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I'm out! DeviantART now days brings me nothing but pain and cringey feelings! You can still find me on Tumblr though guys! BYE~
Check it out please would appreciate it!…
Some of the fanwork...specially the comics and fanfictions. I'm not going to point out which ones but I see this a lot:

-Fionna likes Gumball
-Gumball rejects her (This usually is in a very out of character way they do it, making him come off as an ass usually or "leading her on" at first)
-Fionna is sad
-Marshall comforts her because he's always LUV'D HER.
-He admits feelings

Or replace all the above with Flame Prince (but they're actually together and he's being a jerk).

Or all the boys fighting over Fionna and Fionna is conflicted...

Or you know what? Best way to describe this is people writing as though this is some teenage romance or a shojo manga...

Why am I ranting? Because I never do and Fionna is probably one of the few female characters now days who is a STRONG female character and people just like to shit on that with typical romance bull. I'd like to believe Fionna is a bit more complicated than that.

Yeah ok I'm ranting over fictional character but whatever. It's late and I'm tired.
Yeah...I had a little conversation with my friend today about the interwebs and art stealing and junk like that. I was never comfortable with posting my original characters and stories on the internet and never really will be. I don't mind posting fan characters from series and stuff like that but my PURELY original content? Just no. I don't like it and I'm finally taking care of it. I don't mind posting fanart so much because if people wanna pass that around it doesn't bother me (depending on the situation, like tracing it or claiming it's theirs). But if I ever saw it happen to original art I couldn't blame anyone but myself IS the internet here guys. We all are taking that risk posting our stuff, I'm just choosing not to post it.…

At least TRY next time.
THAT USERNAME IS NOW GONE. I really hate giving dA my money but....that name. I only bought a monthly subscription though ($5.00) then went and canceled the subscription. SO A MONTH OF PREMIUM!
Even though my art has been removed the girl is still posting stolen art. The email I got from the support of the site says they can't take action until the artist themselves email about it so PLEASE help me inform these artist! The girl was able to get off with a warning because it was her first infraction. But even after the warning she is still posting new stole works. So if you know where the works are from on here inform the artist ASAP!……

Please read more on it there and help me out!
Much love!
You know, I always will do these tag things because I have nothing better to do and it's probably the only time I'll write somethings about myself.

Tagged by: :icongerardway710:

-Insert the rules here about going and tagging 10 people but I refuse to do that shit.-

1. Tumblr or Facebook?
Tumblr because when I see people saying stupid shit I can just scroll on by, where on Facebook I have to be ashamed of myself because I know these stupid people.

2. How'd you get into art?
Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog. I started drawing characters from those and I just kept going.

3. Any Funny stories?
Uh...I just recently convinced my nephew my skin is slowing coming off of my face because he saw the rag I used to wipe coverup off.

4. Genderbent or original?
For Adventure Time I assume. It's to hard to say, I would say genderbent but most of the stuff in the genderbent world are based off speculation of the fans mostly. And I'm not gonna lie I would like it more because of Marceline and Bubblegum being guys...since I like guy characters...and Neil Patrick Harris. So thinking logically I would say original.

5. Are you a homestuck?
No. Nor do I care to be.

6. Whats your favorite song (currently)
It will always be "Mr. Self Destruct" and "Vicarious"

7. Adventure time or Regular show?
Oh boy...AT is wonderful in it's own ways. But I think I enjoy Regular Shows humor a bit more at times. That's not really me choosing...but yeah shut up.

8. Cats or Dogs?

9. How kawaii are YOU!?!?!?
I'm not kawaii. I'm fucking senpai. Means I'm fly as fuck.

10. Are any of your OC's based off someone you know irl?
Oh hell yeah. A lot of them are.
So I need to gather up some extra cash for Christmas this year and are opening up some 5 dollar commissions to do so!

I'll do any waist up characters in flat colors in my style or full body characters in Adventure time style.
Here are some samples of what I'm offering:

Every added character is an extra $2.00. Note me if you're interested! Taking PayPal only!
I'm so frustrated with my lack of ability at the moment! Opening up 5 request slots! First come first serve!! They're gonna be doodles though! Unless I feel like coloring or going further with it!

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Details here guys!…

Note me here if you're interested!
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So I usually will do tag things because why not? But I got tagged in two things recently so I'm just going to combine them here...ALSO I DON'T GO TAGS MYSELF. I'm too lazy to go run around and tag people to do it...

So first one I got tagged by lorendiva

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about yourself
3. Then answer the questiond the tagger gives you
4. you must choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
5. Go to their page and tell them you tagged him/her
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this" You legitimately ( AKA, really, truly, with all honestly ) have to tag 11 people.

8. 4. You must make a journal entry about this.

Ok...That's the rules for the first one. The second one who tagged me was moonshadow244

You must post these rules:

Each person must post 10 things about them selves on their journal. This should be interesting.

Answer the questions the tagger set for you and create ten more for the people you tag to answer.

You have to choose ten people and post their icon.

Go to their page and tell them they have been tagged. simple enough

No tag backs. Playground rules, respect them

You have to tag ten people.


So! I'm putting 21 facts about myself and answering 20 questions...oh boy. I know I've done tag things before so I'll try not to repeat things I've said in the past...if I remember the things I've said ._.

1. I'm currently planning on going to school to do makeup to then further myself to go for costume and theatrical makeup.

2.Obviously, I like makeup more than I seem to show haha. But yeah...Makeup is another one of my loves.

3. When I was still in high school I played hookie just to play Assassin's Creed 2 throughout the whole night of it's midnight release.

4.My longest playthrough in one sitting of a game was like 20 something hours...besides potty breaks and food time of course. And I think it was AC2 actually lol.

5. I still have some guilty pleasure animes I enjoy a lot...One of them being Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) it's usually a bit of a guilty pleasure mainly due to it being hard to explain to people who know the show that I don't really like slash and I think the whole Sebastian and Ciel couple is disgusting because he's how old. Which makes no sense when that show is scattered with that crap. I try to ignore it because I like the characters...

6. I'm usually not scared of anything but I have yet to pick up Dead Space 2 again from the last time I put it down because I got so mindfucked when I played it...and I only got like 15 minutes into the game. So that's one of the few things that really scared me.

7. I only just last month finally watched the LOTR movies and started to read the books. As to why? Well I was just to lazy to sit down and watch them all. It takes a lot for me to sit through a long movie without falling asleep.

8. I can't wait for fall and winter to hit. I can't stand spring and summer on the accounts that I hate warm weather.

9. I'm single. I don't mind being single. I don't care about soul searching for a significant other. I am actually very content with myself. I feel you can't expect to be with someone if you can't even be content with yourself first.

10. I will never draw ponies. Please stop asking me to draw ponies. I have gotten too many request for it here and tumblr. It's never going to happen. I don't care for the show...or more so I don't get what's so appealing about it to older people...I get the appeal for children but anything besides that I don't get it.

11. One fact about myself is I hate writing facts about myself because it's really difficult to do.

12. I'm an Agnostic Atheist.

13. I will eat just about anything if it tastes good.

14. Besides chocolate. Now when I say chocolate thought I mean pure chocolate. I can't eat any type of candy bar that doesn't have something with the chocolate (like nuts, caramel, peanut butter ect.). Same goes with like cakes. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting...nooooo. It's way too rich for me is mainly why I can't eat it...and I ate it too much like that as a kid that I can't stand the taste.

15. I can't kill spiders...idk I just can't. I always bring spiders I find in my house outside instead of killing them D:

16. I CANNOT write...I have stuck my finger in all different types of media of art and I have some sort of a ability for each type I find....BUT WRITING. I'm just so...BAD AT IT.

17. I'm sick atm. It's horrible...I get sick so easily it's bad...uggggh

18. I collect figures. My favorite makers are Play Arts Kai, HotToys, Figma and Good Smile Company (mainly their Nendoroid lines).

19.  I used to draw a lot of Sonic art when I was younger. That was what actually go me drawing in the first place. As much hate as the Sonic fandom has, the older generation fans aren't...aggravating. Because you know...I fully acknowledge how bad the new games are...omg. I also don't even count myself as part of the fandom to be honest. I'm just a fan of the older games and characters. After all Sonic was my first video game.

20. I think I might have said this before but I'm super cynical and straight forward to a point it's considered mean off the internet. I usually just don't feel like wasting my breath with people on the internet sometimes enough to get worked up and mean about things.

21. I hate being tall because my feet are huge and I can't buy cute shoes...


Now! lorendiva's questions given were:

1.What is your favourite Harry Potter book?
Hmmm...too hard. NEXT.

2.How many posters do you have in your room?
I actually have 4! But they aren't on the walls yet! lol

3.Who is your favouriute artist from DeaviantArt?
DanLuVisiArt is my top fav with Pirate-Cashoo behind him.

4.What couple do you like from Harry Potter(who are or not in the book) and Adventure time?
You mean something non-canon? That would be Harry and Hermione. And Adventure Time is obvious Fionna and Marshall.

5.Favourite cake?
Cannoli cake...

6.Favourite book?
FFFFFFFF do comics count? They count...I mean Watchmen won awards for novels. They tell a story. So yeah it's Watchmen.

7.If you need to live in Romania to have a Premium Membership on DeviantArt you would live in Romania?

8.Do you belive in ghosts?

9.Hell or Heaven?
Do I believe in it? Or am I picking Heaven or Hell? Because first, I don't believe in it. But if it turned out to be real I'd pick Hell because it seems from the regulations to get into Heaven...well Hell is going to be a lot more entertaining.

10.Harry Potter or Birdamic 2?
Harry Potter...


moonshadow244's questions:

1. Are you a dreamer?
I think everyone dreams. :D

2. What kind of music do you listen to?
Rock, Industrial, metal , alternative, reggae, hip hop, rap, house, dubstep, everything...

3. whats your favorite animal?

4. whats your favorite food?
Shepard's Pie, French Onion Soup, meat...I really like any type of meat, BACON.

5. do you have a crush on a cartoon character?
Oh god...Peter Parker is forever my perfect man...why can't he be real...

6. whats your favorite show?
Game of Thrones.

7. If you were a super hero what would be your power?

8. if you could know one thing about the future what would it be?
The winning numbers to the next Mega Millions.

9. Do you have any siblings?
Yes, two older sisters.

10. Do you like soap operas?
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For all the birthday wishes and what not! Even to the some of you who left them early I want you to know I didn't ignore them or anything I just wanted to wait to make this into one whole thank you!

I had a great night and it's even better that I'm not feeling sick! (DRINK LOTS OF WATER WHEN YOU DRINK, CHILDREN.)
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Doing AT related stuffs for my Marshall blog.
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OH FUCK YEAH! I'd love to do that...only thing is all my older works with my url watermark on it now....but still! WHY NOT!

Let's see..."First activate Premium membership".

....Oh YOU deviantART! SUCK MY DICK! :D!
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I'm close to getting 66,666 pageviews.

This page is the devil. STRAY AWAY CHILDREN!

But no seriously if anyone seriously cares enough if you screenshot the 66,666 page view I'll totally draw you something. Just send it to me through a note.
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So I find myself going to check dA is becoming more of a hassle over time...I'm not enjoying it here as much as I did. So if you wanna see me update art more follow my new newer new tumblr

I WILL still post stuff here too, just not as much as I will there. I will still be available for contact on here too if you need me. see ya :D
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Finally made it guys. THERE IS IT. That's how I do most of my AT characters (and a lot of drawing) over all. If you have any questions just ask :D