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Muffet woke up with a headache. She could hear her own head resonate with the sound of a raging ocean. It always scared her when she covered her ears by her hands, the humming noise was so unnatural to her but now as she had to get used to it, strangely soothing. The feeling of uneasiness grew rapidly. Her sight still blurry was able to identify a creepy room she didn’t know and Muffet panicked. Breath was scarce and broken which didn’t help the situation, Muffet wasn’t prepaired for these kinds of rude awakenings, ‘what is that thing in my mouth ?’. Something rubbery but quite flexible was shoved inside Muffet’s mouth and gagged her really well. To her horror she also realized through breathing difficulties her whole face and head must have been covered, ‘I can still breathe though’. A muffled scream escaped the restraints but hardly audible and it only made the claustrophobic blur resonate in Muffet’s head. The more her sight was getting back to her the more she could identify.

The gloomy and shady room was filled with the asylum wall pillows. Muffet tried to move her head but it was somewhat harder. As she eyed rest of her body, she realized she was fully cocooned in a weirdly looking latex suit. Also she realized she was hooded because many of her eyes were blinded except her biggest and prettiest 2 black eyes.

The stuck feelings were infuriating but at the same time sensational, Muffet realized she was lying on the ‘is it latex or rubber ?’ pillows and each time she tried to move her limbs or larger part of the body a small device, that was placed right on one of her most sensitive spots started vibrating slowly but picked up pace the more Muffet moved. She was letting out moans and mewls as she struggled to get out of her bonds. But didn't want to give in to the orgasm, so gradually she was getting more and more turned on and weaker.

Thinking about the claustrophobia made Muffet feel worse, so instead she focused on recollecting what could have happened.

'I must have been lured into a trap, but who would have … who could have ... that little bitch !!! who was dropping coins everywhere, and just talking to always the same guys at the party as me, while eyeballing me if I noticed it, and to top it of I had to get so drunk with that golden shiny liquor stuff !!!'

Muffet realized her most probable captor's plot and started to violently throw herself around while the device went crazy and Muffet eventually climaxed.

The bound spider chica was almost crying at the intensity and inability to produce much sound which intensified the experience even more. What seemed like an orgasm that would shoot up very high but then disappear seemed like it's returning, the device was acting crazy and synchronised itself with Muffet's vibrations. An echoing orgasm was sustained for several long moments and just wouldn't stop until Muffet would be completely drained and unable to contract the muscles anymore from the fatigue.

Breathing heavily and enjoying the prolonged and built up orgasm, still circulating around her body and kept producing sensations and uncontrollable contractions in her belly area, Muffet noticed mechanical gizmos on the door lighting up from red to green and to her surprise her captor finaly showed up.

Muffet thought it would be someone familiar if not particularly the coindropping kidnapper. But she was wrong, she didn't know this person.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her captor's voice.

“Oh my dear spider cutie, finaly you decided to go all the way and give us the satisfaction of your inability to resist the temptation, and what's even better we monitored the frequency of one of your highest orgasms, providing us with very useful information, information so fruitful in your further punishment, hahahahaha.”

Muffet's eyes widened, realizing the sinister situation, she wondered if there are possible future tortures planned for her.

“This is funny you don't even recognize me.”

Confused and frustrated look stared down the shortly before laughing wacko kidnapper.

“Boys get in here and make yourself useful.” her captor yelled.

Now it was time to panic.


2 well built and masked men in latex suits similar to Muffet's, with several appliances and what looked like very restrictive helmets showed up.

Put her to sleep now.”

Muffet panicked and protested bravely - struggles, moans and mewls all over the place - alas to no avail, quickly subdued by one holding Muffet's body and head from the back and one in the front placing his muscular leg over Muffet's latex covered and chained legs, attached a breathing mask on Muffet's face and turned on a valve attached to the breathing mask. The mask attached itself to Muffet's latexed mouth and nose and felt like it glued itself to the face. A small amount of pink gas was produced and hovered around in the mask, while Muffet went bug-eyed.

The putting to sleep procedure took less time than describing it and Muffet was knocked out cold.

Good, now carry her for me boys.”

In her slumber Muffet had a dream. Or at least it seemed like a dream. Her captor's face made the brain search and look for answers despite the knocked out state. And interestingly enough an actual association popped up in the memory.

It must be several years now, Muffet working in a boutique as well as designer studio was visited by filthy rich and posh pair of customers. A countess and her bratty daughter, flashing gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and all things shiny that made Muffet drool. Boasting about their wealth and stature and jingling with their worn priceless treasures, oh they were so obnoxious, 'merciful Uttu why do you have to tempt my greed constantly ?'

Creating pure hell for Muffet as she was busy weaving finest fabrics on their bodies and incorporating complicated ornaments into the sewing/weaving process.

As if the frustrating and ungrateful work wasn't enough. The two witches (but they were very attractive witches) had several technical gadgets that were fascinating to Muffet but she would constantly be pestered if she slipped conversation or attention in that direction. Instead the customers were busy complaining about the obvious rush and not enough quality production.

Muffet was agitated enough by her own temptations but combined with witch mother's complains and worries they wouldn't be posh enough for some vanity party of the decade and the fact that countess' brat daughter in her late teens but definitely mature, was more annoying than her loud mouth mother, an explosive combo was created. After trying dozens of different types of fanciest dresses, lingerie, garter belts, corsettes, hats, gloved and ungloved bodies, tights, stockings even exquisite golden lined finest silk bodyhose that Muffet was able to produce, the duo still couldn't make up their mind and come up with a coherent wish for their sickening big-wig show off. 'Sigh I wish I was there too', Muffet thought to herself. That sigh escaped and Muffet sighed for real.

Oh, is it somewhat inconvenient for you miss Seemstress ?” “Perhaps we should look for a different one mother ?” the brat asked with a cheeky tone.

Angerona don't insult the plebs darling, we've spent so much time here already and honestly I can't be bothered looking for another seemtress even remotely as pseudo-skillful as this one.”

Miss Miffi … “It's Muffet” … “oh I am so sorry Miss Muff ' ette hohohohohohoho.”

That's alright Cunt ' esse” Muffet babbled to herself and instead of weaving of what seemed like the final dress for this terrible bunch, she wove a devilish plan. Overwhelmed with excitement Muffet smiled and sneakily held her thumbs in one pair of her hands.

Saaay, my dear and noble customers, would you want to try a latest fashion trend ?” Muffet asked with a grin that made Angerona raise both of her (Cara Delevigne) eyebrows.

It will be the most wonderful addition to your garb...” Muffet added

But we have barely finished with the dresses themselves, lookey here Miss, we are paying you by the hour so get on with it, maybe we can give this addition of yours a thought when we are done with this dreadful corsette part.”

Muffet grinned even more, they were hooked.

The dressing up continued at very fast pace now, Muffet's enthusiasm produced fruits and both Angerona and her Countess mother were now covered in finest white satin silk bodies with golden threads - and occasional diamond here and there - on all the naughty bits bringing out their erotic physiques, they were both very satisfied. The satin silk was quite opaque, next came very hard to put on latex like stockings and gloves and here Muffet's plan took its ground.

Countess and Angerona would have to be standing with bottoms already dressed in latex stockings and wearing high heeled frivolous stilettos. Their hands stuck in more latexy grip were adjusted to a hamock above them that Muffet spun for practical purposes if the customer wanted to relax. Now Muffet had both witches exactly where she needed and worked even quicker.

Angerona was first to be “dressed”. A horribly tight corsette was put on the younger nuisance and tightened futher with a diamond and platinum covered chain lacing. As the grip tightened Angerona started to complain and that was the sweet moment Muffet was waiting for.

Countess ! Now it's time for the finishing touch and latest fashion trend I told you about before, we will be able to evaluate it on the young precious treasure of yours, that is if you both would like this extra exquisite accesoire.”

Yes I suppose you are right, a certain jenesequa is desireable.”

Oh splendid I am so glad you are connoiseurs, here is the item we will be handling.”

Muffet produced a lace trimmed collar, that had a mouthpiece part with a pulsating 'what is that thing' ball-gag and started attaching the collar first. Younger witch got nervous.

M-mother, I-I can b-barely b-breathe, Angerona mewled and stuttered.”

Shush, quiet honey, perfection is not always deprived of pain, besides that collar looks amazing, look at how many precious stones are on that thing.”

Miss Muffet is there a change you could possibly loosen the grip on our arms and hands that are clinging to the hamock above us, I must say this new form of fitting and sewing is quite uncomfortable.”

A-and that corsette is killing me already, can't you please loosen that one too, mother I have to I mmmhmmmmmmmppphhhhhh”

Ball gag was now deep in and there was no going back now. Muffet worked like a robot.

Oh forgive me young princess”, Muffet mocked the younger witch.

What only took several seconds, was now a silk rope work being done on the younger lady with a tight knotted crotchrope and squeezing loops twisted around nipples, connecting the crotchrope to this system of strings. Countess was almost hypnotized by all the shimmering jewels and didn't realize what Muffet was doing to her daughter for quite a long while. Only after Countess realized what was being produced on her daughter's body, she snapped out of awe. Mostly also due to the fact that Angerona was mewling and whining like crazy into her ball-gag that seemed to dilate with the incoming drool.

Muffet noticed the worried look, giggled and said :

Almost done now.”

Erm Miss Miffi, what exactly is that thing in my daughter's mouth, miss Miffi ? Miss mmmmmmppphhhhhh ...”

Countess was gagged by the same ball-gag as her daughter.

It's Muffet you witch and you will regret this whole escapade, also 'your insolence and swank will be punished'. As Muffet gagged Countess, she tightened a similar looking collar around her neck as well as used all her other limbs to fit Countess into a very tight corsette and then produced an artistic ropework made from silk on the older witch.

Angerona was furious but couldn't protest very well the swollen up gag - 'which finaly stopped growing' she realized with relief – was now preventing most of the sounds she produced, and her mother was now also very quiet.

Muffet smiled victoriously and after wrapping several layers of her silk over their mouths to make the gags even more restrictive and give the white lace trimmed colors an artistic finish, she adjusted her own black tights and said :

Alright ladies, I will keep this short, the silk u are vowen in has certain characteristics that make it very interesting when u vibrate it, a little bit like when you shoot a bow but the bowstring won't stop vibrating for a while.” With those words Muffet pulled on the ropework on both ladies bodies and released a ray of the webs suddenly. The webs vibrated and the struggling duo could only enjoy the horrific and at the same time delightful vibrations all over their body, on their nipples and most importantly their crotches.

Muffet then wrapped one of the devices that the ladies brought with them into the web hammock and she suspended it in front of both the ladies, just out of their grasp.

I couldn't but recognize this little toy of yours Countess, you naughty person, shall we set it to random ? Yes !! Haha that's exactly it.”

By the way, all those jewels, golden threads and priceless shiniez that you are wearing now are fake, and I'll be taking these and ('maybe starting a bakery hehe, probably should lay low for a while in the scam/seemtress business').” Muffet took countess' and Angerona's clothes and belongings that they arrived in.

Furiously struggling but just fruitfully orgasming ladies offered seldom resistance and could only quietly protest to the events unfolding.

Muffet laughed now hysterically... Then the dream took an interesting nightmarish turn into what seemed like an earthquake was happening, shapes of her captives have gone blurry as the earthquake got more and more intense...

Someone was shaking her,

Wake up future slave !!!”

Muffet woke up again, this time without headache and drowsiness, but with sheer fury. She now finaly realized very well who her captor was. Angerona van der Knebel. That annoying brat has caught her and had poor little spider in her pervy claws. 'Oh Uttu please not another one of those devices going crazy on my softest spot.' Angerona as if she heard those thoughts continued :

Remember what you once told me and my mother when we were dangling in your clothes designer studio helplessly ?!” Angerona asked patronizingly

Then she moved closer to Muffet's ear and whispered : 'your insolence and swank will be punished'

Muffet's hood was taken off and she realized she was now sitting in a very uncomfortable chair that held all her limbs very tight. Her captors removed her gag and hood and she finaly saw what it was, the same kind of ball-gag that she once shoved in Angerona's and her mother's mouths.

The removing was problematic, the symbiotic ball-gag didn't want to leave such a pretty mouth and made her host cough once removed, her neck was sort of dry from the difficult swallowing and the sudden influx of liquid from her own saliva was too much to handle.

Please don't do this to me, I learned my lesson already, I can barely stand another orgasm, please I need to take a shower and relax my muscles the warmth inside this thing is killing me, you didn't even strip me nude before putting me in this did you , I can still feel my tights gaah together with this thing noooo not again.” Every other word was followed by a cough but the incoming orgasm made Muffet quietly moan and enjoy it.

Angerona gave Muffet something that seemed like water after the latest arousal, it didn't matter what it was at least it tasted different.

Please I can't take it anymore, I will ...”

You will what my helpless spider ?”

Angerona then brushed Muffet's hair and created 2 cute pigtails. While fondling Muffet's body.

I swear if you continue I am going to to crazy and won't be able to tell you what happened to your diamonds and clothes ...”

Angerona sat herself on Muffet's lap and explained in a seductive and pleasant voice :

Oh but darling, your are in for a big surprise, you cured my vanity that time when you restrained me and momma, I dedicated so many resources and time just looking for you it completely swayed my interests, I was so gullible and predictable before, my desire was to find you and repay you in similar fashion my dear. Oh and that's not all I will also turn you into my own personal lover and clothesmaker, you are so talented and dandy with silk !!!”

Muffet didn't know what to think but a small satisfaction from this unexpected appreciation soothed her … could she still escape ? Does she want to escape ?

Not all that glitters is gold
Story for :iconartdiviant: but everyone who feels like it, go ahead and give it a read. Requested quite a while ago Handshake  unfortunately work work work I think I've fainted. and several scrapped drafts and plots :eager: by darkmoon3636  Based on great artwork by :iconnotashiny: and loosely based on…

Muffet was created by Michelle Czajkowski

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Emma couldn´t believe the fact she had nothing to match up to her new skirt , it was a cold may and all her softer tights were ripped so she had nothing to wear on her legs except her winter tights. She would do fine so far but what about the near future,her tights wouldn´t last even a week unless a frequent laundrying, she wanted to show off her sexy legs and was willing to alter her wardrobe to her decision, now !

She thought to herself i need new ones and i need them fast , opening browser and typing tights , colours , comfy , fast was as easy as pie, first link that popped up had 4 W´s so she clicked it straight away. Designer tights, fill in your height, waist, desired color, desired pattern and desired thickness , our material is a company secret based on a lycrapolyamid substance with traits of finest wool and as light as silk , delivered on the third day from order quaranteed or u get your money back. Emma didn´t hesitate even a second , her measurements were easily compatible with provided preset table sizes , she picked up awesomely shiny tights with 3d effect, that she saw sample off while picking. They seemed to move the shiniest bits of the pattern around various parts of the tights all over the legs, almost like they were alive. Colour was chrome black with a red undertone , she never saw a colour like that. What surprised our dear heroine even more was the price, they didn´t cost more than ordinary fancier tights , like american apparel , wolford or gatta products. Oh wait ... scroll down revealed  a present from the company in form of 6 pairs of extra tights in rainbow colours from very soft polyamid look-alike material, only for price of one extra designer pair ,not the same amazing fabric but pretty much an offer u can´t refuse.  Order and check out , enter credit card details, accept, done, confirmation email received straight away for the order, hey ... what´s this ? u get 2 extra pairs for being our 100th customer, black and white on top of all rainbow colours and her awesome designer chromy tights, this must be my lucky day she thought to herself. No actual country was coming up when Emma tried to search the base for this company so she still had her doubts , seemed too much like those miraculous offers, that you heired tenths of millions from long lost argentinian grandpa or free plastic operation offers.

Third day morning a package was delivered by a private courier, a very pretty girl with shiny black hair, she wasn´t much taller than our sexy heroine herself, a black silk scarf around her neck, black sporty glasses covering a lot from the forehead and a modern hair styly pony tail, Emma recognized a tight turtleneck covering her neck and torso very well, she could recognize her busty figure tho and felt a little jealous what the nature provided this girl with. A semiopened leather jacket also revealed a leathery corset was it ? Tied tighly around the busty parts to make them stand out even more. A shiny leather skirt completed with a pair or chrome bright red shiny tights and black leather longboots. The courier was odd enough already, she had a very pleasant voice and said : „miss Emma ?“ 
"Yes that would be me." 
"Here is your package young lady , u are very pretty, thank u very much for your order and enjoy these exquisite products pls. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal , maybe u can recommend us to your friends if u will find yourself satisfied. bb for now."
"Thank u , bb"

Well , she was REALLY nice ............. but that last sentence sounded a bit too improvised for a proffesional courier. Oh well, me and my worries, should be glad the tights actually arrived just like they promised. If all that experience was odd enough , Emma got surprised it could get even more odd when she actually saw the package that arrived , it was basically art work, opening it felt like opening a fancy chocolate collection. 
The top layer was where the classic colored tights were, black and white very soft on outside and even softer when Emma sampled the inside, felt so good to just touch ´em, Emma had to try them both on straight away, white pair she sampled with her black skirts. Black tights she tried with the white short skirt and jean shorts which she usually combined. It all seemed perfect, tights were pulled off and placed carefully on her bed. The middle layer of the box included all the rainbow color tights as Emma anticipated and she got more and more excited wearing all of them, she tried all of them very carefully , just ran around in her undies and the awesomely soft tights masaging her on her tight buttocks and down on her feet as well, it felt so good she started to get naughty ideas and giggling to herself.Fondling her own body felt so good in the new tights , she felt like jumping and screaming of joy. Which was what she did. Ooooh , she almost forgot...

The main thing how could she forget them, as she approached the box again to reach the bottom layer, she noticed a silver cover on top of the bottom layer, she tried removing it but she couldn´t, ripping it off didnt work either, she started to get disapointed but she remembered her fading patience and when she calmed down enough she managed to come up with an idea , the last layer was covered at the bottom of the box by the silver plating too, there must have been a trick to it, then she realized there was a weird ball key thingie attached to the opening of the box , that must be it , it fit the pattern on the silver plating perfectly . As it clicked and cracked in the middle like a mini transformer artwork she thought , 
Emma was very impressed and entertained by this box of wonders and its contains, as she sat on her bed , tights everywhere , the red pair on her legs, she sat in her sexiest leg over leg position and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. she looked awesomely playful as if the tights were shaping her body to even an awesomer shape, she tried all the movie leg over leg positions that she knew, while completely forgeting about the box she just managed to open. 

The box started glowing from the inside as if there was a small light captured in it, Emma could not miss noticing it in the mirror and thought again how genius this company must be with their gizmos. She finaly reached to the bottom of the little box and pulled out the last pair of tights designed especially for her. They were marvelous just by the touch, it was fascinating how could it get even better Emma thought. She unrolled them carefully and wanted to put em on top of the red tights she was wearing, then she stopped suddenly... she just wanted to do it, she pulled off the red tights, took off her bra, and after a 10 second hesitation decided, panties are going off too. Emma just wanted to feel that fabric so bad on her pussy she couldn´t resist it any more, she didn´t even know what gave her the idea. She pulled the tights carefully , leg by leg, pull and adjust, pull and adjust a little tug aaaand........ it was marvelous, what is this fabric , christ i havent felt anything like this before... how is this even possible. Immediately her legs were getting massaged by the soft chromy fabric enveloping her skin like a thousand little spider legs. 
Fascinating feeling which seemed to travel as the tights were clinging tigher to her shapes. She adjusted the reinforced control top that had a more red undertone than the rest of the tights. Then suddenly the shiny spot appeared on her crotch and decided to take a little travel around the shiny surface, it kept moving around her legs just like she saw in the video when she was picking these tights up, producing sensational feelings of warmth and something else almost like electricity the spot massaged her yummy legs, kept moving around , it felt sooo damn good and relaxing ... and then something was very wrong... the shiny spot slowly moved back towards her crotch and pussy, as it procceeded, Emma felt a sudden raise in her heartbeat, her female sixth sense was alarming her so much she could barely breathe, the shiny spot stopped at her crotch and she felt it very strong then , a sudden cling on her pussy which made her almost jump, aroused her like nothing before, and another one, she didnt know what to do, pull the tights off and stop this awesome never experienced feeling? No, hell no , she didn´t want to, she … couldn´t? She must have this! Her mind was slipping away from the freedom idea more and more, she tried resisting but failed, the box that was beeping with the weak red light was brightly shining which she failed to notice until now , and it was way too late, the box released a purple foggy haze and dimmed the lights in the room , or maybe it was just Emma´s head, what is this company , like a complete forced pleasure experience ? 

The orgasms didnt let Emma wait long , the shiny spot took over Emma´s hands and was now completely controling her movements, Emma aroused herself over and over, until she got drippy, her sweat and drip magically disapeared from her legs , also her pussy juices were absorbed by the fancy fabric of the tights, engulfing her sexy thighs and crotch area. Emma couldn´t keep her mind on anything anymore, it was racing on its own, producing rich images and recalling her memory, all exciting things in her life were coming up before her eyes , hands grasping her breasts instead and traveling around her neck´s sensitive spots , she was terrified, the tights completely took over pleasuring her, when she tried touching her pussy she was prevented by fascinating heat and pressure, it felt like a million tiny tentacles sucking on her tiniest sensitive parts. In her nirvana Emma didn´t realize that massaging wasnt everything that the tights were doing to her, they started growing on her body , on their own they enveloped every inch of her body in the fancy stimulating fabric, which terrified Emma beyond her deepest horrors but she couldn´t stop orgasming and became drowsier as the orgasms were taking away her energy.
Deep breaths, moans and screams followed as Emma couldn´t handle her body anymore, and painful pleasure was taking over. Her body was now completely covered by the red toned black chromy tights (was that substance on her body actually living and knowing what to do to her body and when) , she only resorted to these thoughts as she cried from pleasure. 

She could barely feel her own limbs now , when she caught a glimpse of a shade moving around very quick, it was too quick for her to realize who or what it was. She was falling into a deep catatonic state , on verge of permanent arousal she couldn´t resist anything, her awesome body was covered by a shade bending over her, and she finaly could recognize the stranger? It was the girl that delivered the package!!!!! „Hello again sweetness“ With radiating red eyes Emma was further hypnotized by the intruder, "shhhhhh whats all this noise" she hissed as she touched Emma´s body. What followed then was cataclysm to Emma´s muscles , the girl managed to reshape and stimulate the growing tights suit that took control over Emmas body, turning it into rubbery gooey latex like substance, basically adding another layer of super weird chocolate that felt like it will gobble Emma´s body as a whole and produce an unending thriller orgasm. Hands were transformed  first, then heavily embraced Emma´s neck, as the latex kept growing on itself the girl focused most efforts on Emma´s groin areas and spent a lot of time playing with our poor heroine, Emma wanted to scream for help all this time but could only whimper out mere "why" or "pls" or "noo", the girl replied "still a bit too noisy but i have just the thing for that"... a bright shiny pink bubble was inserted into Emma´s mouth, adhesing tightly to Emma´s mouth assimilating to the shapes of the cavity, providing a perfect silence, filling the mouth when opened and shrinking when closed. It tasted fruity. 
Very gently a thin latexy layer was applied on top of the mouth filling gag and wrapped firmly around Emmas head. Stroking the cheeks the girl tried to calm Emma while the living latex was finishing the body cocoon. When Emma was gagged to the liking of her captor a mask was applied to her face resembling a fox, the same latexy substance that was now covering her body over the tights layer. Loving every bit of it, the girl whispered to Emmas ear , now i will kiss u good night and revealed sharp fangs in her mouth. Emma was bitten and felt a soothing comfort getting injected with an anesthetic poison. 
The fascination of thick substance running in her bloodstream producing a complete relaxed  state for her tired muscels terrified her but awesomely turned her on at the same time. Before drifting off to sleep , the girl took Emmas new tights and latex layered body and covered it in the finest silk that was appropriate for such delicate matter as our heroine was.

"Will take a really good care of u , u will find out what our awesome trademark material for our designer tights is and learn how to make it yourself when u become one of us."
The girl said before wrapping up Emma´s eyes and sinking her into solacing darkness.

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This is going to be the day my hair finally drives me crazy , Emma tried combing to the left , to the right , 60s bun , 70s wig nah its not halloween , combing the fringe up and rest straight as it grew , the she was determined to create a mikado on her own but quickly changed her mind , DAMN IT , i don’t wanna be known as Emma the pony tail among my new colleagues , since i already wore it yesterday she whispered to herself … oh well , here goes … 
The practicalities of that last mentioned hairstyle were numerous and it still looked cute ! Next step wardrobe finalization , Emma knew she wanted to wrap her legs in warmth today , she had a serious crush on wearing tights of all sorts and liked to style the whole dress based on the their pattern or color.  Since it was chilly and windy fall , cotton rich rib tights were chosen. Grey color was easy to tone with her fall clothes and she felt really comfy. Her colleagues all wore some sort of skirts and hosiery too , so they all looked like a pantyhose/tights female hero team.

Emma was really looking forward to seeing her colleagues again . Quite tall redhead Isa with crazy fiery green eyes and her usually red wardrobe (no exception today with those super screaming orange nylon tights) to only undermine her already pheromones filled sex appeal , crazy giggle and a wide smile from one ear to another to complete the package . 

Energetic and easily angered reddish brownish Lina who could be Isa’s sister but apparently there was no relation there, wearing usually darker red clothes (ofc wearing red nylon tights) didn’t help differentiate them. 

Alis was a very shy and timid book worm with wise eyes and knew something about everything , not in a nerdy way , Emma admired her knowledge and envied how much she managed to stuff in one sentence when she had the scientific opportunity, she also wore glasses, more timid not hot colored clothes and usually shiny but opaque classy pantyhose (Emma guessed wolford or peavey hosiery with her skilled eye) that just brought out her style even more. 

Small and petite blondie Freydis, who must have been the friendliest person under the sun patterns and stripes were her thaaaang, today wearing a white dress with yellow ribonned tights making her look like a flower only contributed to the cuteness factor, despite being blonde she was bright and actually made mocking jokes herself , lighted up the mood whenever it was dropping , definitely a stereotype crasher. 

Unlike Kristina who was just scary , in a terribly sexy way Emma thought to herself naughtily , she was wonderful and terrifying , like a wild animal , but animal from like a devilish cartoon , she must have been a metal fan , dark make up , dark black hair , dark clothes , awesomely opaque tights (which weren’t always necessarily dark, Emma found that interesting , like a lightening factor) that she always managed to show off no matter how complicated or simple her outfit was , she knew how to make metal sexy , her teeth were the scariest probably , pointy like vampires teeth and she always flashed them proudly when she made a nasty but at the same time exciting joke, it was enough to drop 3 words and smile in her evil way which meant Isa and Freydis lost it , and there was no stopping the explosions from then on… her speciality though were creepy stories and the creepiest part was they turned out to be true , usually very true… she was also very artistic and skillful painter , drawer and doodler , very frequently drawing girls in bondage positions with each other. Girls decided to take a group pic to show off how cute they all are , and also take a group pic of their revealed knees to show off their pantyhose and tights.

A single floor connecting all the library sections housed our heroines , it was their awesome workplace that they all loved and shared together, the house settlement for the library was an ancient structure with its own isolated tower at the peak, which was apparently always been a chamber closed by a blind door leading into the wall or was it… OMG stop it ! … What ?... Another ghost story right ? Why do u have to pick our workplace this time … I swear on my soul its true and no , not exactly ghost story … SAY NO MORE BITCH … hihihihihihihi as if she has a soul , she must have sold it to the tattooed dork i saw her with yesterday … how dare u blondie u will pay for that … hihihihihihi … i will sacrifice u to Lilith herself … Lilith didn’t accept human sacrifices its very well described in Abdul Al Hazred’s transcripts of old mezopotamian texts … satan dear lord give me strength to finish these very revealing caricatures picturing u and u and me ofc… OMG LEMME SEE (doubled voice) …………
The day passed very quickly.

Later after giggly late lunch break nearing closing hours … OK so u claim its true what u said yea ? … I told u i swear … Attic triiiiip yeeeey … what kind of a combination term is that , doesn’t even make sense … why does it have to make sense it sounds exciting , i only been there once when i was hired actually … yea me too … me three … me erm me too hihi bah why so serious … lol … ok let the exploration begin … 

What seemed like a whole eternity reaching actually only first floor of their forbidden library parts , they found themselves awfully tense and quiet , first one to notice was ofc Freydis and wanted to start yapping but Kristina noticed it and covered her mouth gently but firmly so she would keep the mysterious atmosphere , Freydis started to giggle under the hand , triggering  Isa who was fighting off Lina’s hand , until Emma said shhhh , they all shut up , Emma and Alis were standing in front of the group facing the gothic huge door seemingly leading to nowhere ... as the bold leader Emma was with Alis the sciency councilor to her side , Emma thought this was like a star trek mission to herself lol … so yea here we are , the door doesn’t lead anywhere , lets go back ? … NO WAY we didn’t even try to open it … as a matter of fact this door could just be a distraction to another door which can be completely hidden in a different part of this wall … the girls all looked around as if looking for secret things they could have missed in a simple corridor but eventually returned to the door itself. 

So who’s gonna open it damn it … relax hun i`ll try … u can barely reach the handle … pfff … Emma was tired of the jabbering so she grabbed the handle herself and opened the door . It was a bit chilly but all girls suddenly got goosebumps as if the temperature dropped 20 degrees. 
There was a staircase leading even higher up to the towers peak. 

How does this staircase even fit into the small tower u can see when u look at the house from outside noted Alis . Nobody really payed attention to her tho lols , all girls were very surprised there was basically another library (though pretty much just a single room) hidden over their heads this whole time. The way it was lit was also mysterious, there weren’t any torches yet the light seemed to travel from one side to another like a flame does. 

Archaic chronicles , middle ages books in wonderful covers, old almanachs , even huge golden and silver covered lexicons were all jammed in this hidden section of library that noone had a clue about. Who do u think owned this stuff … well clearly its deserted segment of the library , the architecture doesn’t quite match with the rest of the building, this resembles ancient egyptian or greek while the bottom is strictly middle ages renesaince and baroque commphhhhhhh … Alis’s mouth was handgagged by Kris which made Isa giggle again cuz clearly Alis had more interesting stuff to say but didn’t get to continue cuz Kris licked her face which made Freydis giggle too , it was never-ending unless rolls and rolls of duct tape !!!

The girls searched the various books in the mysterious library , many of them ancient latin , sumerian script , egyptian hieroglyphs , ancient greek that Alis all knew from Roseta stone and was able to describe, one book seemed like ancient aramaic language which puzzled Alis a lot since she never heard about such book. 
Each time Alis would try to describe different language a book was written in Kris would add a series of sex positions and bondage techniques that would make some giggle , some blush and some just think if its possible. 
Thats when they heard Isa produce a short shriek whilst scavenging one of the what looked like ancient egyptian scripts she leaned on the book shelve and basically fell on her knees and hands cuz there was a secret corridor there. Puzzled they all headed inside only to find a very disturbing altar like place , with a pedestal holding what could be the worlds creepiest book ever. And behind it even more creepy statue of a half woman half spider creature. Oooooh a drider barked Kristina out loud together with Alis. They both saw this mythical creature before and both found it sexy for various reasons to try discover the lore of it. 

The statue looked almost alive, what seemed like bronze but was too dark to be it , it was masterfully crafted and shaped , capturing the driders pose like it was a "man as microcosmos" famous depiction from renaissance times that was considered utter heresy. This was even a bigger heresy because it was a female depiction !!! A red and blue lit room only undermined the whole creepy atmosphere as if the red light was coming through the pedestal springing from the book itself and the statue produced a blue contrast to the bloody color with a mirky and dim tone. 

The erotic physique was hypnotizing , very well built agile and strongly shaped yet feminine body , perfected even more by the presence of extra limbs , bald head only undermining the sensual and sharp features of the face , extra pair of eyes, obviously pimp up for the vision element, possibly like real spiders, which were closed as if the statue was sleeping, Kris couldn’t help it and had to touch the bewbage , to which Emma just hissed again (i swear i am turning into a snake) and hit Kris over her curious hands, her reason was examination if they are fake, which made not just the gigglers loose it. 

Statue had open mouth where a visible tongue and other oral necessities were traceable . sharp teeth added to the sinister nature . Strange openings on the opened palm of drider’s hand must have been a spinneret Alis explained , similar ones were found under each nipple and above the fully flashed out vagina. That was the biggest puzzle for our scientist as no other statue ever had such a well modeled organ. 

The most interesting for the redheads was the back of the statue where u could see the insectoid part of the drider , both wondering what that organ ? was for ? I don’t like her triple butt but i love her legs Freydis thought to herself and wondered if she should break the silence cuz she was a bit startled by this whole discovery.

Everyone was startled, not just her and the scientist feeling the world knowledge pillars crumble under her feet with every discovery in the library’s secret chamber…They all turned their attention back to the creepy almanac on the pedestal and Kris broke them from deep thoughts … Aw its closed said Kris as she was about to touch the book and for fuck sake open it ?…? and it should stay closed Emma added while grabbing Kristina’s hand. 
A bit of a silent war went on between them until the vampire flashed her teeth and leaned towards Emma whispering , why can’t u grab me like that more often, i wish u tie… gah shut up Emma hissed and pushed Kris away (with a bit too much strength) who bumped into Alis (who was scientifically examining the pedestal’s runes) and boom, book was on the floor . 

The girls looked at each other expecting something terrible but nothing was happening until they all reached and touched the book , wanting to return it on its appropriate place. The touch didn’t seem as anything special alas book started glowing and produced almost blinding red glow that illuminated the whole room and seemingly projected itself towards the drider statue , the red glowy light was terrifying as it got sucked in by the bluesque statue. 

Emma didn’t waste a moment and picked up the book again after all three that touched it retreated their hands back away from it like from a lava stone. Placing it on the pedestal she thought nothing happened , unfortunately she was about to find out that was very wrong … the statue opened her eyes and they glowed red just like the books light , the horror of the situation became very real when it also moved, at first the movements were slow but eventually became very fluent and agile … F’tagn Ilu a Elohi … now very alive statue said with an olive oil voice and produced a grin and an evil giggle which made at least half of our heroines either shriek or start trembling and loose it for a run. 

The girlies all ran outside from the secret passage which should have stayed secret and headed straight out of the library but what the hell , there was no short room anymore , the library elongated itself in unimaginable proportions and that wasn’t the worst part , it also turned into a labyrinthine maze resembling the worst nightmare to be trapped in with such a fierce yet strangely erotic creature. Emma was terrified and ran outside first , basically everyone did , except hmmmm yea KRIIIIIS RUuUuUUUN !!!! 

Emma shouted as she returned to the door , only to see the drider unsheathe her nails which resembled blades that made her drowsy and absolutely panic so she could’t go in to grab the kinky bitch , tears went down her face as she backed out from the dark secret room again.

Kristina was hypnotized by the beauty of the creature and was too frightened to actually run , the drider was still stretching her limbs as if it were eons she moved , which it probably was … 
Kris was just trembling in awe and her heart was pumping as the drider walked around ,measuring her in an admiring way , almost like a trophy she thought to herself when suddenly the drider grabbed the dark haired beauty firmly but still gently stroked her cheeks and whole torso and gradually added more areas until she reached the groin, then the drider closed her eyes and held Kristinas head while drawing her own nearer and nearer. The drider kissed Kris so intense she lost balance and feinted into drider’s arms, drider knew that would happen since its kiss was designed to paralyze her prey, whilst kissing drider also managed to stuff Kristina’s mouth with her sticky silk substance . Drawing her claws even further out she cut Kristina’s quite complicated clothes into bits and pieces , only leaving her in a strange adhesive soft and silky black clothing on her legs that she liked , (ofc Kris was naked under her pantyhose) , 

Drider continued restraining the poor prey, a full chest harness in a pentagram pattern was produced from the spinnerets within seconds and applied within couple more seconds. Drider was a real bondage master, adding bumpy silky knots on pressure points of the body to stress out the erotogenous zones even more with simple tugs on the network enveloping body. When Kris came back to consciousness she was already dripping and making her hose wet, which the drider couldn’t miss and stroked the sexy brunette couple times on her not at all soft spot before adding a tight crotchtie between the legs, a tight necktie was added to the whole chest harness making it harder to breathe but easier to orgasm for our kinky princess. 

Bundling the girl up in a small package before placing her over her shoulder and walking out the dark room the drider set off for girl hunt.
Outside in the mazy library a havoc was breaking loose becuz ladies were panicking trying to run around looking for exit out …
To no avail . 
Drider just rolled her eyes before sticking Kris to one of the ancient rune covered walls and gagging her already stuffed mouth even more with a silk scarf wrap and a hood she produced and spun within less than seconds. Serving also as a blindfold ,Kris was now in close to complete darkness while experiencing orgiastic feelings produced by her own struggling movements, she could swear her mouth was now chilling while burning where the driders silk was sprayed to gag her, it tasted just like ancient indian afrodiziac roofies she tried many times and she knew where those were gonna get her. Silently she moaned while tugging on her crotchtie and leaked into her hose making her warm and cozy, while doing so. 

Emma saw the whole bonding process through a bookshelf with an opening where she could see the drider but drider couldn’t see her , at least she thought . Omg it wants to save us for later she also thought. Drider continued her spooky talk … F’tagn Ka Sutek Shub Nigurath … she said with a louder and intense tone , not threatening tho , Emma panicked at the calm and determined elegance the drider took off after the still shrieking redheads. 

As if there was no rush and that means no escape . Before the complete panic when all the girls spread Emma tried to remember which directions the blondie and scientist went , the 2 ginger bimbos will have to wait if she wants to help at least some of her team members and get them out of here. She had no idea how but she will do her best. With that in mind she took off her shoes and started to look for Freydis and Alis. 

Drider continued talking , while our redhead duo decided its time to stop screaming and actually started thinking about being more stealthy . Lina blamed Isa for everything with her angry whisper shouting and Isa replied with the same whisper but less anger that they should try to shut up if they don’t wanna get found by the monster. While exchanging this convo a shade appeared at one of the darker corners of the library with 2 of her limbs placed across her chest and the other 2 on her ribs as if she was angry. 

The drider just smiled on her left cheek and licked her lips from bottom to top with a sexy pointy tongue. Girls after finding out they ran into a corridor and not a corner ? wtf this damn library is playing tricks on us too ? realized they had no choice but fight. Lina grabbed one of the heavier looking books and ran charging the drider , what followed cannot be described as anything else than explosion out of driders pussy that managed to throw Lina back on the wall she originally started and also glue her there long enough so the drider could continue with her calm walk tempo which absolutely terrified Isa who started whimpering and crying . 

Drider noticed it and picked the sexuous redhead from the floor gently by her skinny hands then she quickly turned Isa around and grabbed her with elbow under the neck while playing with her groin area. Isa didn’t know what she should do or think, she was getting terribly turned on , especially when the drider placed her long steely cold fingernail on her scarab under her orange tights, she also felt as if the drider sprayed a very thing layer from the nail tip inside her vagina. It started to almost burn but it didn’t hurt at all , on the contrary , Isa was getting uncontrollably aroused while the drider fondled her breasts and neck , falling down to her crotch occasionally and then back up. Both of them were constantly starring at the struggling and cursing Lina who was now furious and wanted to murder the monster horribly , preferably with a flamethrower or chainsaw, drider and Isa gradually walked closer to Lina glued to the wall and drider starring at Lina pulled out her long tongue again and placed it in Isa’s mouth spraying sitk inside every corner of it. 

Perfectly stuffed mouth was then covered by one of driders free limbs and Isa just moaned in aroused pleasure while drider still played with her. The other free drider’s hand was placed over Linas mouth gagging her vulgar protests finally (Isa thought) and the last free drider’s limb did a very recognizable motion consisting off putting a finger on the drider’s lips and producing a shhhh sound, a spinneret inside the hand used for gagging Lina finished the silencing process. Lina shut up. Drider expressed relief by phew. Making her very human like Lina was from then on very quiet. 

Drider was very gentle even with Lina after gagging her quite roughly for her taste. She stroked her cheek and head and after Lina calmed down completely removed the gagging hand. Isa still moaning would now be stripped off her clothes in the same way as her predecessor which startled Lina but drider stroked her cheek again to comfort her. While looking deep into Linas eyes drider now placed Isa on her knees and started binding her while playing with her everything.

Isa was covered from head to toe in a transparent layer of silk , not as thick as Kris’ bindings were , this one had every inch of her body still visible even after completely cocooning her, before that tho couple accessories were added to our dear Isa , drider was getting very turned on by this pheromone redhead as well , and wanted to make it a pleasure experience after sensing such delicacy, Isas hands were placed behind her back but in a comfy way piled up one above the other , her pantyhose were unfortunately (the drider thought this fabric was also fascinating) ripped to add a tight ball like webbing, with a special shape on the side it was shoved in her pus making Isa moan extra much and making Lina very jelly. 

Whilst massaging the moaning redhead the drider started stuffing the girl inside her own pussy and slowly fitting the girl little by little in its abdomen , the thing that our gingers were wondering about when examining the petrified drider. Lina couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised and yet horrified by that imagery, the drider dripped her own juices while fitting Isa inside its pussy and abdomen while still starring in Linas eyes. This must be what real hypnosis looks like Lina thought before drider started to work on her. Her tights were also ripped and drider tore her from the wall she was glued to . 

Lina was very impressed by that strength and relaxed a bit when she realized the drider could have snapped her neck in an instant minutes ago when she was being naughty. As if the drider felt those scared feelings it touched Linas heart very gently and massaged her bewbage while gently stroking her nipples. Drider also spat slowly inside Linas pus and on top of her nipples, what followed was probably what made Isa whimper before, Lina felt it now as well, absolutely spectacular erotic feeling produced by the burning sensation from the driders saliva made her squirt because she actually didn’t get any for a loooong time and now this… after drider fed on Linas pussy it produced a silk dildo which Lina just balled her eyes at , but drider spat on the dildo making it very moist and very slowly pushed it inside Lina’s vagina all the way where it previously examined our other redheads g point was, she also left a dynamic massaging shape on tip of the silk dildo which behaved adhesive and shaped itself along with Lina’s g point driving her crazy . 

That wasn’t everything, a buttplug was added as well , with more driders saliva making Lina absolutely loose it and pant heavily, while the drider prepared a fitting sheet for her full body wrapping.
Shanjara zarda o vi suki rabsesa , the drider turned quickly but still carefully carrying her precious cargo Isa, who was now visible under the drider’s abdomen’s skin , Alis was holding a book with sumerian runes and a very determined pose. 

Drider hissed mekhali khalem and sprayed her silk right inside Alis’ mouth, the poor girl almost choked from the sudden loss of air and tried to pull the gag out of her mouth. Drider was quick as lightning even with a grown woman stifled inside her abdomen. Alis was picked up from the ground and held by the inhumanly strong drider under her arms. Drider held the girl tight , Alis tried to kick her or fight back other way but drider was too strong, a red glow went out of driders eyes right inside Alis’ , the drider was blinking very fast that made Alis try to fight less , when the drider stopped blinking it stood Alis on the floor while still holding her shoulder. 

Alis didn’t try to run she knew what would happen eventually , instead she tried communicating with the creature. She recognized a mezopotamian type word in the first sentence drider told the whole group of girls when they awakened her. She tried to say don’t hurt us please we no threat before the drider gagged her. Drider fixed Alis’ hair which was falling in her face by adjusting it to the side , then it touched Alis’ chin with her finger pulling her head a little bit up so our science cutesy could see drider’s eyes. Drider spoke slowly but clearly , in human language ... servants don’t speak god’s language …  mmmpphhmmm nmphhh fffvvmmphh… when they do they get a little detention , it consists of punishment and a reward... the drider now spoke faster and faster as it was getting comfy with the newly learned language… your language is so cold btw , how can u speak like that , so many words sometimes to express simple feelings or urges but never actually doing so … mmmmhmhmhmmmmhhhhhhnhnhnhnnnnnnnnnn … that gag isn’t coming off my dear, i don’t need to listen to you , simple body language is enough , language of emotion sounds and various levels of pleasure and pain are more expressive and interesting to me than your wannabe language … Alis now realized how she must sound when she talks like a book all the time … mphhhhfffkhh mjuuuuuu … and such an attitude will not be tolerated my dear … drider stripped Alis into her suntan sahara pantyhose … i haven’t seen your kind for a long while but i am very partial to this new type of clothing i must say it is very chic trendy yet practical ... also removed Alis’ glasses … u won’t be needing these my dear i will take care of u now ... and while being very exquisite with every cop on the sexy scientists body applied a full body cocoon like she did with Lina who was now lying on the floor eating the drider’s pussy even through her silk covered mouth. 

Alis’ stuffed mouth was cocooned as well as her neck as well as her head covering all her hair , for lulz drider placed the glasses back on Alis’ head … u look nice in them though maybe u want them back ... adding another silk scarf spun out of her pussy to further silence the scientist, the drider now held complete control and was about to “punish” the heretic. 

Alis’ breasts were left out of the cocoon process as well as her temple . Imagining what drider’s saliva was doing to the poor redheads , Alis was in for a treat , drider sprayed her chilly burny silk from her palms on top of Alis’ nipples connecting them and then gently playing rubbing pinching them while hungrily licking and eating Alis’ pussy , when the drider felt Alis will no longer take it and orgasm , she sprayed a thin layer of a special kind of silk which only she knew at that moment, that had thermo and rhythm adjusting properties , it would keep our bookworm constantly on edge but never let her orgasm until drider decided to remove it. Alis’ was whining into her gag from the inability to climax but eventually dropped into a feint dreamy state between consciousness and sleep where the most exciting images were popping up in front of her eyes further increasing her rhythms.

While listening to the feinted out orgasmic moans and groans Freydis decided she was a brave girl and wanted to “help” Kris get loose. Disturbed from her bookworm feast drider sensed a little tug on one of her nano nets , thiner than hair , which she left close to her initial cocoon victim and which would serve as an alarm mechanism.It did exactly what it was intended for. Drider pushed Isa out of her abdomen and jumped towards Kris’ silk prison where she spotted a silhouette of stripy tights covered cuteness who was at best half her size. Drider felt this was a very unfair fight so she wanted to play a game with the blondie.

Ah ah ah she said when she was close enough hanging from one of the library pillars so Freydis could see her… u are in my library now i decide when u leave … drider hid and reappeared behind another pillar ... oh and btw i forgot to say its a magic library … again same peekaboo … why do u think u can’t find the way out hihihi … Freydis was scared when drider appeared again and with her glowy red eyes aimed at a scroll bunch near what looked like the egyptian segment where she was originally discovered … enjoy my little trouble maker … like a lightning strike a cotton bandage lashed out from the scrolls and wrapped around Freydis’ waist grabbing her tight. 

Another one grabbed her forearm and another one wrapped around her thigh. It didn’t take long and she was spread eagled in an x pattern , hovering above the floor . Drider descended and approached the poor blondie… don’t be afraid my dear , noone is going to hurt u … how come u talk now noemphhhhhhhh … Freydis couldn’t say more before drider kiss gagged her and was now vacuuming her mouth. The kiss was so intense it made giggler drowsy and so tired she didn’t even need to be silenced. 

Drider set her hair free from the bindings Freydis made it suffer from and combed it now with her razor-sharp nail blades. Very careful and thorough movements were added to arouse Freydis without damaging her cute outfit , drider then spoke some more magic words and more bandages were added to the blondies body. Eventually wrapping her into the cutest mummy exposing her shapes, limbs were bound separately at first then second layer connected her hands on top of her breast, legs also at first separate and second layer connected them together, drider glued her bandage wrapped trophy next to still more excited Kris, and produced a green humming crystal out from nowhere which she put on Freydis’ crotch … the sound produced by these crystals has a rising power , your orgasms will start slow and take intensity with time eventually becoming stronger than any physical penetration can achieve … 

Sweetheart ? I know u must be terrified but I don’t want to hurt u, your friends are all fine , even though mildly indisposed at the moment hihi … Emma frowned at that if only she could compete with the drider physically … Sweetheart u can run but u can’t hide , this is my domain and i don’t want u to get hurt in one of my traps the drider started a game of nerves … Emma could only imagine how many traps she managed to past luckily or maybe there were no traps at all…  hearing the monster girl talk was soothing in a way Emma loved her voice the whole situation however felt very hopeless, she swiped these feelings and tried to continue looking for the exit … what seemed like hours but probably were only long minutes Emma realized the futility of trying to escape , the maze was shifting constantly making her loose her way, it would only be a question of time before she ran into her … weird sound ... predator. 

So she shouted I AM HERE U BITCH ! COME AND GET ME ! HEEEEY ?! I SAID I AM HERE ! WHERE ARE U ? ARE U SCAAAAAAA … Emma was pulled by silk knots high into the air where the drider hugged her like an old friend and kept hugging her which made Emma puzzled since she expected a much rougher attitude... that scent … Emma thought she was referring to her perfume at first but she didn’t have any today … the drider took her glasses off and examined her face far too long than Emma liked so she had to ask ... what the hell are u doing … that voice and almost apologetic tone could it be ? … Emma was very puzzled by this sudden drider’s fascination about her features and voice , did she resemble ? … it’s fascinating how u humans reincarnate in cycles … drider was being very mysterious all of a sudden … as one of your famous writers said apparently now it takes even less to get famous , which i know from your bookworm and blondie friend whom i had a little mind melt session with, that is not dead which can eternal lie and with strange eons even death may die ... while binding Emmas torso in a full body harness the drider spoke again … 

I won’t hurt u , any of u … but u are doing it right now … what ? u call producing never ending pleasure hurting these days ? … u are denying our rights and freedoms … what are these rights u speak off , is that what bookworm refers to as inalienable rights ? … yes exactly that !!!!! … oh , oh ... drider tried to recall what she read from Alis’ mind … so u humans think u are the rulers of this planet  huh even come up with some sort of list of universal privileges without responsibilities i wonder if this goes even further on some levels … well yes it does not necessarily in a good omg why are u talking with me and u just treated the others like your sex toys … drider explained how demigod can choose whatever she wants to do at any time and servants are there to adapt since they can’t or hihi don’t want to rebel … Emma was furious at that attitude it took thousands of years of civilization development and she was being stripped of her basic rights here and now (gotta admit she does great shibari though) … drider was taking its time , the sensual touching aroused her prey and drider knew that … u humans can have any kind of rights u want , i don’t have to obey them since i am not human and i can do whatever i want in this little magic place of mine … the drider continued making Emma even more furious but at the same time relaxed with the way she handled Emmas body … how long do u want to keep us here , people are going to look for us … saying that an iPhone started to ring in Emmas pocket. 

Drider was examining the device for a while when she managed to fish it out of Emmas pocket, at the same time looking at Emma and changing her eye glow from red to blue she scanned Emmas eyes much like she did with Alis’ before , what the hell was she up to , when she scanned enough drider gagged Emma very fast with a tight and sticky scarf that felt like adhesive microfoam tape. 

Much to Emmas horror the drider answered what was a boss call by the ring tone and spoke with Emmas voice, Emma was totally stunned for a while but then started thrashing in her bonds and screaming from the top of her lungs, drider reacted very fast , it jumped above the girl and stuffed Emmas head straight into her stretchy pussy, making Emma’s freedom attempt screams fade and eventually cease. The boss wouldn’t probably notice anything even if he heard gunshots , it was probably about stupid book delivery . Emma’s head was set free but the gag stayed on, drider dried and swiped her pussy juices away from Emmas face , gently stroking her cheek … congratulations u and your team just got a raise whatever that is … Emma just sighed as if that mattered now when she was about to become … spider food ? what did u just say ? … i didn’t say anything (oh no christ she can read thoughts too ?) … yes u did … just becuz your mouth is gagged that doesn’t mean i can’t understand u dear , i am not going to hurt u in fact the opposite … 

u 6 are going to be my love servants, i thanked u for the awakening when the kink , bookworm and u touched the book releasing me from my prison … i am not surprised u didn’t understand me now , ancient sumerian isn’t a world language anymore, should have tried my luck with egyptian or greek apparently , no ? that wouldn’t be much better either ? that plebe language romanic latin ? seriously not even that u humans are barbarians that don’t value anything and u are going to lecture me about being more respectful ? … HOW OLD WAS THIS THING … Emma was now just gazing and simply awing so many things from the past they can now just simply ask this ,,, monster seriously u are gonna call me monster ? 

i don’t just copy your languages and voices dear i can also copy whole memories , thats why i always need a short breather afterwards, so much havoc the human race caused in the past just 80 years is what terrifies me actually , knowing there is even an organization that should pay attention to violating those inalienable rights u spoke off … Emma shed a tear drider noticed and swiped it ... i am so sorry my dear i was being a cruel monster but now i shall tell u a different story … drider explained Emma that her and females of homo sapiens lived in symbiosis for ages, drider provided never ending pleasure and servants provided company and pretty much what food is , but not a regular type of food, the erotic electrical energy produced during female orgasm is what the driders eat (wait what there is more of … yes ofc …) and that Emma is a reincarnation of her beloved servant from ancient times , brown haired and hazel brown eyed girl of lovable traits and character who was her most trusted pet and who was taken hostage when evil magi trapped the drider in this library eons ago ... they couldn’t hurt me so they hurt my closest … 

Even petrified like a piece of metal or stone she could clearly feel a sting to her heart when her trusted servant must have been killed off but still managed to interfere with the ritual, with an incantation that would cause either her reincarnation or a combination of women with very different features and interests break the powerful curse. So eventho drider obliged and agreed to undergo the petrification spell … i couldn’t save her ... now the drider actually shed a tear ... i could still feel and experience everything around me while i was petrified when u young ladies appeared in my chamber i knew my hazel eyed beauty sacrificed her life for a moment like that … therefore u my dear will get the best … Emma who was wrapped in full body harness when “discussing” with the drider felt she wanted to hug her old/new friend , the drider was tugging on various spots of Emma’s harness distracting the girls attention when eventually the drider produced a magical , what looked like latexy or rubbery ball from her vagina, it was pitch black like drider’s own skin and she started to massage Emma now completely naked (drider had no mercy with the cute grey rib tights nor with her own webs which were securing the girl until now and cut them with couple fast and sharp movements) with the substance. It was the most wonderful feeling Emma ever experienced , indescribable with words other than ecstasy , blight , nirvana … when the substance was poured all over Emma’s body and massaged in, the drider removed Emma’s gag to kiss her while the substance was still flowing around her body ? What in the world was it doing … It was being  pushed into Emma’s insides, pushing hard on her g point while rubbing her clitoris , rhythmically thrusting a mass when the vagina demanded it, while producing sensation all over the rest of her body. 

Nipples became so hard they almost pointed out like spikes from the new latexy skin Emma was wearing , substance engulfed her completely all the way to her neck it only stopped when it reached a special red silk collar drider tied around Emmas neck , like a leash ? The never-ending orgasm made Emma drowsy , drider sensed it and started to rebind Emma so she could relax her muscles and get support from her bindings while focusing purely on orgasming . The silk lines were quickly added to Emma’s new skin , a new chest harness was webbed , wrists were connected and bound above Emma’s head then tied in a clever way to her back harness, crotchtie and frogtied thighs added to only strengthen the pressure on Emma’s erotonegous zones and make her experience the pleasure even deeper. 

Drider then cut the red leash around Emma’s neck and substance grew over Emmas face and hair as well completely covering them . Going inside Emmas mouth the substance produced even more intense feelings and now combined with the ability to relax while climaxing Emma was panting, the drider held her and tried to help her breathe until her breathing became somewhat normal again.
I will have to release u eventually but promise me u all will visit me once in a while again ladies… oh and u will have to lecture me about that fancy clothing u are all wearing on your legs, its superbly sexy...
They all heard in their minds and all felt very happy and looking forward to oblige their drider master's wish.
Cult lived on.



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