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Jayne Cobb

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I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE FIREFLY, and the character of Jayne especially, so I went the whole hog on this one.
3H - 6B and a fineliner pen for some of the straight edges.
There are so many layers built up, I can't even count. I probably went through half a can of fixative.
I should also mention that there is extensive use of the eraser to get that transparent glowy look.
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CozmicloveHobbyist Digital Artist
this is beyond words
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heverProfessional Traditional Artist
Lovely piece. Just adore the delicate nature of your line quality and how you've achieved such a great contrast between the softness of skin and fabric verses the strict starkness of the gun. Very nice. :)
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This is absolutely perfect! <3
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This is AWESOME!!!!!! I wish i could draw like this!!!!
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He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor!
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<3 jayne and <3 the style and detail!! great job!!!
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you know this kind of looks like Cole Hauser too
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i love jayne hes my favorite firefly <3 :D
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RandomDudetteStudent Digital Artist

And you've done a wonderful job here with the details and shading.
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HeronymousHobbyist General Artist
Marvelous job.
The likeness and the mood is perfect Jayne.
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wheres veera?
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malumpardusStudent General Artist
Aah, love Jayne :)
Amazing quality here, absolutely fabulous.
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annoyingasallhellHobbyist Traditional Artist
awe he looks soo clean love his hair! i really like what you've done with shadeing and the gun looks pretty awesome!
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that's purely by hand!? no programs or anything? o.o that's amazing....
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FallenBlueMoonStudent General Artist
OH WOW!!! Amazing job, it looks exactly like him! I love Firefly too, though My favorite is Kaylee.. =3
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theoriginal-zero0000Hobbyist General Artist
Great work. I can never manage to get skin to shine.
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WhysoSeriousHahAHAhA's avatar
Intense- I love firefly, awesome job!
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Your artwork featured [link] in honor of Adam's birthday today
skulking-astronomer's avatar
I had to stare at this one for about three whole minutes before I was done looking. What a super job! Not just the attention to detail and mastery of the medium...but you've captured Jayne's look perfectly! I can't say exactly what sets yours apart from the other Jayne art out there...but it's something.
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Tatooine92Student Writer
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SkymouthHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hothothot! As only Jayne can be! Drools! Sings Hero of Canton!
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GUH....brainmalfunction!!!!! *Drools at talent and Jayne*
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