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Journal Entry: Mon May 3, 2010, 8:37 AM

CanineHybrid's FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions are divided up into several sections for your convenience. (CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS. Thanks for your patience.)

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Subtopics: Contacting Me | DA Interaction | Commissions


Q: What is the best way to get a hold of you online?

A: I am swamped daily with messages from every direction, therefore it's hard to pinpoint the BEST way to reach me quickly (though I guarantee you'll reach me eventually). I get on instant messenger clients very rarely. I have tons of email accounts that are mostly filled with spam and I may accidentally look over important messages depending on which address you send it to. deviantART and YouTube comments are also easily overlooked and personal messages are constantly backed up. Therefore I have different criteria for the nature of the message and the best way to contact me, outlined below.

Q: Email contacts?

A: My public email address is riley[at] and typically has a more professional usage.

For commission-related inquires (project quotes, questions), send emails to sales[at] or note me on my K9Hybrid account

For general or personal messages, I prefer DA notes on my CanineHybrid account

If you are a personal acquaintance, friend, or family email caninehybrid[at] If you're a stranger, I might not like you for using this.

Q: What other websites do you have accounts on?

A: You can stalk me almost anywhere, I try to make myself as reachable as possible. Simply search for the user "CanineHybrid" and you'll find me. Here's some of the most popular places you'll probably recognize (but doesn't necessarily mean I'm active): YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Google+, Ustream, Livestream, LiveJournal, Twitter, Sheezyart, FurAffinity, Nabyn, Weasyl, Tumblr, Wordpress, Photobucket, iScribble, MySpace, Steam, Gaia Online, Runescape, Neopets, FurSpace, DailyMotion, Etsy, Ebay, Wikipedia, Instructables,, Newgrounds, and more as I remember.

More coming soon!

DA Interaction

Q: Can I watch you? Will you watch me back?

A: Pfffthh, no need for permission to watch my work, I'm honored you want to keep up with my stuff so go right ahead. However I do not do watchbacks, I've tried that once. Occasionally I'll stop by my watcher's galleries to see what's new (especially if they comment/favorite my stuff a lot) but watching I reserve for galleries I really admire for artistic value or appeal to my interests. I do reward every one of my watchers with a llama though as thanks :3

Q: Can I draw your characters?

A: Dude! Yes of course! I absolutely love when people create art because of me/for me (especially if they show me their work and even better when they send it to me in the mail *squeaks*). No need to ask permission to recreate my characters in your artistic medium, as long as you credit me in the interest of intellectual property rights. You're also welcome to make up your own OCs based off my original species/worlds with permission and the proper credits. You must request permission if you intend for my character to be used in any sort of sexual theme, but if you're ever in doubt, ask. Also if you're curious on my input for what my character's personality is like, or how they would react to a situation, or for any insight to aid you in the best portrayal of my characters, don't hesitate to ask for that either!

Q: How many messages DO you get a day?

A: I watch 400 people, so you can imagine with my inability to check messages promptly it adds up fast. I'll have to run an experiment to see on average how many messages build up in a day. At least 300 deviations daily. Probably an average of 1 note a day. If I submit a deviation I'll get maybe 40+ comments that day, otherwise it's about 10 daily. And usually favorites are in the hundreds. New watches are about 4 a day.


Check out my commission info here:…

Need to ask a question?

If you feel that your question was not answered here, you are more than welcome to submit a new question! Click here to ask me anything you'd like; I try to respond to all of them. If your question is good enough I'll include it permanently into the FAQ :3

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May 3, 2010