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Supernatural PWNS Twilight

1st. I did this cartoon cuz I got bored and was annoyed of everyone constantly saying "OMG TWILIGHT"'s just a book

2nd. I totally think Supernatural kicks butttttttt!

3rd. Yea.

order from left to right:
Jensen Ackles "Dean"
Robert...Something "Edward Cullen"
Jared Padelecki "Sam"
Misha Collins "Castiel"
My friend Sammy
Myself. :D
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I love you for drawing this!!! even if that sammy isn't me at all ^_^
CanislovesMaroon5's avatar
haha aww shucks! Thank youuuu! <3 :D
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Supernatural does indeed PWN twilght
IamPedofile's avatar
you are very wise, perhaps wiser than me *ponders, with dramatic look*
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oh my...Am I? :O *dramatic chipmunk*
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Awesomeness. :p
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*hugs* thank you this made my night!!!
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Tee hee....yeah...I love Supernatural and just know that Dean would love to go after Edward!
I don't actually hate Twilight but I'm not in love with the series either.
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i like twilight but idk why people make such a big deal out of it? spn is 10 times better then twilight will ever be xD
oh, and i edited your image, i putted their names above their heads xD
no worries, wont put it on internet, and if i will, ill give ya credit ;D
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Twilight is the gayest thing in the world next to Supernatural.

Your drawings very accurate ;)
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Awesome! Finaly, someone who hates Twlight and loves Supernatural.I salute you. Instant fave!

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