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First dates prt 2
(The next part in the requested story First dates (requested by Bowtotherdrow) enjoy) special thanks to cannonfodder10503 for helping me to continue the story :)
              Jim felt cool stone on his back as his vision came back, his head felt like someone hit it with an axe.  As he rolled over onto his feet he tried to gather the events that led to him being passed out on the floor.  He remembered his date with Amber, and how she took him to her home.  Though why he was in a cave was beyond him.  Just as he was about to look for some water he saw two cups sitting right next to him, he gulped down the water only just realizing how thirsty he really was.  He couldn't shake the feeling he was being watched, once the water was completely washed away did he attempt to stand but he was only met with defeat as he fell back to the floor.
:iconshurtugalskulblaka:Shurtugalskulblaka 15 33
Eldritch: Journeys 009 by Nashoba-Hostina Eldritch: Journeys 009 :iconnashoba-hostina:Nashoba-Hostina 86 60 BB_TSN_035 by jollyjack BB_TSN_035 :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 478 72 CoA - The Cave Flower p. 1 by Alovera-K CoA - The Cave Flower p. 1 :iconalovera-k:Alovera-K 49 106
The Representative from Blackwater
(Part 73 of Twilight’s Edge)
(Book 4 of the Fantasian Series)
Many things marked Sterling as an outsider among the dark silhouettes around him. His attire was a definitive give-away: the tattered tunic and ripped trousers were contrast enough to the black cloaks of the trailing men and once-men, not to mention the distinctively draconic claws, fangs, eyes, and tail that splayed themselves so readily across the youth’s tainted flesh. Furthermore, he was headed in the wrong direction: as men descended ladders, raced down slanted walkways, and crowded together in close-knit bands on their way towards the conflicts at the ravine’s center, the knight they so sought pursued a mad charge upwards, towards the cage that held Elizabeth’s parting gifts.
Considering his situation, he made good progress: it was only after his third step on the first walkway that he encountered another human. The cultist was clearly in a frenzy, manic with the rioting thrill of a mob and satu
:iconbowtothedrow:Bowtothedrow 14 109
First dates. (Requested)
A requested story from BowtotheDrow (hope you like it) :)
            Jim stared back at himself through his bathroom mirror.  Razor in hand he quickly shaved ignoring any cuts he had caused on his face.  When he finished his quick shave he jumped into the shower, he scrubbed fast as he prepared for his date with Amber.  Amber was his childhood best friend they where still friends, but today he finally got the nerve to ask her to dinner he nearly chocked when she happily agreed.  Jim couldn't believe he was actually  going on a date with Amber she seemed almost untouchable any one who did ask her out was almost instantly rejected.  He remembered when a high school jerk tried to force her to go out with him, it ended with three guys in the dirt confused on how a girl had kicked there ass. 
          He met Amber in middle school, Jim wasn't exactly the most popular kid unless he
:iconshurtugalskulblaka:Shurtugalskulblaka 19 35
Eldritch: Journeys 008 by Nashoba-Hostina Eldritch: Journeys 008 :iconnashoba-hostina:Nashoba-Hostina 88 45 Lone Candle Page 10 by Zucca-Xerfantes Lone Candle Page 10 :iconzucca-xerfantes:Zucca-Xerfantes 9 6
Cast off prt 3
       The town of Trien sat on the coast and is the biggest source of trade for the empire.  Above the town on a cliff face stood Nichola and Isandiser staring at the town below.  What are we doing here again? Isandiser asked not entirely understanding why they left her home. 
              "We are here to find a friend who will smuggle us north to Tearim." Nichola said frustrating he already told her the plan twice obviously she didn't pay attention.  I know that but why are we here and not flying there ourselves? 
              "Because, we have to secretly get there a dragon and a wanted man flying toward a city doesn't exactly strike as stealthy."  Sure and a dragon on a ship dose.  She said sarcastically.
             "It dose if you follow the plan.  Alright I'm going down to find my friend
:iconshurtugalskulblaka:Shurtugalskulblaka 4 22
Look to Your Sister
(Part 67 of Twilight’s Edge)
(Book 4 of the Fantasian Series)
For the first time, the subtle hints at life that flickered in Embyr’s eyes made their way to her expression. The change was not drastic, or even clearly noticeable: just a slight shift in her jaw, a minor squinting of her eyes. It was not a glare, but it was not a friendly expression either: it was as though, simply, the entity were trying to make sense of the lycanthrope’s words.
The once-dragon only vaguely resembled her former self. Where she had once stood nearly even at one-hundred feet in height, she had swelled to at least four if not five times that stature; and any hint at scale or other mortal fiber had vanished, consumed by the hungry black flames scouring her former flesh. Yet through it all she retained her form, her frame unwavering and solid: as though she were a mold into which the gods were pouring power.
“I am just like you.” Katarina promised. She seemed somewhat unsettled, a
:iconbowtothedrow:Bowtothedrow 17 49
The Pirate Madeline Page 9: The Skelly King by Randommode The Pirate Madeline Page 9: The Skelly King :iconrandommode:Randommode 99 225 Eldritch: Journeys 007 by Nashoba-Hostina Eldritch: Journeys 007 :iconnashoba-hostina:Nashoba-Hostina 86 26 Eldritch: Journeys 006 by Nashoba-Hostina Eldritch: Journeys 006 :iconnashoba-hostina:Nashoba-Hostina 81 83 Eldritch: Journeys 005 by Nashoba-Hostina Eldritch: Journeys 005 :iconnashoba-hostina:Nashoba-Hostina 80 31 Eldritch: Journeys 004 by Nashoba-Hostina Eldritch: Journeys 004 :iconnashoba-hostina:Nashoba-Hostina 73 60
A New Life, an Old Problem
(Part 2 of Twilight’s Edge)
(Book 4 of the Fantasian Series)
“The fife has changed quite a bit over the last couple of years.” Embyr observed, offering her companion a complementary nod. “For the better, I’ll add – and that was mostly thanks to you.”
Far below the human gratefully tipped his chin, accepting the words with pride that, in turn, filled the Black Terror with optimism.
Two years had passed since Embyr and Sterling had returned from the Dragon Council. The reunion with the village of Stonebridge, until that point, had been a concept nestled uncomfortably between anxiety and fear: they had left, after all, in the wake of Embyr attempting to devour an innocent villager.
Yet their return had been much better than could be expecting – especially considering that, in their absence, the very boy Embyr had desired to kill had become lord of the region. Again facing the man-eater that had nearly taken his life, Kelly had certainly prov
:iconbowtothedrow:Bowtothedrow 25 75
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Well I became a deviant to check to check out everyones art and post comments.
I am into a lot of different things. Pokemon, digimon, Transformers, cool stories, I love diversity. I may not draw these topics, but I am into them. The stories here are awesome as well. My only problem is when theres a great idea and people dont finish it. I also love webcomics.

I'm currently a college student and I live in the USA. AMERICA Rocks!!

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Appmon are  app lifeforms that possess artificial intelligence, thinking and acting independently. In the Real World, they transform into Appmon Chips and are able to materialize via the Appli Drive. (straight from wiki). They are apart of the digimon universe, especially since it is the eight animated series in Digimon and the show is called "Digimon Universe Appli Monsters". Which in Japan started in October 1, 2016.  

Not a lot of info is available currently, will update as information is discovered.

Before we get into the actual bits on the Appmon themselves lets get into the series background.

Show Background:

  • Takes place in the year 2045
  • The theme is that artificial intelligence has outgrown human intelligence
Location - Net Ocean - (largest body of water in the Digital World and inhabited by countless aquatic digimon.) This is where Appmon live and interact with the real world
  • Surface Web - uppermost layer
  • Deep Web - middle layer
  • Dark Web - bottom most layer where AI Leviathan (Villain) resides
    • L-Virus - used by Leviathan to make Appmon go rogue
Appli Drive - a device (replaces digivice) that is used by Humans paired with Appmon
  • Appmon Chip - the form an Appmon takes in the Real World. Must be inserted into an Appli Drive to "Appliarise" which allows them to materialize physically in the Real World.

Appmon Characteristics

Gradeanalogous to a Digimon's Level

  1. Standard
  2. Super
  3. Ultimate
  4. God
App Fusion - Via an App Link, two Appmon are able to fuse together to become an Appmon of the next Grade
  • Only certain Appmon can successfully App Fuse
  • A failed App Fusion will lead to a Sukasimon

Typeanalogous to a Digimon's Attribute

  • Social -
    • Strong: Navi
    • Weak: Life
  • Navi -
    • Strong: Tool
    • Weak: Social
  • Tool -
    • Strong: System
    • Weak: Tool
  • System -
    • Strong: Game
    • Weak: Tool
  • Game -
    • Strong: Entertainment
    • Weak: System
  • Entertainment -
    • Strong: Life
    • Weak: Game
  • Life -
    • Strong: Social
    • Weak: Entertainment

Appli analogous to a Digimon's Type

Each Appmon represents a particular app, known as the appli field and analogous to a Digimon's type. Each appli, thus far, is unique and has its own icon, similar to the app icon on smartphones.

  • Listening to: Trespassing by Adam Lambert
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  • Watching: Blue Bloods
  • Playing: Runescape, Pokemon Sun, KHUX, Brave Frontier
  • Eating: poptarts
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