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Coco pommel

By CaNoN-lb
Das cute :3

Source: Season 4 Episode 8

Made with PonyScape v0.4 patched! :iconponyscape-vectors:

edit: fixed a few things


MLP: FiM (c) Hasbro & L. Faust
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She's so cute 😁 I adore her!

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Wow muy good she is so beautiful I like Calibri is overjoyed [icon] 

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i used in here :3

[ LINK ]

thanks for share ^^ ! 
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shes kind of wierd 
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Thanks for making this, used here:…
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Adorable smile. :)
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Coco Pommel, one mare that would give Fluttershy a challenge for being cute.
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Looks like the world champion may have met her match!!!
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Yep, but neither compares to Sweetie Belle.
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Cutest filly alive.
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yeah. If I could meet one character from that show for a day. It'd be her.
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She has the squeakiest voice of all, she should be called Squeakie Belle.
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My ears almost exploded when she said SURPRISE!!! in Sisterhooves Social after messing around with all the organized chaos of her fabulous big sister.
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I wonder if she's a pony version of Coco Chanel. (known for clothing and perfume)
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Nice vector!  :thumbsup:
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i used your vector 

just click my name
i felt bad for this character
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