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Fix You by Kamis-Cafe
Chibi Commission - Noir by Kamis-Cafe
One More Night by Giiana
Sweet sunset by LuckyPaw
I Do Not Pay Attention To Where I Submit
Female OCs
I found a treasure! by Oha
AT | Clouded-Roses by nymphh-x
bored pose by nymphh-x
Lila - (OC) My bittersweet girl by LouiseKunoichi666
Male OCs
[AF] The Lone King by Ranohara
[AF] All Aboard the Starblaster by Ranohara
At The Beach by Talidaga-Montrega
''Hey, are you alright?'' by Giiana
Groups and Couples
Adoptables- Batch #1 OPEN by Kamis-Cafe
Fursonas by Kamis-Cafe
What do you mean by PunkyPants
Sehnsucht by Saigola
Follow Me by Lusass
Actually Dying on the Inside by MsLunarUmbreon
commission - vale by nymphh-x
HS COM- Witacha by Kamis-Cafe
HS COM- Beardog by Kamis-Cafe
HS COM- Hedeltrez by Kamis-Cafe
Good to see you by Mahlattu
Aphelion 1: Page 63 (Chapter 3) by Soulsplosion
The Bridge to Freedom: page 08 by PunkyPants
Black and Regulus by ZeroFlamer
WildWarriors page 38 by Leaquoia
Artisans Crafts
Canine pup adopt batch 3 by Talidaga-Montrega
Wolf pup adoption batch 2 by Talidaga-Montrega
Canine Pups Adopts batch 1 by Talidaga-Montrega
Lineart Used and For Use
MEEEEEMEUH by Kamis-Cafe
Reference Sheets
ChrizSplash Original | Scout [CLOSED] by ChrizSplash


This collection does not have any deviations yet!


Hi dear members!

Would you like to help me with the group's management? In fact, I am looking for  3 contributors to help me with the group's submissions. We have reached more than 900 members on :iconfelineocs:, so this place could become just as popular! That makes a lot of pictures to manage!

So, I am looking for someone who knows the rules (Front Page) by heart, and who isn't already taking care of more than 2 other groups(unless I know you're a great and faithful manager). If you would like to become a contributor, then just comment below, and explain to me why I should pic you instead of somebody else!

Good luck everyone!

P.s.: I will reply to your post if you are chosen, or if I(or you) have any questions.
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Who Can Join? What to Submit?

:bulletgreen: Anyone can join!
:bulletgreen: Everything canine related, as long as it's not fanart, is allowed.
:bulletred: Felines, equines, humans, etc. are not allowed, of course!

Gallery Submissions

:bulletgreen: Please submit to the right folder, or it will be declined.
:bulletgreen: If I see a submission that deserves to be featured, I'll put it into the ''Featured Folder'' by myself.
:bulletgreen: For now, you are allowed to submit 5 artwork pieces per week.
:bulletred: Fanart pictures with no OCs in are not allowed.

Gallery Folders Explanations

:bulletblue:''Female OCs'':
Pictures featuring only one character, a female, go here.
It doesn't matter if they are all female!

:bulletblue:''Male OCs'':
Pictures featuring only one character, a male, go there.
It doesn't matter if they are all male!

:bulletblue:''Groups and Couples'':
Pictures featuring more than one character of any gender, furry or anthro, go in this folder.

Pictures featuring only one anthro character, of any gender, go here.
It doesn't matter if they are all anthros!

WIPs, unfinished or uncolored pictures of any kind goes here.

:bulletblue: ''Comics'':
Comic pages, short or long, featuring your own original characters go in this folder.

:bulletblue: ''Artisans Craft'':
This is a folder for sculpures, plushies or any other home made artwork.

:bulletblue: ''Genderless'':
You may submit adoptables, genderless characters or un-specified original canines to this folder.

:bulletblue: ''Lineart Used Or For Use'':
Pretty self-explainitory.

:bulletblue: ''Reference Sheets'':
This is pretty self-explanatory as well. Any and all reference sheets of your canine characters are to be submitted here.

Favorite Submissions

:bulletgreen: Please submit on-topic favorites only! Show us your favorite canine OCs artworks!


May I submit artwork done for others/featuring their OCs?
Of course you can! Just be sure to submit to the right folder.

May I submit artwork featuring a Canine OC, but also a human/feline/equine etc. OC?
Yes you can, just make sure the main subject is the Canine OC.

May I submit artwork featuring and OC, but also a Fanart character?
Pairings will be accepted, as long as the picture focuses on the Original Character, more than the character from a movie/book/video game, etc. Though, a fanart picture with NO OC WILL BE DECLINED.

Need Help?

:bulletgreen: Just send me(Kamis-Cafe) or the group a note with your worries. If you ever want to add an FAQ question to the list, comment on our group's page, with the mention ''FAQ: -your question-''.







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Talidaga-Montrega Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Student General Artist
Is this group still alive?
Fillyfalls Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I submitted a reference sheet that shows canine, equine, and human form of a character--is that okay?
Kamis-Cafe Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
Yes it is c:
FloweryFruitFangs Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
canines and felines, I have ocs of both, I like this group
Kamis-Cafe Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
Thank you very much, and if you like that group so much, be sure to take a look at #FelineOCs if you haven't already :aww:
FloweryFruitFangs Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I have :3
Oha Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Thank you for the invite! :heart: :hug:
Do you have any ideas for a group avatar yet?
It's sad to see its blank :3
Kamis-Cafe Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
I have a few, but if you have any idea, just say it! :aww:
RedbuzzarddArt Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the invite, but since I got no canine oc's (and not planning to get any) I dont think I will join. ^^; hope you understand!
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