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Don Digby
To tell the truth, the devil did it; for the devil is in the details, and the details did in Don Digby.
He was a man full of joyful sorrow. A conformist of non-conformancy. He wore the normal clothes of his peer-caste inside-out, except on weekends. On weekends he unwinded in a button down suit with slippers, a bottle of vodka in one hand and a bottle of baby food in his other. He watched two movies, both muted. One was a war movie played backwards. The other was a porn movie played backwards.
When he made a mistake, he was very theatric, and often banged his head against walls and cursed the gods for causing his hand to slip or choosing the wrong lottery numbers or making the atmosphere too high in nitrogen, not giving his parents enough air while they suffocated in a bubble of air in their car they were trapped on when they drove off a bridge into the Tranquility Reservoir. They were blue when they were recovered.
Don Digby owned a fake leopard skin wallet. He was too embarrassed to
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Band Night 2005: Turntablism by cannedlizard Band Night 2005: Turntablism :iconcannedlizard:cannedlizard 0 1 Band Night 2005: The Jimmy Ds by cannedlizard Band Night 2005: The Jimmy Ds :iconcannedlizard:cannedlizard 0 1 Band Night 2005: Fresh Produce by cannedlizard Band Night 2005: Fresh Produce :iconcannedlizard:cannedlizard 0 1 Band Night 2005: Erik by cannedlizard Band Night 2005: Erik :iconcannedlizard:cannedlizard 0 1 Band Night 2005: Alex 2 by cannedlizard Band Night 2005: Alex 2 :iconcannedlizard:cannedlizard 0 0 Band Night 2005: Alex 1 by cannedlizard Band Night 2005: Alex 1 :iconcannedlizard:cannedlizard 0 1 Piano Strings by cannedlizard Piano Strings :iconcannedlizard:cannedlizard 0 2
Snow on Rain
The snow falls, and lies on the ground. But it only lies where it has dried from the rain before. The tops of grass, the sloped roofs, on top of cars, all are white with the powdery snow. But where the snow hits the roads and the bricks, which are still slick with the dampness of the rain, it melts. This leaves an extremely contrasting environment, of light snow and dark concrete.
This, perhaps, quinessentially sums of the nature of the city. The city, the concrete jungle, brings out different things in different people. Some enjoy having everything at their fingertips, and make webs in the world, like the intricate patterns of a snowflake. Others can't take the claustrophobia, the vertigo-inducing buildings which seem to lean over you when you walk under them. Some really can't take it, and kill themselves (in Toronto, the popular ways to go are the viaduct bridge, which had a cage fitted, so people jump off a different bridge; or subway rail-jumping). Some become violent to others.
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Surreal Silent Science
Today is getting surreal. The hidden track on The Libertines' new album is tumbling around my head, making my brain cells curl around it like a gust of air through smoke over a smouldering fire. The noises from earlier today, of the house being cleaned, have subsided. When I was a toddler, I loathed the vacuum cleaner, and I still do. The noise is so loud it kills thought and the idea of a vacuum terrifies me on a level difficult to understand.
Space is terrifying. 2001: A Space Odyssey, where Dave has to use the explosive bolts on the pod because Hal won't "Open the pod-bay doors, Hal." The complete and utter silence of the scene, after the tension of the blaring alarms while the bolts were being activated, combined with the thought of holding your breath while you feel yourself explosively decompress. Stanley Kubrick did a good job audiologically on that movie, contrasting noise and silence (as opposed to sound and quiet, which are the friendlier brothers of them).
I think part of th
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Rail Lines in the Rain by cannedlizard Rail Lines in the Rain :iconcannedlizard:cannedlizard 0 0 Toronto in the Clouds by cannedlizard Toronto in the Clouds :iconcannedlizard:cannedlizard 5 1
Good News and Bad News
Hypothetical question: if you had to choose between getting good news or bad news first, which would you choose? Might matter on the source for some people. Like they'd want it in a different order whether it was their doctor or their banker.
I want my good news first. Admittedly, there's a bit of "it can only go down hill from here" in that, but I'd rather risk having my worst fears met rather than risk my greatest hopes being ruined. Okay, that sounds very cynical, but it's just the way I'm wired.
I mean, if a doctor was about to tell me that I had cancer, I'd much rather he'd start with "It's operable" and give me concrete hope before being hit with the bad news. Also, I know that if the good news that the doctor starts with is "There's candy on my table", I can start crying.
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Babelfish Desktop by cannedlizard Babelfish Desktop :iconcannedlizard:cannedlizard 1 0 Reddish by cannedlizard Reddish :iconcannedlizard:cannedlizard 0 4 I Don't Wanna Work by cannedlizard I Don't Wanna Work :iconcannedlizard:cannedlizard 0 1




Robbie B
Favourite genre of music: Rock, especially indie
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp v5.04 (Classic Skin)
Favourite cartoon character: Calvin and Hobbes
Personal Quote: I can be described in similar terms to one's hat, if one has been shot in the head...brainy
Yes, I'm still here. Not been on much because my computer's still broken, but I still lurk. Uploaded a bunch of photos from my school's Band Night 2005, and I might add more to scraps, later.


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