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Nas (Male Elf)
Age:  31
Lifestyle:  Low (Small Apartment in Puyallup Barrens, near border with Auburn, Acidic Tide gang turf)
Total Karma:  10 (For getting through "A Night To Never Remember")
Current Karma:  10 (Saving up for that Pilot Ground Craft of 7!)
Street Cred:  1 (Folks are starting to take notice of Nas)
Notoriety:  3  (Nas is known for having...  Issues.)
Public Awareness:  2 (Nas' issues are known in the Shadows, and Nas has been on the 'trid picking a fight with the Spikes!)

Physical Attributes:
Body:  4 (5)  (Nas is a fairly tough person.)
Agility: 4 (7)  (Nimble as all get-go too!)
Reaction:  6 (7)  (And reflexes like a Coked up Cat!)
Strength:  3 (6)  (And as strong as a weight-lifter!)

Mental Attributes:
Charisma:  4  (Not quite Mr. Popularity, but he's still a decent enough fellow.)
Intuition:  3  (He can think about things a bit better than the average person.)
Logic:  2  (Average book smarts.)
Willpower:  3  (He's not one that gives up easily.  But he has fallen before, and probably will again.)

Special Attributes:
Edge:  1  (Nas doesn't have much luck or good Karma at the moment)
Essence:  3.25 (Nas has had almost half his "Soul" given up for the replacements in him.)
Initiative:  10  (Nas is likely to go first when the fertilizer hits the ventilator, but not guarenteed of it.)
Initiative Passes:  1  (Nas reacts like your average Metahuman, he's not wired to speed.)

Active Skills:
Stealth Group:  1 (The basics of sneaking around)
Pilot Ground Craft:  6 (Nas is a Driver, almost one of the best on Earth)
Automatics:  1 ("Bullets come out of this end really fast when I put it on Full-Auto.")
* Machine Pistols +2 ("Oh, so that's how I handle the recoil on these.")
Dodge:  1 (Yipe!)
* Ranged Combat +2 (Yipe!  Bullets!)
Automotive Mechanics:  2 (He can check the oil and change the spark plugs!)
Computer:  1 (On/Off)
* CommLink +2 (On/Off/Shop on E-Bay)
Intimidation:  2 ("Say what again!")
Navigation:  1 (Nas was in the Boy Scouts, and remembers the basics of map and compass)
Perception:  3 ("Paranoia in the Shadows isn't insanity like it is in the Light.  It's a survival trait.")
Pistols:  1 ("Bullets come out of this end every time I pull the trigger.")
* Revolver +2 ("BIG Recoil!")
Survival:  2 (Nas has been through lean times)
* Urban +2 (In cities.)
Throwing Weapons:  1 (Nas doesn't pitch like a girl, but isn't much better.)
Tracking:  1 ("I think he went this way.")
* Urban +2 ("I know he went this way.")
Unarmed Combat:  1 (Nas went to public school.)

Knowledge Skills:
Seattle Streets:  2 ("Down this alleyway and here we are, the Barrens and out of their jurisdiction!")
NASCAR Speedways:  2 ("Man, I haven't been there in years...")
Racing Culture:  2 (Nas still keeps his hands in his old life through this.)
Automotive History:  3 (What else?)
Combat Biking Trivia:  5 (Nas is a major fan of Combat Cycle.)
English:  N (Nas grew up in Texas learning how to speak TEXAN!  But he's lost his accent in the last decade.)
Spanish:  3 (Handy language to have.)
* Aztlaner Dialect +2 (Especially when you want service at the Stuffer Shack, staffed by Aztechnology-Imported Staff.)

Ambidexterous (5)  (Nas trained his left hand on the off chance he needs to drive in England.)
Aptitude:  Pilot Ground Vehicle (10)  (Potential to be one of the best Drivers on Earth!)
Guts (5)  (+2 to Willpower to resist being scared.  Nas does not scare easily.)
Human-Looking (5)  ("He's too bulky to be an Elf.")
Will To Live:  1 (5)  (He survived being at the bottom of a 247-car pileup.  He's a tough elf to kill!)
Scorched:  Heroin (-5)  (He resists that sweet silver spike every day.  One day at a time.)
Incompetent:  Watercraft (-5)  (Nas got seasick as a child, and swore off boats.)
Incompetent:  Leadership (-5)  (His Racer attitude rubs everyone the wrong way when trying to lead.)
Sensitive Neural Structure (-5)  (More damage from the Heroin abuse.)
Spirit Bane:  Watchers (-10)  (No idea why, but they really don't like him.)

Muscle Replacement 2 (He's buff.  Mr. Universe Buff.)
Datajack (A Direct Neural Interface for computer systems and some vehicles.)
Control Rig (A system that allows his mind to jump into specially modified vehicles, and literally control them like his own body)
Balance Augmentation (Increases sense of balance.)
Smuggling Compartment (Nas is a Mommy Kangaroo!)
Suprathyroid (The "Bio-Thingie" in Nas that makes him faster, stronger, and hungrier.)

Contacts:  (Loyalty/Connection)
Felix The Fixer (1/4):  Felix has his fingers in a lot of pies, particularily chop shops.
Richard The Fixer (1/2):  Street Fixer with his ear to the ground, ambitious and wishing to rise up quickly, knows Johnsons.
"Money" Johnson (2/5):  Done a number of jobs for this Mr. Johnson, only screwed up once, and is working to fix that issue.
Susan Hands-As-Wings (2/3):  Old Rigger that's survived the worst of the Shadows of Seattle.  Mostly does mechanic works now.
Father Gold (1/3):  The Pimp From Hell.  Samuel L. Jackson as an Ork Pimp, 'nuff said.
Brad Harrington (5/1):  Honest SINner living in Puyallup for the cheap rent, to save up for his Daughter to go to College.  Works road construction, and is known as the meanest Ork in the entire apartment building, mean enough the Gang almost offers him protection money.

S&W M650 (Ruger Super Warhawk equivilent), 2 Ceska Black Skorpions W/Gas-Vent 3 and Underbelly Laser Sights, Armoured Leather Jacket (Ballistic 8/Impact 6; Motorcycle-Cop Cut), NASCAR-Rated Driving Suit (Fire Resistance 3), Custom Triumph Rocket-IV Motorcycle, Renraku Sensei W/Renraku Ichi OS (Respose:  2; System:  2; Firewall:  2; Signal:  4).

Nas is just under 2 metres tall, and weighs in just over 90 kilograms.  Like most elves, he is long limbed, but unlike most of his metatype he is very muscular due to the Muscle Replacement surgery and the Suprathyroid's effects on his hormones.  His handsome face, which shows some very faint scars of plastic surgery, is a little thin for his body type, and, while his ears do come to a point, it's not as obvious as normal for an elf, and he is often mistaken for a Human at first glance.  This annoys him to no end.  Another odd nature of Nas is that his fingers are almost abnormally long.

For casual wear, he prefers tight T-shirts and jeans with black synthleather engineer boots.

His “Business Outfit” is a black NASCAR-Rated Fireproof Racing Suit worn under an Synthleather Armoured Jacket in a H-D Bike Cop Cut, with his “Nails” Hardtak-Signature Combat Cycle Boots (Which look like black Ski Boots), and an Urban Warrior Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet with voice mask, independent air supply, Datajack connection, image display, and flare compensation.

Nas' hair is a a light, long Mohawk in pale blue, combed over to the left, slightly concealing a chrome datajack.
Usually went working on a Role Playing character, we start with, as my buddy Oota put it, "A Point of Light with Stats", then come up with personality and so forth.

Nas started in the other directly, a shell of a person, description with no substance from a Role Playing point of view.

So, this morning, I wrote out his character sheet. For those that know Shadowrun 4th Edition, this will make complete sense (He's a 400 BP, BTW!).

For those that don't, this sheet describes Nas' basic physical and mental abilities, as well as what skill he has in doing certain tasks, and given number form. Like those tests you used to have to do at Grade and High School to say "How good you are at this job" or "Which job is suited for you".

I've put a little blurb beside most of the stats and other items to describe what they are a little bit. For the rest, ask me, or use your imagination. That's what RPGing is about, imagination!

[Edit: Edited Nas' character sheet with info from the results of what his stats are at the end of the Epilog.]

[Edit Edit: Added a description of Nas for those that requested it.]

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This is a character sheet, and, thus, part of the very reason the game exists! I even printed out the PDF Sheet from the Main Site to put him on. :D
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Oi, great stories chummer. My favorites so far are Nas's stories, and he seems like a true omae, ya know? I'd love to see more about his new squeeze. Maybe you should get some pictures of your characters done? (or maybe you have, and I can't find them.)