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The domed city Reaga

Some concept art for the comic that I'm working on. This is the domed city when the story starts. The crumbling dome keeps it's residents safe from the dangerous beasts of the outside. It's also keeps the city cool and lush.

I used a lot of brushes and some textures for this. They can all be found in my favorites and resources collection.

Feel free to use the image for rps or any other personal use. For anything else please ask first.
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This is beautiful - great job! =]
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o: O: O8 amazing!
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: 0 Ryan Cole?!
Hey, what you been up to?
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Working at Mercury Filmworks in Ottawa, you?
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STILL in school, but not for much longer. Doing summer classes and any freelance work I can get my hands on.

My dads in Ottawa now. I was trying to get up there for the summer but it didn't work out. How are things going?
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Things are going fine right now. Ottawa's expensive but I've been able to pay for it pretty well so far. Mercury's been getting some pretty sweet contracts with Disney and rumor is we could be moving into feature film territory. It's probably just that, a rumor, but it's a pretty exciting time regardless!

Any plans after school? Personally I think you'd make a pretty kickass layout artist.
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That would be sweet. I hope there's a kernel of truth in the rumors. Yeah, I hear it's a pretty pricey city, but a beautiful one still. Were you there during the winter?

Really? I hadn't even thought about that one. I'll take just about anything that will get me into an art related career. I might hop skip over to Toronto to start.

Are you going to be staying with Mercury a while longer?
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I'm sticking with Mercury for as long as they'll have me. I don't think I'll be able to find a better place with the way my skill level is at the moment. Ottawa is beautiful, and yeah I've been there for two winters now! Skated on the Rideau canal in february, that was really neat!

But yeah, layout! Or more specifically backgrounds. I always thought you needed a little background knowledge in animation to work in that department, but apparently the bg artists at Mercury never did any of that. Chib's done layout back in Charlottetown and she really enjoyed it.
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Oh yeah? That's something to think about, thanks Ryan. I've been getting pretty anxious thinking about graduation. It's good to know at least two artists who are working and doing well after school.

Your skill level seems pretty high to me. What projects are you working on? Do you have to do a lot of technical training? (Trying to learn 3D myself) The canal? Aw dang, that sounds cool, and now you guys are getting amazing weather, unlike us. Do you get back to the island a lot?
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Love it! It's really atmospheric... the attention to the individual 'combs' and colour gradient is a nice touch. :)
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