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The Great and Giftful Trixie

A birthday present for :iconadeptus-monitus:
Happy birthday! :D
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Really Nice work, I like Trixie!

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Dat face. She knows.
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Cute pony, but I think I would have some-pont else to open the box!
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Her present is a signed photograph of herself, isn't it? Yeah, it totally is. :D
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It's the most harmless version I've read so far :)  A photograph is way better than a facehugger, I guess.
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Я говорю, говорю, там точно фейсхаггер!
Спасибо вам обоим, Каннибалу за Триксю, Триксе за фейсхаггера!.. :D

Expressive face!
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Very nice one here.
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I hope that wrapped present doesn't explode or something...!  ...I dunno, that just kind of seems like the sort of thing Trixie might have...
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Amazing, as always ^^
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Thank you, Trixie. :) How very kind.
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You're a master of colours! :D
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Trixie Returns :iconsaysplz: The Great and Powerful Trixie has delivered unto you, the greatest and most powerful gift in all of Equestria!
Starlight Glimmer (smile) plz
:iconstarlightcuteplz: :iconsaysplz: Thanks Trixie!
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I love the painting look of this ^^
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Beware of blighters bearing gifts.  ;)
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She remind me the Jockey Smurf, lulz :3
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Yes, you can definitely trust these eyes ;-)
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