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The expulsion of emotional energy through art is amazing sometimes. But... I'm still not in a very good mood. Read my livejournal [link] for thoughts on the wonder that is the human animal and the attrocity that is its lifestyle. Unless of course, you'd rather be happy.
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These are what my dreams are made of...That and brains
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dumb obama is letting horse sluaghter be ligel in America:angered:
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This stuff about's so true. There's a song that I love by Eiffel 65; it's called Too Much of Heaven.

I think you should listen to really speaks volumes..the song and your piece..

There's no video to the song, but it's a great [link]
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Very powerful. Are you a veggie?
Just think of all the pigs being slaughtered every single day. I mean, pigs are smarter than dogs..I just can't imagine dogs being factory farmed...
Just despicable.
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To clarify... Horse slaughter IS sick and wrong, but so is the slaughter of other animals (and humans!)
That's what i meant, there. In case it sounded like i was saying that was okay...
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Dogs are factory farmed... just not for food generally. But here there are puppy mills to supply pet stores with their 'merchandise' ...and in some other countries they are farmed for their fur. Disgusting...

Yeah, been vegetarian for a couple of years now, and proud of it. I don't quite have the discipline yet for veganism, but maybe someday.

The industry as a whole disturbs me, i'm not one of those people who would say "horse slaughter is sick, and wrong!" but who is also a consumer of beef... that seems pretty hypocritical.
But horses are very special to me, so things like this affect me most, and on the deepest level.
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Yay! :dance: Veggie power!
I've also been a vegetarian for a few years and might be a vegan some day...
but it's that dang chocolate!!

anyhoo, I am against any animal farming. It's just morally and ethically wrong and I'm so glad that there are others in this world that understand the realities of this disgusting business.
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i want to be a veggie but i just love meat so much i will try for a weak then i will do it longer and longer but i don't think i want to be a vegan.
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Chocolate and cheese... oh man, they're hard to give up! >.>

We (non-meat eaters) seem to be getting more numerous these days. It'll still be a long time before we're the majority, but... i have a little bit of hope.
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I've tried to be a veggie, but then i'll eat meat without knowing it because of how used to it i am:( Help me. BTW Omg i love this drawing. It's so meaningful.
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sadly at the moment we need horse slaughter. if we get rid of it then all of the excess horses will be left to starve, continue to be abused, etc. Instead of banning slaughter I think we need to regulate it so that these last few moments are quiet, peaceful, and happy.
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The problem is the industry itself... it's profitable to breed horses that win races, but obviously not everyone does. ...and the horses that aren't winners create this 'excess' you speak of.
I disagree with you about needing horse slaughter, however, i don't think it's going to go away as long as humans are motivated by money.

Regulating breeding would be a better way to fix the problem than regulating slaughter, because that's already done anyway... and besides, there's no "quiet, peaceful, and happy" way to kill a horse without using an injection of drugs (euthanasia.) They don't and will never use humane euthanasia methods in a slaughterhouse because it makes the meat unable to be eaten (because the drugs will be in the meat.)

Really, it's an industry motivated by greed, saturated by greed, and riddled with inhumane conduct because it's cheaper (greed.)
Buuut, that's how it will be, as long as the almighty dollar rules the world. Excuse me if i sound cynical...
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unfortunately this picture is so true. I've been doing research about it lately and this is what they do. I don't know how they live with themselves at night. It is really depressing that the world forgets the debt we owe to horses and kills them through the cruelest ways possible
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Who dares do this to my friends?!!!
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I can't stand to think of all those horses just being slaughtered everyday, yet I know it happens. There's a guy who sits behind me in class, and whenever the topic of horses is brought up somehow, he starts going on about how they should be killed. It disgusts me to no end, why someone would want to kill such beautiful creatures. :(

Your detail here is amazing, as is the shading. Wonderful :+fav: job, even though it is so sad...
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Believe me, I know how you feel. literally hurts to know some things, such as this. It makes my soul wither, and there's nothing really I can do about it.'s not going to stop as long as the 'horse industry' (and the world as a whole) revolves around money. ...If breeders didn't keep breeding more horses, whether they sell them or not, or for racing, or whatever, there would be no 'surplus' horses that are not given a home. As long as profit is involved, the less desirable horses (stupid humans and their superiority complex...) will not be given a chance. It makes me sick.
Sorry for ranting a little (though I've ranted LOTS more before, so it could be worse.) ...but I think it's pretty clear what the problem is. (greed, yes.) To the greedy, all the world exists for their use, to expend, to use, to throw away for money. Because money is god.
But we do not own the world. ...we are a part of it. ...I wonder how many more centuries or millenia it will take before we as a species realize that.
Ok, sorry again. ;p
Thanks for your interest in my art though, I'm glad it means something to you.
If you want to help, even as little as one person can, (this is i assuming you are a horse person, or like horses) adopt horses from rescue shelters, or retired and 'failed' racehorses, or horses that aren't wanted for one reason or another. Don't feed the problem! They are people too, and I don't think any horse is more deserving of slaughter than any other. They can all be loved. If only humanity had enough love, eh?
...aannnd... I don't understand how anyone can simply say, with any conviction, that anything should 'just be killed.' ...that is incredibly ignorant. Ugh.

...okay, long-ass comment. I hope it makes you think, because that is also something humanity is not doing enough these days.
*waves* thanks again.
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Ranting is fine with me. As I am only 14, I can't do much now. My gram has a huge old farm that I hope to inheirit and turn into a horse ranch. I grew up with a love for horses and can't wait until I can own one (or more lol)
We as humans are pretty damn stupid, one thinking that we own the world, and two thinking we can make the world do whatever we want. It’s absolutely disgusting. :) LOng ass comments are a joy. Gives me something to respond to other than type in computer class :)
Welcome for the comment Love your works ^^
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lol you speak the trueth!
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Just been cruising through your gallery and thought id comment on at least one piece. I find this one to be brutally disturbing but full of realism that is out there in the wide world. No matter how much we wish to sugar coat things, theyre still there - happening behind closed doors, whilst we're asleep.

Your skill with graphite is amazing!! You gather such detail and create brilliantly realistic artworks!

I think this piece works best because its in black and white. Especially the blood smears.

Keep up the great work! :w00t:
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Thankyou, that's a great comment. ...yes, there is much iniquity and injustice in the world, and there's no way for it to be otherwise, as long as we are here.

This piece was an emotional vent, something I don't do all that often in art. Some parts were scribbled fast and so hard that the lead in my mechanical pencil kept pushing back up into the tip.
I can't say I felt better afterward, but it was necessary.
Anyhow, Thanks for looking through my stuff, it is appreciated!
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No worries! I think some people work best when they have an emotional outburst - I know I do!

Take it easy friend, keep up the great work :thumbsup:
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*sigh* It seems as though that's all what my dreams are made of. :hug:
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I wanted to cry. And then throw up. I always knew I despised being human... this just adds another good reason why.
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