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UPDATE: SIC (the other half of this collaborative gun skin design) has contacted me, saying that he was unaware that this canine piece was copyrighted to me. I don't blame him for this unfortunate event. We're currently working on to solve this, in the best case the Howl items on Steam will not be removed.

A rifle with the stolen image:


Name of Image

Name of Image

Name of Image

Original artwork by me:

Aggression by CanisAlbus

Looking familiar?
Someone has stolen one of my artworks to make a custom skin for a gun in a game called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
The name of the weapon is CS:GO M4A4 Howling Dawn.

M4A4 Howling Dawn rifle on Steam Workshop
Howling Dawn stickers on Steam Workshop

I'm just letting you know that I did design this piece, but I didn't upload the items to the stream marketplace and the spineless worm who submitted it didn't have my permission to do so. However, I have reported both copyright infringements and I'm hoping that the items will be removed soon, solving the case.

Great way to ruin my day, thank you for that.

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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hey dude i found  this in the steam workshop for left4dead2…
why are you so fucking stupid
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Thanks for the heads up, but this one isn't copied from my drawing, so I have no problem with it.
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So 3 years after this whole incident, you think you'd be open to design some skins yourself? You're very talented and Valve pays good money for people to make skins.
But its still out there ranked as contraband instead of Covert so its more profit for the players who has the Howl Today so it was actully stupid of the art owner to take it down cause now people earn thousands of dollars from the skin cause there are just a few howl skins in the world after it stopped getting produced just saying and i know this is very late to say :P
Might wanna take this one down as well... Not even sure how it ended up  on the market after what happened before.…
god you are stupid
Its cause their still active but all the copyrighted skins got replaced to a diffrent type of it has a tiny diffrence but thats really cheap u should buy cause u will earn on sites way more money
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This is the replacement one for the infringed community made one, those have been made by Valve
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Thanks for the heads up, but this one isn't copied from my drawing, so I have no problem with it.

your art sucks ass anyways bitch

god damn youre dumb
I honestly think this design is great (much better than the new one) and you should really do a CS:GO skin of this sometime, so you can earn from it. They can call it True Howl or something. :D
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On a side note.... really awesome picture xD I might end up following/watching you!
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You reacted a little to hard man. Did you try asking him if he could give you credit for the work? 

But what's in the past is done, was a good rifle. You should try making a skin yourself.
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Actually... as someone who frequently makes cs:go skins... no CanisAlbus didn't "react to hard". As someone who makes skins I am completely and totally aware of all of the rules that come with making a skin. There is no excuse for any SELF PROCLAIMED artist to steal another persons work. If this had been a picture my girlfriend had taken or anything we have made together I would expect it to be taken down. Especially since they make money from it and they have to sign a legal agreement before they even submit the skin. Everything you need to know about making a skin and their submission is in the steam subscriber agreement that you have to sign before you are allowed to start making skins for CS:GO. If they didn't read it then they shouldn't of been making skins at all. If they did read it... well then they're just stupid.
lolololol, the day i joined counterstrike I had added funds to buy howl. 6 Days later and it was taken down, next day my funds were fine. Wasn't even able to buy one. Thanks jack ass -_-
It seems you don't know how copyright works. Whether or not you wanted to get Howl, he has the right to take it down. He isn't a jackass. He's keeping what's his.

Oh, and everyone knows you aren't the real WarOwl.
That theft wasn't spine less he just like your work and the mouth and detail is a bit lacking but I see where your coming from if he said the work is my and not yours then yes that is a dick move but other then that it's fine the mouth is more boxy then your art the fur is less and of course less jaggy and also I
There's only one wolf not two and finally it's a fucking dog they look similar but to be honest you did do a damn fine job at making art
Thank you for reporting this, I had multiple copies of the gun in the game with your artwork on it and now they're worth a ton of money as It's no longer attainable and there's limited quantities floating around! :D 
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thanks my gun is over 500 bucks now xoxo <3
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if somebody put my artwork in counter strike i will be shitting my self of happiness
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