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This journal skin is currently under construction and may be subject to changes

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:  We are no longer requiring staff to give a reason for decline to the deviant. However, they are required to give a brief reason in the private section, so if you request a reason fro decline any staff member, including those who did not vote, can tell you why and give you some tips and information! :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

The following is the current version of submission rules and guidelines:
Please note that this list may be subject to change as it is still early in creation

Examples of what is and isn't acceptable will be added soon!

We Do Not Accept:
:bulletred: out of focus shots (the focus is on the background or something other than the dog. The exception would be if the focus is displayed in an artistic way.


:bulletred: Over exposure; photos that have high white exposure (parts look "bleached")

:bulletred: non-dog photography. The exception is if there IS a dog in the picture (i.e. dog and person, dog and cat, etc.) We do not accept photos of people, cats, plants etc. with no dogs in them.

:bulletred: explicit content! This is a DOG PHOTOGRAPHY group, and any explicit or offensive submissions will be declined without question. This also goes for photos depicting Animal ABUSE.

:bulletred: glowing (AKA "demon eyes") caused by flash photography or the dogs natural reflection of light off the eyes.

example coming soon

:bulletred: Flash photography.

:bulletred: "flat" photos; they must have a depth of field created by focus, light and can also be obtained by post-editing (contrast).
example coming soon

:bulletred: over-processing/Photoshopping.  This means the contrast and colours shouldn't be too high, no added stars, clouds etc. no photo manipulation (adding in any other photos). We do allow and encourage editing as long as it does not take away from the photo or become a manipulation. We also accept borders, water marks, names (that are displayed tastefully), etc. that help display the photo.


:bulletred: multiple pictures on one photo. Sometimes this display technique can add a lot, but quite often I find it takes away from the photos by causing distractions. Displaying one photo at a time with a link in the artists comments to other photos of your choice is fine and encourages, but multiple photos spliced together will not be accepted.


:bulletred: Cluttered or poorly cropped backgrounds. :new:
    a background that is distracting from the subject in the photo.


Photos Must Follow these rules...
:bulletgreen: deviantArt terms of service:…

:bulletgreen: only one submission per day for each member. Submissions should be in the correct folder (ie. correct contest folder or Featured folder)

:bulletgreen: have some form of art; this is an art website therefore the photos should be artistic in some way. The group is not here to display your cute dog, it is here to display your photography artwork of dogs!


:bulletgreen: good/high quality photos. This means minimal grain!

example coming soon

Photos Currently In the Gallery
Photos that do not meet the above standards that are already in the gallery will not be grandfathered in. Photos that are in the gallery that do not meet the above standards will be removed from the group. We apologize, and hope this does not upset anyone. If your photo is removed, this does not mean it is a BAD photo, it just means it does not meet the high standards of the group.

These points may change.

Submissions will be reopened May 16th. We apologize for the further delay. To make it up to everyone, we are going to be hosting a contest once the gallery is cleaned up and everything is sorted out! :D ;)

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