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:iconbently96:'s Ruhig Fortepiano as Artanis from Starcraft.

Hierarch Ruhig E. Forte
A battle is brewing deep in the cosmos… Circumstances, for which we are both responsible and insignificant, call upon us…to take our final stand, if we dare not to be crushed by the silence of time itself.
Take a deep breath breatheren, and take comfort in the fact that we all here, sharinge the same breath, a same goal, desire, fear…passion. We are ONE ! And if we are to fight, we will cast away the enemy as one, and live on to see a new dawn of hope and prosperity.
Assemble the Golden Armada !
Yet before we partake in our expedition, there is but one unfinished matter..

Text:  bently96

Ruhig-Artanis (WIP) by Cannibalus
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This deal is growing less appealing by the moment
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En tarro Ruhig-Artanis!
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I never thought that MLP could look bad@$$, but here it is!
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I would have drawned Artanis with a more light skin tone, but thats pretty!
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It's not the actual Artanis. His name is Ruhig. You can think of it like Ruhig is cosplaying Artanis :)
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how long dose it normal take to draw something like this?
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I'm not sure about this particular picture. Maybe 20-25 hours.
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daaang! do you take brakes?

its is really good btw :D AMAZING!
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Yes, of course. I'm not a robot :)
partybug98's avatar
Hehe no u not a robot <3 your welcome and thank you c:
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Th-this is beautiful.

*knowing that one day, me being able to finally make something good, fills you with DETERMINATION!
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What an amazing combination! Love it!
b25Roman's avatar
Now that is awesome! Love Starcraft and you portrayed this very well. :)
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Now I really want to see Alarack Pony ... Or Discord dressed up as Alarack (same actor, after all).
Cannibalus's avatar
I'm not sure if I will ever return to MLP-Starcraft crossovers. Except the one picture I started long time ago. :)
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I'm sorry to interrupt the conversation, if there still was one, but may I pls use this picture for my new profile pic?
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I don't think that is a good idea, because it's a bently96's OC.  :( Sorry.
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Thanks! At least you let me know.
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Meh, ok. You're the artist, so it's your choice. Don't want to try to get you to do something you can't put your heart into. Wouldn't come out that great anyways if that happened.
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