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Rainbow Dash in Coronation Dress

By CaNoN-lb
Gotta love that hat! :D

this took a bit of time since the back of her dress wasn't visible in the cap I took, however there was another scene where it was slightly viewable, so I used that as reference

There might be a few minor details that don't look so accurate, but I think it looks ok for now

Source: Season 3 Episode 13 (final)... I loved the finale really, alot of songs yes but some of them just hit you in the feels(Celestia's song by far the most) and it should be interesting to see what happens next Season... until then Hiatus I'm afraid lol

Edit: fixed some stuff, with help from :iconmamandil:, seriously, how did I forget her back hind leg O_O
also now her hat should look less weird :)

Made with PonyScape v0.4 patched! :iconponyscape-vectors:



MLP: FiM (c) Hasbro & L. Faust
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meh, it should've been 20% cooler
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It's not so often that you see Rainbow Dash in different dresses. And she looks cute and 20% cooler in all the different dresses she wears
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She's so pretty.
Rainbow123451101's avatar
used here:…
This is a really awesome vector! :D
BejeweledApples's avatar
Christopher Columbus in Equestrian form?
BejeweledApples's avatar
And also, pretty much all of their hairstyles are their default with an added accessory.
A1r2i3e4l5's avatar… I just wanted you to know that I received this as a request and I gave you credit
dharmaharker's avatar
She's so pretty! Could I recolor this and use it, pretty please? I'll credit you and link you when I'm done.
starfire-zorua's avatar
Who hasn't ever thought that that was a sir arron suit
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And this is now the second time Rainbow Dash has worn a dress without any show of discomfort or dislike... which proves to me that there wouldn't be other she wears dresses.

Heck there is even a case for Applejack as though she did not like wearing a overly frilly/girly dress at the sleep over she was fine with her gala and bridemare dresses.
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really I think I was not the only one who noticed it honestly think the Rainbow she does not bother with onths dresses, shoes and hats glasses etc ... when she was model rarity in "the plague of the century" it does not claim clothes ( ridiculous) of Rarity so she complained to stand still ... she does not complain of the clothes she only complains when ta in the face that the clothes get ridiculous and not more aerodynamic apart from that no complains unlike the Applejack she complains a lot about clothes like the Rarity she complains about the fashion and related noise with elegant styles that speech is speech that rustling and freshness etc .... sometimes think Applejack does not like women's clothing .-. ... well in short ... Rainbow prove to be feminine several times (especially in Equestria girls) plus Applejack ...... it could be a little female at least ........... you have to admit that Rainbow Dash and Applejack more feminine than
Fellmoon's avatar
Yes, very much so... though in Applejack's case it is more I feel she simply doesn't have much if any use for dresses as a farmer. Any such clothes would likely just get dirty and would take more time to clean.
Tsundra's avatar
and could be ...
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So, I was watching the finale and at the end a could think of was Twilight's ascension was so unexpected for them that they didn't any time to prepare and Rainbow Dash only had half dress-and half Peter Pan cosplay and this was the result.
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What is the program that you used 9-9؟
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I create all my new vectors using Ponyscape :), here check out the page [link]
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Love Dashie in that Dress!!!
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I LOVE this dress. that HAT is seriously awesome. This is the best outfit ever :D You made this SO well :D I LOVE it :) Thank you Thank you!
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this person as stolen your art [link]
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thanks for the heads up! :)
fairyjuicy's avatar
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gotta love the hat
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My Little Musketeer
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