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How Far From The Tree - 2

Morgan Stark: How Far From The Tree Chapter 2 Unknown Villain Lair Unknown Day/Time Morgan woke up with a terrible headache and horribly dry mouth. She didn't remember going to sleep, in fact, and knew all three were a bad combination. She opened her eyes slowly, but regretted doing so immediately, the light of the room she was in hurt. It took her an unknown amount of time of slowly working her eyes open to adjust to the light so that it didn't hammer her skull further. Now she knew why so many pictures of her father in his younger years had him wearing dark sunglasses in daytime pictures, if this was what a hangover was like. She looked around the room, not taking long at all. A dirty piece of carpet for a bed, and otherwise it was a concrete box that would be tight for an adult, and was merely small for her young body. A single barred window, letting in sunlight, and a steel door with a little slot in the bottom were the only other things to see that weren't concrete

Morgan Stark

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Shadowrun: On The Hunt 1

Shadowrun:  On The Hunt Chapter 1 It started with a woman.  All the good stories do.  She was beauty personified.  She had the face of an angel, and skin of porcelain.  Her body was toned and taunt, with long limbs that you just want wrapped around you.  Her dress was immaculate, a skirt-suit that accentuated her appearance.  And her eyes are as pure green as the Emerald Isle, and they looked right into your soul. Actually, her eyes did peer into your soul, as she wasn’t human.  She was a spirit of some sort, summoned by a magician years ago, and found her freedom through some manner.  This usually spelled death for the magician in qu

Shadowrun: On The Hunt

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A Night To Never Remember 1

Shadowrun:  A Night To Never Remember - 1 I woke up to the smell of a burning car. It's a smell you never forget.  A lot of people say that it's cooking metahuman flesh that they never forget, but that always smelled like Pork to me.  The smell of burning gasoline, lubricants, leather, paint, and metal stayed with me.  I remembered it in my sleep at night. The pain came next.  It was then that I knew I wasn't dreaming.  It was a different pain.  In my sleep, the pain is a burning death the creeps along my back and legs.  The fire that had required my muscles be

A Night to Never Remember

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Debt of Non-Blood - Prolog

Debt of Non-Blood – Prolog August 25th, 2055:  Chicago Containment Zone, Illinois, UCAS. Fighting the pain in my chest, I ran further, away from the monster behind me. I had come to Chicago for my operation a week ago, a heart transplant.  They tried some new technique as well, experimental magical something-or-other that sped up healing.  Got my heart ahead of time, frag I got it in time, and they got to test things out on me.  It worked so well that I could walk after only three days. Which was good, because that was when whatever the hell happened did.  It's been two days of living hell, listening to the weird things going on arou

Debt of Non-Blood

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Just A Simple Run - Prologue

Shadowrun:  Just A Simple Run – Prologue “Thank goodness for Double-Coupon days!”  I said, pulling the heavy bags of groceries out of the trunk of my new (to me) GMC Commodore Sedan.  Yes, things were very much looking up to me.  Boyfriend, car, rent paid up for a few months, and now enough food to last me a bit, even with my bio-thingy boosting my appetite. Of course, when things are going well when you work the Shadows, the criminal underworld of 2070, it only means that you're being set up for a fall.  In this case, it was physical as I felt a blow to the back of my head, then one to the front as I hit the trunk, sprawling

Just A Simple Run

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Shadowrun - Old Sins - Prolog

Shadowrun – Old Sins:  Prologue The old human man in the wheelchair sat and chewed at the flavourless nutrisoy that was his meal of the day, every day.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  He looked old.  Old in age, old in mind, old in soul, and oldest in sin.  But while his body was weak, the single eye that wasn't covered over completely by cataracts shewn brightly with intelligence and experience.  This was a man that had lived his life, and defied everyone and everything, even God Himself, to have denied that very fact. He'd seen the riots of New York over food as a child, one picture that stood out was a twenty-year old man flying fee

Shadowrun Old Sins

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Decepticon: Historitron

Decepticon:  Historitron “We must learn from the past, or join it in the scrapheap of history.” Role:  Archaeologist/Scientist Cybertron Alt-Mode:  Reconnaissance Jet Earth Alt-Mode:  Lockheed U-2 Weapons:  Multi-Phase Pistol Special Equipment:  Light-Emitting Sensor Drones, Fine-Manipulation Excavation Equipment Strength:  4 Intelligence:  10 Speed:  8 Endurance:  4 Rank:  2 Courage:  4 Firepower:  4 Skill:  8 Despite the heavily computerized history of Cybertron, there are many mysteries to be delved into under the shell of its surface and more populated underworld.  Historitron was happy going into those long-forgotten areas an

Transformers OCs

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Nonstop Hellride

I crawled forward, trying to walk as well as I could with my leg feeling busted up, vision going in and out from the pain. I could see another car, somehow pristine in this hellish landscape of fire, brimstone, and broken highway, but no, it isn’t pristine, the body is dented and scratched up like it had been used like a battering ram. The pitted chrome decal on the side advertised that the car was a Dodge Dart Demon, appropriate for where I currently was. The over-sized bumpers were not stock, nor was the external horn on the roof. Was this Hell’s idea of a police car or something? Horns, hooting, and hollering came from behind me, the chasers were getting closer, always on my back. I don’t hesitate, and throw open the driver’s side door, and a skeletonized body falls out, tattered rags that once were clothing caught in joints keeping him together, and a sawed-off shotgun in his hand. I pull him out of the car, climb in, and jerk the shotgun out of his blackened fingers


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Spook Central - Floor 3

Ghostbusters - Winnipeg

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