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Published: June 24, 2011
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Yay! It's finished!
The background is a basic photo of Paris and there's a texture from here [link]
And yes, I took the bottom half of her suit off. << >> I just like it better this way.

Animaritime is getting so close! What fanart should I do next?

I'm sketching a lot of Princess Mononoke

Oh! And the lineart is here. [link]
Sketch here [link]
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Huh, seems like Shego forgot her boots... and the legs of her pants. :O
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verry cute you draw request
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I might. What's the request?
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just something simple and cute and heartfelt.
by the way you draw great.
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Buuya Digital Artist
Wonderful smut, Kim :D
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So this girl named Molly at the con turns to me and says "Oh! Your from Halifax? Do you know Katie?"

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*+10 love-this-pairing points*

The lineart for this was awesome, but the coloring really gives it three-dimensionality - I can't stop staring at Shego's arm and Kim's pants. Love the string of flags, and how puffy and pretty Kim's hair is.
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:O We get points now?! Do we get a prize if we collect enough of them?

This might just be my favorite pairing. They go so well together. So tell me, what are some of your other favs?
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You get a ballot to put in a draw. The prizes are amazing though. /rip-off

Oh man, it's been forever since I last watched Kim Possible... I've actually always found Shego/Drakken rather cute (which I guess is lame since it's pretty much canon).
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I don't think they're a couple. But I meant from other fandoms.
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Oh, whoops, silly me. Hmm... in Batman I like Harley/Ivy and Batman/Catwoman... In 'Madoka Magica' I like Homura/Madoka, and recently I've come to love Megamind/Roxanne. Chucky/Tiffany (From 'Child's Play') is also kind of sweet. In a cracky sort of way I also ship Nancy/Freddy (from the old 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' films, not the new one), Starscream/Megatron from the old Transformers G1 cartoon, and Sadako/Jason Voorhees (lol, I guess that's cross-fandom).
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TaosenchiStudent General Artist
I agree, pants needed to be removed. Good choice! =D
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awsome! i love the string of flags
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AlexlayerHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow... what exactly was of Shego's pants? ^^;

Anyway, awesome work, and the background's far more than I expected. Very nice. :D
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Heh heh. Well, I like painting skin tone much more than I like painting the color green.

The paint effect to get it is really very simple, but thank you. I'm glad you like it.
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ZenarrausHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow it looks great, I imagine they had a little meeting in Paris and now it's time for them to part ways, but not without a kiss goodbye. Bittersweet and romantic, great work. <3
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Yes. I feel like the time Kim and Shego spend together always has to be brief. They're inability to stay together is what makes them such an engaging couple!

Thank you.
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ZenarrausHobbyist Digital Artist
Completely agree with you there, GJ would be totally against the relationship unless Shego stopped stealing, I can't see Shego switching sides either... and that would make Kim be put under the "fraternizing with the enemy" label, which might jeopardize her job. So they'd have to be sneaky and keep meetings short, so sad but engaging like you said. :love:
Welcome. :3
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Yes, exactly! And Shego isn't Shego if she isn't bad.

Haha, now you've got me wanting to draw them again already. :p
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ZenarrausHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh dooo it, dooooooo ittttt. :rofl: I love being blamed for more artwork. xDDD
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