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Sunbutt Portrait

That was a VERY long picture... Initially it was an Art-Battle cover and I even have published an earlier version, but then I decided to make it more detailed, fix some mistakes etc.

Sunbutt Portrait (WIP) by Cannibalus
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Fortunately for Luna, Tia can't use the Elements of Harmony anymore.

...of course, nothing's stopping Tia from squashing her under a giant cake.

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Even a very long time after I have seen this picture for the first time it still gives me a good laugh :)

Thank you kindly for every single laugh this picture has given me over the years, Cannibalus.

Pinkie Pie would be happy about all the laughter you have given.

And that of course is all in addition to the amazing artistic quality of your painting.

May it continue to make people laugh and be inspired at the same time.

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Luna? . . . . RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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While this is incredible funny... and kinda sad (for Celestia)... you have to give it to LUNA... she s one incredible artist!

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DAAANNNNNGGGG! This reminds me of that fan comic where Luna had adjusted Celestia's balance

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you mean weight, like a weight scale.

CelticMultiverse's avatar

Oh right weight scale!

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Our Princess of the Night is FRIGGIN SAVAGE lol

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It really captures Celestia's love for cake. lol
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That's mean, Luna.

But, even moreso, it's absolutly hilarious.
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Magnificent! I'm laughting like a mad monkey XD
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Now that’s how you get sent to the moon!
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Those magic/spell particles are so goooood, how did you paint those?
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It's just a bunch of layers with different blend modes (normal, screen, hard light etc.)
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Girl, that's harsh...
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Luna's having way too much fun right now.
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Pablo Picasso would approve of this.
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this is absolutely brilliant. 
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Very fun ! XDD
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expectation vs. reality


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Celestia does enjoy a good joke. I'm sure she'll find a place for Luna's painting in the royal gallery. Probably next to a similar piece showing Luna, on the moon, wistfully trying to mold some moon dust into the shape of a cupcake.
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