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Valentine's day special: The Wedding



Happy valentines day you bunch of lovely peeps!! Chocolates for everyone!!!

Not only did I kinda rushed this just so that I had something post on valentines day, this is also one of two commissions for :iconameiya: And since I posted the background image as a contest :iconisthistea: Won the challenge. Though everyone got it correct right off the bat say that it was for a wedding, IsThisTea was a bit more specific thus taking home the victory.

And to be quest honest with everyone... I just watched the movie Ted, and at the end when I saw Flash Gordon being the priest at a wedding.. Well, I had to go and put Wrex in a white tuxedo!! Yes I know his hump isn't as tall as it should be but then again he isn't in his armor so yeah... Lastly, since I put three hours into the vine work of the alter in the background, if any of you folks wish to use it for your own picture KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!!!

Now I'm off to work on more Baby Blues comic pages and munch on chocolates until I puke...
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GARUUS: "I have only one question."

TALI: "What?"

GARUUS: "How in the name of all the spirits did Urdanot Wrex get to be a minister of religion?"

TALI: "Some things I prefer not to think of; it keeps my sanity working."