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Matsuo Shino :contest entry:

My entry for this contest: (1 DAY LEFT) WANT YOUR CHAR IN A COMIC??
-Name:Matsuo Shino (Shino for short)

-Age: 19 years old (human age)
-Sex: Female
-Species: Red fox(platinum)
-Sexuality: Lithromantic
[Lithromantic is a term to describe a person who experiences romantic love but does not want their feelings to be reciprocated. Lithromantic people may or may not be ok with romantic relationships.Some accept reciprocated platonic love, or even romantic love, but does not find it necessary in a relationship.]
-Occupation: Martial arts teacher
-Nationality: Japanese
-Height: 5'6''

Parents: Mother and father are dead
Siblings: Mike (dead)
Significant other: Jasper PC .:All you need is Faith:. [the one that hire Shino as a martial arts teacher of his Martial Arts Studio and became her first friend on USA]
Offspring: None


-Rude (almost all the time with men,because she doesn't trust them)
-Little antisocial
-Stubborn sometimes
-Controlling sometimes
-Manipulative (she does that for good intentions,to protect people or avoid situations that could get out of control any time)

-Shino doesn't feel confortable to be around many men.She only endures it when she teaches them or if there's an urgent situation going on.

-Shino can be really difficult to approach,but once she feels confortable with someone,she can be a really good friend.

-For Shino,it's difficult to trust others.

-Shino is quite antissocial.She doesn't want to bother anyone,but if someone is being attacked verbally or physically,she tends to intrude.

-She tends to listen and observe more than talk.She most of the time knows everything about people's lives (even dark secrets)and can use informations she gets for her own and her friends good.
This is used to control enemies too.

-She cares more about other's than herself. She has a low self esteem,but she >tries< to stay positive.

-Shino tries to pass the image of a strong and independent fox,but deep inside, she is sensible and fragile. 

-Shino loves to make her friends happy and loves to get recognition for things she does well.

-Shino doesn't act without thinking.She tries to imagine millions of posibilities of how things could turn out.
For ex.:If she sees a burglar running after assaulting a store,she doesn't just chase him.She looks around searching for shortcuts to get faster to him or searchs for stuff that are around her and use on her favor.

-She doesn't stay quiet when she sees preconceptions or injustices.
Example: If there's an old lady standing in a full bus and there's a teen that's sitting on a place (knowing there's an elder standing)and doesn't give the seat for the old lady,she would pull the teen's ear till he gives his seat to the elder(or worst).
:bulletgreen:Likes: k-pop,j-pop,animes,k-dramas,cooking,cold weather,teach women self-defence skills, play with children, help people,fight using her art martials skills,noodles(she LOVES noodle A LOT)cute and chubby animals.

:bulletred:Dislikes:alcohol and drugs,guns,too much noice,hot weather,spiders,cockroachs,needles,clowns,vegetables,people trying to control her all the time,thieves,darkness,failure,too much attention.
:bulletblack:Important notes:

-Phobias: Agraphobia- Fear of sexual abuse
Atychiphobia - Fear of failure.
Coulrophobia - Fear of clowns.

-Shino most of the time,uses bandages on her forearm,because of bloking attacks from the opponent on fights.

-Shino has 2 scars as result of being attacked by her father. Shino's father drank all the days and complained about his work and always used Shino as a punching bag.

-The scar of claws on the side of her body was on the day that her father got fired and he drank more than usual.Her father was shouting at women that passed the street and this was bothering the neighbors,so she tried to push him inside their house (she was 15 years old at this time).
She put him inside the house sucessfully,but she complained that he needed a new woman on the bed with him,becase Shino's mother died 5 months ago.
As he was drunk as heck,he tried to rape Shino and fortunately,she managed to escape,running to the front door,but she loocked the door and took her some seconds that helped her father came to her and try to grab her.But when he was trying to grab her on her grip and face, she opened the door and ran,but his claws tore her skin on the rip and the snout.

-Shino knows how to fight jujitsu,ninjitsu and judo.But she knows ninjitsu and judo better,because her mother taught judo and her mother's friend taught ninjitsu to Shino,for almost all her life.

-Due her being abused by her father,Shino developed the capacity to read microexpressions and body language, so she could avoid some of his attacks.

-Shino knows how to speak: japanese,english and a bit of spanish.

-Shino ALWAYS carry a kunai and 2 shurikens with her,in case she needs it.
:bulletpurple:Clothing:… [just jacket and shirt]……………………
Traditional clothes: [5 and 7 are the most used]

She doenst like to put shoes or anything in her feet.
Shino was a lazy student,she used to always procrastinate studying,but she used to always get like 7/10 on her exams.Her mother always had fights with Shino,because she was worried of Shino's future and wanted to help her,but Shino never wanted to listen her mother.Shino was always ignoring or having fights with her mom,because she hates when people control her life.

When she was 15 years old,her mother was a victim of an assault on a store and ended up dying from a shot on the stomach. Shino was devastated and started to isolate herself from the world. She felt so guilty. She kept her mother away from her life and used to always say bad stuff for her,for example: that she was a controlling bitch and that didn't deserve having the husband she had(about this time,Shino's father was a good guy,a caring father that worked everyday so his family could have a good life.)

After Shino's mother's death,his father had to work more than usual,so he could pay for her mother's funeral and continue paying his son's college(Mike studied on USA). The pressure was too much for Shino's father to handle,he was always stressed and after some time,as his boss fired him,because they couldn't pay for all the employeers,Shino's father started to drink 'till he became an alcoholic.

Shino felt bad for her father and tried to help him as much as she could,giving some martial arts classes to win some more money,because the house was about to be sold,because they couldn't afford the price.
Shino worked everyday,giving classes of martial arts and self-defence while her father stayed at home,watching TV and drinking. She didn't want to bother him,because she felt that she caused it somehow and the minimum she could do was to accept her situation and if her father hit her,was because she deserved it.

When she wasn't giving classes or at home,she was having ninjitsu classes with her mother's friend. Shino always liked ninjitsu better,because of films she watched and the tecninics they used.

The day her father was fired,he was messing with women in the street,so Shino put him inside the house and he tried to rape her. She managed to escape and moved to USA, to look for ther brother. As soon as she foundher brother's college, it was too late.The principal's of his college told Shino that he had commited suicide one day after he heard that their mother had passed away. According to the principal,it wasnt only because of the mother,but he also had depression and was diagnosed with leukemia.

Once again,Shino had a breakdown. She didn't know what to do anymore. She was afraid to go back to Japan and be attacked by her father. The principal asked what she did for living and she told him that her grades were too bad to enter the college and all that she knew was martial skills. So, the principal offered to ask his friend if he could hire Shino, as his friend owned a recent opened Martial Arts Studio and was in need of teachers.
As she didn't have a better choice, Shino acepted his offer and started teaching 1 week later. She loved to teach people,because she felt useful,something that she didn't feel when she was in Japan.

One year later,Shino decided to visit her father and see if things got better,if he changed. As soon as she arrived home,the house was clean,everything was in order...something that she wasn't expecting.She was surprised and her hope that after she left,her father got better, increased. She looked every room and didn't find her father.
"He must be working!" she thought.
Shino went to her room,that surprisely was with new stuff,the walls were painted and there was a new and confortable bed. She had a little smile and layed on bed. She was tired because of the flight and decided to take a nap while waiting her father.

The door locker sounded.

She ran to the door expecting to see her father the way he was before her mother died....but it wasn't her dad. It was a couple of tigers with their daughter. For the start,the male father wanted to kick Shino out of the house,but Shino looked more scared and surprised than them,so he invited her to stay a bit.
Shino apologized for invading the house and said that she didn't expect new people living in her house. The couple seemed to understand and asked why she left her house,but Shino didn't want to tell them the truth.
After an awkward silence,the female tiger told Shino that she heard that the old fox that lived in the house was killed because he had a huge debt with loan sharks and he didn't have the money to pay.

Shino started to think a little more,trying to remember the time she was with her father.She remembered that always when she recieved her salary,more than the half disappeared. She thought that her father was buying alcohol,but after thinking better,the type of alcohol that he bought every week was worth less than $10.

Could it be that he was using the money to pay the loan sharks?Or the house? She didn't know. She had no idea and this was driving her crazy.

Shino crying,asked when it happened and the couple of tigers told her the date. It was 3 days after she left to USA to visit her brother.She was in shock.
Could it possibily be her fault that her father died? Maybe the money she used to get from her classes did help her father for a while?And she ran away,leaving him alone,without money.

Shino was invited to stay the night on the house. She went back to USA,because the female tiger adviced her to start a new life,as soon as she could. Shino was more than welcome in their house in case she wanted to visit Japan again.

Shino did as the female tiger,named Sara-shi said. She moved to USA,had english classes and became the official teacher of the Martial Arts Studio and moved to Jasper's (her boss) house,at the ghetto.It was hard for her,because she didn't sleep well for 1 week,afraid of being abused again,but she had nowhere else to go.Fortunaly,Jasper turned out to be a great host and friend. 
Shino felt safe talking to Jasper. She told him everything about her past and that she felt a little unconfortable next to males,but he understood and tried to make her feel as confortable as he could.

Having a great friend as Jasper made Shino's life better.She could finally smile again and live a bit more confortable.But sometimes,she was disturbed by the thoughts that she could have destroyed her family,so when she wasn't teaching or with Jasper,she was learning how to use weapons and other kinds of battle styles,because this was something that she liked and that distracted her.

She knew know to use kunais and shurikens.

He learned to use weapons like: bow and arrows,kamas,swords(in general) etc.
Hability with:
Shurikens: :star::star::star::star::star:
Swords: :star::star::star::star:Half Star
Bow and arrow: :star::star:
Half StarNo Star 
Kamas: :star:No Star No Star No StarNo Star 
Samurai swords:…
Design by me
Feral fox lineart by nil
Anthro fox lineart by ??? [I lost the username but when I find,I will update the description ;v;]
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She is so cute! :love:
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