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Holly Toy

Apologies for the poor quality of the shot. It's actually a crop of a hastily snapped picture using my iphone.

This was taken in a multistory car park (hence the shitty background) after a fantastic day spent in Holly's company. As always Holly looks utterly gorgeous clad in rubber, corseted and locked in collar and cuffs.

In case you were wondering; yes, Holly did drive home dressed like this.
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Simple mais marquant

driving home like this?! One simply has to love her!
She looks great by the way, nothing wrong with the picture!
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Thanks for what? :)
for share this wonderful shot, love her face, her latex (or rubber), her collar and the outdoor scene :-)
Wow , what a sexy looking woman in latex !! A very sweet and sexy face . 
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I'm envious. Marvelous! 
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I hope her owner trained her to re-cycle sweat which collects inside her latex suit. After 6 hours in rubber it would be plenty to drink!
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Truly Beautiful Lady heavenly in her tight latex and fabulous Collar
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would like to meet her ;)
She is the ultimate cutie submissive. She just embodies what i think is sexy and desirable in a sub. Great picture
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Holy Holly ...........
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I absolutely love this photo of Her.
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She seems to feel a little uncomfortable ...
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I don't think she was.
Nice portrait, i like the matter-fact-fact style, unpretentious, relaxed, and the outfit is in perfect contrast to thebackground. And of course the woman is gorgeous :-)  . 
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