please post your artwork as approprate

3. We treat everyone fairly here. No one is to be discriminated for their beliefs and race here, the same goes for their artwork and caliber.  Effort goes into every single person's creation regardless of how high their caliber is. Do not put down others and support those who need it. What you draw may not nessararily be anything you like or agree with. If this is the case, simply do not comment if the urge to not say anything helpful or good is difficult. Saying anything nonconstructive or putting the artist or artwork down will not be tolerated

4. that is marked NSFW, you agree to the serve that you are at least 18 years of age or older. Violation of this rule, will result in immediate ban and removal.

5. Do not 'Spam'-atise or advertise yourself, content or others in Folders outside of the ones designated for such a purpose (This goes for the Discord Server as well.)

6. As Rule 3 stated, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But there is a difference between offering constructive critique and outright being a dick. If you wish to offer critique, please place critiques only on artwork requesting it or in the folder designated for those who request one.

7. Art that promotes or hate against politcal groups, race, gender, sex, or another artist entirely will not be accepted here and will be removed if uploaded.

8. Respect the administrators and Mods as well as your fellow members. Disrespect or gross misconduct will not be tolerated against Admins or Members alike. If there is an issue with members among members, notify an Admin/Mod and we'll handle it (this goes for both Discord and the Group

===CONTENT Rules===

Personalized Folders for Comics:
If you wish to have a folder personalized for your webcomic, you must meet the following requirements within the group and also be an active member of the Discord Channel as well as apart of the dA group:

0---Your comic must have exceeded at least 20 pages from it's starting page (this does not include the cover)

0---If your comic is on going, you must update the comic within a period of 3 months otherwise your folder will be subject to removal.

0---You must request for a folder by sending a Note to :iconshaozchampion: with the title [ Unknown - Folder Request ] in the subject and the following information must be given:

=A Link to your webcomic (if you are uploading to an external site please provide the link to your webcomic)
=Name of your Comic/Story/Etc:
=Is this story/comic rated Mature +18? (NSFW or SFW?)
=A Short Synopsis of your story: (Summarize the story like your reading the back of a DVD cover)
=Is the Comic Ongoing or Finished? (Are you still uploading or are you done with all pages)
=Name 2 Comics/stories in the Group your interested in or Currently reading

For NSFW content:
1. Any NSFW content featuring characters or OCs underage is prohibited and will be removed immediately. (Regardless of what area of the world you come from, if a character is under the age of 18, it is considered underage)

2. Please don't post extremely disturbing content (text or images both for Discord and Group)

3. Don't post yourself doing NSFW

4. Please post only content that is acceptable to dA's rules and conditions in regards to NSFW content (Discord will have a different set of rules in regards to this

The rulles will be updated as time goes on so stay posted
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