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© 2015 - 2020 CanisAlbus
Inspired by a dream I had once.

Vuono is Finnish for fjord.

Staedtler pigment liner, Gimp.

Artwork ©CanisAlbus
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VarDagiHobbyist Digital Artist
It looks like my whippet when she steps on cold, wet grass. XD She lifts up her paws, like, "ew!"
A great piece! :D
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partybug98Professional Digital Artist
that time when you think you will try to walk on water... and it works o3o
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SohneeStudent Digital Artist
I'm in love with your art style
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utoranStudent Traditional Artist
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PeculiurPerennialStudent General Artist
Mind telling us about said dream? :>
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Lyona-donoHobbyist General Artist
Really intersting style, it gives a pretty unique, style, kinda "mysterious", I'd say, for lack of finding a more accurate one.
It's even more catching here, as the character really stands out well with the work in the colors and background.
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BlueHunterProfessional Digital Artist
This might be one of your best works. Love the composition and use of colour a lot ...
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pickle-rickHobbyist General Artist
It looks like he's performing a slow and graceful dance.
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TheAlbinoCheetahHobbyist General Artist
It looks almost human...
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Gnaa, dem fur ♡
Haluan tunke, naamani selän turkkiin ♡
Turkitat niin ihanan eläväisen näköisesti ^^
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VZdrawARTHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love this interesting and slow light <3
The fur is absolutely great, it gives a nice emotion to the whole drawing!
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Todella kaunis työ! Tykkään tän sommittelusta tosi paljon :>
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DanaJ-BStudent General Artist
It's fabulous O^O
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EmeraldTheWolfStudent Digital Artist
this is really quite stunning!!!!
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Frost5aborHobbyist Artist
And I thought fjord was a Finnish word, lol.
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CanisAlbusStudent General Artist
Actually, it comes from Norwegian. We don't even have fjords in Finland :'>
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FusionFlyerHobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is simply beautiful.
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ShadowwolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Every single one of your arts is beautiful.
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TheIncredibleHibbyStudent General Artist
I'm speechless <3333333
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flynnmuttStudent General Artist
this is so beautiful ;;
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ZambiinoHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this, especially the pose and the colors!
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This piece is incredibly spiritual in inclination... as far as its impression on me as the viewer is concerned, at least. It makes me think of Native American religions, for the little bit of them I know. The wolf's design is very creative and impressionistically touching. It's inspiring, and just looking at this product makes me feel like I've been exposed to hope in raw form. I really like it.
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