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Sun Dec 19, 2010, 9:58 PM

References: Original skin by NishithV, modified/coded by CypherVisor
New journal skin and code modified by CanineHybrid

CanineHybrid Creations

Last updated August 22, 2013

If you are interested in a commission, please read the relevant information provided here. By submitting a commission request you agree to the terms listed below. You are more than welcome to ask if you have any questions! To contact me in the most reliable way possible, please email me at riley[at]

This information is divided into three sections, click to jump to each of them:

Commission Types and Prices, Terms of Service, and FAQ.

Commission Types and Prices

I currently offer commissions in these categories, click to jump to each of them:

Drawing, design, animation, creature costumery, artisan crafts, and performance.

Notice: The prices listed below are subject to change at any time.

Drawing Commissions

Details: These are custom character drawings, most often depicting anthropomorphic creatures. I recommend asking me to draw things that play to my strengths, be sure to take a look at my previous work for examples of what I typically do, but I am usually willing to draw things such as humans or machinery. The amount of detail or subjects your request has can adjust the price of your commission- simpler characters such as chibis, or My Little Pony characters as an example, will reduce the price while complex armor designs, extra limbs, and tight detail markings can increase the price. Simple backgrounds or environments my be requested as well as multiple characters, both of which increase the price.

I typically draw art suitable to be viewed by audiences of all ages but can draw mature or artistic nude art for an additional fee. These include adding "bits" (nipples, penis/sheath), depicting characters in sexual themes, or incorporating certain fetishes I am comfortable with drawing. In accordance to deviantART's TOS, adult art/pornography is not accepted or offered! To see what falls into this category click here. Please talk to me about your proposal first if you have a concern about your request following these guidelines.

Traditional media and original artwork can be arranged to be sent by mail, and digital pieces can be sent as a physical print if large enough (please specify upfront if you intend to get a print else quality may suffer). All mailed artwork has the option to be laminated in strong 10mm protective plastic for $3 (great option to wear for convention badges; most laminators are only 2 or 5 mm). 1.25" diameter pinback-buttons of your artwork are also available (pricing below). Please provide me your zip code/country and ask for a shipping quote.


Commission Sizes
Traditional Art:     ACEO- 2.5"x3.5"   |  Small- 4"x6"   |  Medium- 5"x8"   |  Large- 9"x12"
Prices for traditional art are slightly adjusted from standard price chart (listed below or as seen on visual guide), message for quote

Digital Art:     Headshots [1200x1200 @ 300ppi]   |  Full Bodies [3000x3000 @ 300ppi]
Digital sizes are approximate, canvas dimensions may shift to best fit the character but overall area will remain nearly the same. Increasing the dimensions, scale, or resolution will add an additional fee.


Character Drawings

Prices correspond to "Headshots" (character's full head, some of the neck/shoulders) and "Full Bodies" (entire character is visible) respectively- "Busts" are priced inbetween (busts typically show half of the body but can be cut at different locations [chest, waist, knees, etc] the portion of a character that is visible will fluctuate the pricing somewhere between a headshot and a full body commission).

  • Level 1- Sketch:
  • Headshots $8
    Add character +$5   |   Special Subject -$1   |   Simple -$1-2

    Full Bodies $15
    Add character +$9   |   Special Subject -$2   |   Simple -$2-4
  • Level 2- Lineart:
  • Headshots $20
    Add character +$15   |   Special Subject -$5   |   Simple -$4-8

    Full Bodies $40
    Add character +$30   |   Special Subject -$5   |   Simple -$5-10
  • Level 3- Basic Color:
  • Headshots $30
    Add character +$23   |   Special Subject -$5   |   Simple -$5-10

    Full Bodies $50
    Add character +$38   |   Special Subject -$5   |   Simple -$5-10
  • Level 4- Detail Color:
  • Headshots $50
    Add character +$38   |   Special Subject -$5   |   Simple -$5-15

    Full Bodies $80
    Add character +$60   |   Special Subject -$10   |   Simple -$10-20

"SPECIAL SUBJECT" commissions are promotional discounts given when I feel like drawing something specific and will offer a lower price on artwork that meets the guidelines. Current promotions may fluctuate- whenever my commission status is set to open, these special discounts will be announced. These can be combined with simple character discounts. However, the one subject that will always remain constantly in effect and eligible for the discount is requesting a Pokémon character... because I love Pokémon :pokeball:


Other Options

  • Paper Children: Standard pricing, cut-out
  • Con Badges: Standard pricing for small-sized paper, add stylized name, cut-out.
  • Character References: Digital only. Ask for quote- each view is considered an individual character, however there are additional discounts for multiple views.
  • Icons: Half the price of any headshot commission above. Digital only. Full res is 200x200px (+sized to 100 & 50 for online icon use, other sizes on request)
  • Wavy Icons: $10 Animated wiggly arm custom characters, a collaboration with my friend Ani. See our AwesomeWaves account for more information.
  • Something else? Have another idea? Ask me about it! I can probably do a ton of things I haven't thought of yet.



1.25" diameter buttons only at the moment: currently offered in pin-back style, soon to be available as a magnet and keychain. I have a professional button machine and can make you any button you desire! My original artwork, a commission, one of my pre-made designs, or even your own artwork can be made into a button. Order one or a hundred! This is a full button making service for any occasion.

  • Prices:
  • 1 for $1.50
  • 2 for $4.00 (save 50 cents)
  • 5 for $6.00 (buy 4 get one free)
  • Ask about pricing for bulk orders
  • Above prices listed for individual buttons may be all one design or all separate designs- excludes bulk orders.
  • Choose from pre-made designs, customize to your liking! Any color/text. (Button designs coming soon)
  • Artists only deal: Turn your original art into a button-comparative to the rates from professional button making services.
  • Most drawings you commission from me can also be turned into a button!
  • Shipping starts at $2, buy in bulk to save! (Can vary depending on size of order)

Special promotion! Sponsor a Pokémon for my "Draw 'em All" challenge and get a free button! Details announced soon.

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Design Commissions

Details: I offer various graphic design commissions, however there is no standard pricing for these as they are extremely custom.

  • Website Design: Anything from a few images, to a full theme. I can do layout design, color schemes, and create all visuals and graphics.
  • CSS Coding: I can do minimal or basic CSS coding for websites and make custom deviantART journal skins, possibly other sites.
  • Design Identity: Custom logos, business cards, advertisements- anything of that nature, I can help build you a professional identity.

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Animation Commissions

Details: I hold a bachelor of arts in media arts and animation and highly capable of putting that skill to good use! There is no standard pricing for these as they are extremely custom. I know many non-animators don't understand the complexities and work involved in animation- so to help you get a better idea of cost, think of it this way: every 1 second of animation is made up of 12 separate pictures (if animated on 2's, standard Disney framerate). That's a lot of work, not to mention the hours I'm taking to implement the principals of animation to determine the appropriate movement between all those pictures.

If one lineart picture from me costs an average of $25, having me draw 12 individual pictures for just one second of animation, it's going to add up, fast. Of course this doesn't apply to all parts of an animation, as sometimes the character may be standing still or using minimal body movement which would cost less- but just to give you an idea of how much work truly goes into a short animation. I usually animate in Adobe Flash or ToonBoom on 2's at 24fps, but this can be changed on request.

Character Animation

  • 2D Basic: Small, simple commissions of an animated character. These are typically used for things like animated icons and most likely some sort of loop of about 100 frames or less. The simpler the animation involvement and character, the cheaper it will be. Anything from blinking to head turning to basic cycles. Can be anything from a sketch to cell color. Ask for quote.
  • 2D Intermediate: More advanced animations, under 30 seconds in length, that include much more movement, views, and expression. Most likely will require payment per hour depending on complexity and can be anything from a sketch to cell color. Ask for more info.
  • 2D Advanced: The highest level of character animation I can offer. Anything over 30 seconds or has extreme amounts of movement, detail, and complexity. Will be charged for work at a set hourly rate. Anything from a sketch to cell color. Ask for details.

  • 3D Basic (Pre-rig): I have basic animation experience with pre-rigged models, I am most familiar with "LoMax" but can be asked to work with a provided rig. I can animate with blend shapes and bones. Primarily offering basic animations for a variety of applications such as video game character movements or animating lip sync. I will not be responsible for, nor offering at this time: modeling, rigging/dynamics, texturing, lighting, or 3d compositing services. Plain and simple I am an animator and not a production studio. I can render my animation and give you both a video file (basic camera animation) the raw data file as needed. Payment will be an hourly rate. Ask for more details.

Motion Graphics: I can offer a variety of motion graphic-based work combined with both character animation and graphic design. Anything from advertisements to video intros, to kinetic typography. This category is huge and covers about anything you can think of; I'll edit your home videos, I'll make interactive media for websites, DVD menus, YouTube title sequences, and more. I can do basic compositing. If you've got a project in mind that could benefit from a little artistic inspiration, ask what I can do for you!

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Creature Costume Commissions

Details: I offer a wide variety of creature-based masks, suits, and pieces as a wearable art form. They are unique and completely customizable to any character within the limits of materials, physics, my personal art style, and costume functionality. These are divided into small, medium, and large projects- anything over $400 is a large project and will require a non-refundable 30% down payment. Medium projects are $100-399 and require 50% down payment. Small projects must be paid in full upfront. I do not offer "quad suits" (costumes with arm stilts for walking on all fours) at this time. Some items will have base rates with add-ons for additional details- prices currently pending. Heads start at $500, partial suits at $1000, full suits at $1500, and complex padding is anywhere between $2000-3000. For complete details regarding costume commissions, please see my terms of service located here: [link]

Costume Options

  • Full suit: The whole package; typically includes mask and bodysuit along with additional pieces (hands, feet, tails, wings) to complete the character.
  • Partial Suit: This most commonly includes everything found above minus the bodysuit.
  • Head: You can choose to only commission a mask if you wish, several options are available.
  • Eyes- Toony (plastic bowl/mesh) or realistic (casted resin with alternate vision screen), Follow-me effects available for both.
  • Teeth- Toony or realistic, most often sculpted by hand. Taxidermy or other casted jawsets are available.
  • Jaw- Moving or static.
  • Base- Casted, foam, balaclava, or hybrid.
  • Additional details- Horns, spikes, fins, etc made from most appropriate materials on a case-by-case basis.
  • Markings- Airbrushed, sewn-in, or both.
  • Fabric covering- Faux fur and minky are most commonly used, but I use do materials like fleece or suede on request.
  • Hands: Included with full suits and most partials, can be commissioned separate.
  • Finger count- can be anything from zero (mitten style) to about 7- though typically done with 3 or 4 fingers +thumb.
  • Claws- casted acrylic, clay, or stuffed/foam structure.
  • Pawpads- sewn in fabric, often leather/vinyl, or casted silicone.
  • Length- Can be as short as to your wrist and as long as to your shoulders.
  • Style- Feral, anthro, toony, oversized or custom.
  • Feetpaws: Included with full suits and most partials, but can be ordered separate.
  • Base- built off a shoe (provided by you or purchased by me) and then toes are sculpted from foam.
  • Bottoms- Indoor feet (same pawpad options as hands) or outdoor feet (make from high impact foam, or casted urethane rubber).
  • Length- Can be as short as to your ankle or as long as your leg (great for wearing with shorts- or can include full leg pants for a different style of partial suit).
  • Claws- Same as hands.
  • Style- Feral, anthro, toony, oversized, or custom.
  • Tails: Come with full suit and most partials, can be commissioned separate. Extremely custom to many sizes, species, shapes, length within reason of the physical limitations that come from the method of attachment, materials, etc.
  • Size categories- Small (under 1 foot), Medium (up to 3 feet), Large (anything longer than 3 feet).
  • Attachment- belt loop (provide your own belt), pants clip (small tails only), elastic belt band, or custom body harness (may be necessary for large tails).
  • Body Padding: A commonly found detail to help give a stronger illusion that your physical body shape is that of your character and less that of a human. Most commonly found in digitigrade padding (to give an animal leg appearance) but may include muscles and large bodyshape or proportion changes. Heavily customizable and individualized to specific project.
  • Wings: An additional detail not included with most costumes, case by case basis. Can be commissioned separate, built on custom harness. I do not offer articulated wings at this time but I can make them collapsible.
  • Type- Feathered, bat-like, hybrid, insect, or custom.
  • Style- Chibi, realistic, or custom.
  • Attachment- On back/shoulder blades, connected to arms (bats, pterosaurs), or custom location.
  • Ears/Horns: Various types of head adornments for a minimal costume look.
  • Type- Most any species.
  • Style- Chibi, realistic, or custom.
  • Attachment- Headband, elastic band, hair clips, sewn into hat/hoodie, custom
  • Other parts: Perhaps you would like me to make something that isn't listed above. Let me know and we'll discuss it!

Again, to commission costume parts, you must read my separate TOS/information page tailored specifically to costuming located here: [link]

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Artisan Crafts

Details: Excluding creature costumery, which is its own separate category, I offer many different forms of physical art.

Apparel Options

  • Fleece Hats: Characters and creatures in beanie-style hats.
  • Brim styles- "Brimless" or custom brim size, comes standard at about 1.5" wide
  • Sculpted elements- custom shaped ears, horns, or any element requiring special modifications.
  • Details- embroidered details, painted or sewn elements for different markings and faces/eyes
  • Hoodies: More casual than full costumes, custom character hoodies are an awesome way to make the most of both worlds!
  • Hood styles- oversized/loose or fitted, custom shaped.
  • Sculpted elements- custom shaped ears, horns, tails, wings, or any element requiring special modifications.
  • Details- embroidered details, painted or sewn elements for different markings and faces/eyes.
  • Style- Optional pockets and/or zipper


  • Plushies: I build my plushies in the very same way that I build my costumes- most elements will be sculpted from foam to retain shape and stuffed where necessary. Faux fur, fleece, and mink fabrics are most commonly used with either embroidered or sewn details. Highly custom, price increases based on size, complexity, details, and materials.
  • Styles- Articulated (wire posed), floppy (mainly stuffed), basic sculpted (such as a basic sitting, laying or standing pose), or advanced sculpted (something of an action pose, considerable more "foam sculpture" than typical plushies).
  • Size categories- Mini (under 6"), Small (up to 10"), Medium (up to 16") Large (up to 24") Extra large (up to 48")
  • Clay Sculpture: Standard character sculptures created with Sculpey clay. Highly custom, price increases based on size and complexity
  • Types- Headshots, busts, upper body, and full body
  • Size categories- Mini (under 2"), Small (up to 4"), Medium (up to 7"), Large (up to 12"), Extra large (up to 18")
  • Color- Choice between painted and unpainted. Some designs can be made with colored Sculpey.
  • Base- With or without base, some designs require a base. Base can be finished or unfinished.
  • Styles- Neutral/expressionless, simple poses, implied movement, or crazy-tastic action.

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Details: A completely different type of commission, I offer my performance abilities for various projects.

Performance Services

  • Voice Acting: I have no formal training, but do have access to a full professional recording studio. Watch any of my YouTube videos for a sample of my voice. $10/hr
  • Video/Motion Capture: While I am not the most able-bodied human being, I do have access to a professional motion capture equipment for animation reference. I will be using Vicon Blade and offer the service of cleaning up the motion capture data for you, rate will be by the hour. I can find better physical actors, such as my boyfriend Verliswolf and my brother ReyTiger who both do parkour, Rey also having gymnastics training, to perform for your project. Also standard video footage without the use of the mocap suit can be shot with a professional standard HVX200 high def camcorder or standard point and shoot. Chroma key "green screen" work is available as well (retroreflective curtain from Reflecmedia).
  • Costumed Entertainer: If you would like me to perform in costume at your special event, I do offer this service. This is highly recommended only if you are located in Colorado and preferably a local in the Denver area. I most likely will not be able to travel out of state at this time. I can wear any of my costume projects and possibly one you provide for me if it is in good condition and would fit properly. I also have professional experience as a mascot handler. There are certain requirements for this kind of commission, contact me for details.

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Terms of Service

Last updated July 19, 2013

The terms of service below apply to most all commissions from CanineHybrid Creations. You agree to the below information when you request and accept a commission service to be carried out. For costume-related commissions, please view the costume-specific TOS information found here.

Click to jump to the specific entry in the TOS: Payment, Ordering and Schedule, Canceling, Legal, and Returns.


All prices are in USD ($) and must be received as such. You may be charged a conversion fee if you pay in an alternate currency. Paypal is an acceptable form of payment for most services, however I strongly prefer money order, check or cash is also accepted. Checks which bounce will be charged a returned check fee, $5-25 depending on the price of the commission, and you will be required to pay your balance through an alternate method.

For most projects I will complete a rough sketch, and possibly other stages depending on the request, for your approval. Some larger commissions require down-payments before I can begin. These deposits are non-refundable once project has begun. You are welcome to pay more than the down payment up front and you are welcome to cancel with no penalty and a full return of your down payment anytime before I start on your commission. Do not send unrequested down payments- I will notify or send you an invoice when I am ready to accept your commission. Payment plans are available and can be adjusted to accommodate your needs if requested. Your project will only be shipped or sent to you once it is paid for in full. If I do not receive payment within three (3) months after project completion, your deposit will not be returned and I reserve the right to sell or modify the completed commission.

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Ordering and Schedule

You may fill out and submit a quote request at any time that I am open for quotes. You may request an unlimited amount of quotes; they are free of charge and will be valid for 60 days. All quotes MUST be sent as an email to sales[at] and it is recommended that you fill out the provided quote form (form is only available when I am open for quotes). General questions can be sent to riley[at]

There is no set schedule to when I'll be open for standard commissions and it is first come, first serve (costume commissions operate on a different schedule, found in the Costumery TOS here.) I will open a set number of slots, they will be announced and hosted on my journal. I will try to post to Twitter the day prior as a heads up so you have some warning. You will only be required to leave a comment in the posted journal stating that you want a slot- DO NOT send me your commission information at this time- I will ask for it when I am ready. I will let you know if you obtained a slot and only after I ask you to should you send your commission information to my K9Hybrid account or email, I will let you know which one to send your request to. Occasionally I'll open up for on-the-spot Livestream commissions, you must be present in the chatroom at the time I am ready to being taking requests. As there is usually more than one interested commissioner, I will assign a number to each interested person and generate a random selection and that person will be dubbed the winner of the first slot. I will not open a second slot until I am done with the first slot.

A project queue dedicated will be kept on my Commission Queue Journal found here and I will do my best to maintain and update my current project status. If you wish to keep your project anonymous in the queue, it will be by request only, otherwise the queue will be publicly available. I reserve the right to refuse a commission project for any reason and will be sure to notify you as to why your project was not accepted into the queue. Only a few projects are accepted at a time so if you didn't make the cut the first time, you are more than welcome to try again when commission slots open up.

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I reserve the right to cancel a project at any time; this may happen if I feel that the commissioner is too difficult to work with or a personal conflict would prevent me from completing the project, such as personal injury. If this should occur, you will be refunded the appropriate balance depending on the circumstances and in what stage of completion the project is currently in. Further negotiations may be made.

The customer may also cancel the project at any time. The full balance will be refunded or the amount paid can be credited toward an alternate project. The exception to this rule is if the project required a down payment and has already begun, in which case the down payment will not be returned... but it can still be eligible to be credited towards an alternate project. If the project required a down payment and it has not begun production upon cancellation, then the down payment can still be returned.

I reserve the right and artistic freedom to use a canceled project for any purpose I wish including finishing the product, modifying the design, and/or selling it.

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All copyrighted characters and likeness of characters in any form of artwork that I produce belongs as the intellectual property to the original owner. I claim no copyright over the character and its design but do retain the rights to the following: the reproduction of photographs taken by myself of the work or prints I wish to sell, any concept drawings or preliminary sketches of the work I have made, and the craftsmanship itself such as the unique construction methods, techniques, and personal stylization, including the right of placing it in my online portfolio. The physical item is owned by the commissioner after the transfer of sale. Please inquire if you have any legal concerns regarding your project and we will work to develop an agreement to accommodate your specific needs.

I highly encourage and prefer the commission of original or generic characters but in very certain circumstances I am willing to reproduce a copyrighted character. The commissioner must realize that technically speaking, all forms of fanart in the United States are highly illegal (exception for "fair use") and that you have no copyright ownership over the work and risk involving yourself in a legal dispute by doing so. I will consider the product a "fair use" of the original; transforming the original source material into a medium of your choice for purposes of entertainment: promoting the enjoyment of the source material for the commissioner and fans of the original work. It is not any sort of guarantee that you or I shall remain protected from a legal dispute should one occur.

In simple terms, the character/design is owned by the copyright holder (either you or a third party in this case, presumably with permission). I own the craftsmanship of the project as well as the images, prints, and videos I take of it at any time. You own the physical product itself after payment is complete. If you return or sell the product, you no longer have any ownership rights over the physical product (character/design rights still belong to the original copyright holder).

The craftsmanship of the finished product is owned by CanineHybrid Creations. An exclusive rights license agreement is made between CanineHybrid Creations and the owner of said product as follows: The product owner may publicly display or use the item without limitation, freely take videos or photographs of the work for public display or distribution (online or otherwise), transfer ownership through sale or other means, and recreate the product as a derivative work, without consent, as long as no copyright is claimed over the original craftsmanship to anyone other than CanineHybrid Creations, and ensured that the new work is appropriately credited as a derivative work of my original material. You also agree to not, at any time, create copies or prints to sell for profit to your benefit. If you are interested in the option of mass production it must be indicated at the time of commission and the price will be greatly increased by doing so or a royalty agreement must be made. Upon the transfer of ownership of said item, you acknowledge that you are also giving up your exclusive rights to the product and transferring them to the new owner. The new owner must be made aware of the license agreement the product has with CanineHybrid Creations. Amendments to the exclusive license agreement made be discussed and agreed upon by all parties.

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Every physical item comes with a 30 day limited warranty that covers the materials and craftsmanship and can be sent back for repairs, replacements, or refunds. The warranty excludes items that have been altered, have been used improperly, has not been thoroughly cleaned for return, or damaged from shipping.

If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your product, you are able to return it in the best condition possible for minor repairs, a refund, or exchange depending on the circumstance. Minor repairs shall be made free of charge within the first year of ownership and I reserve the right to refuse offering this service if it is violation of any terms stated in the warranty. Depending on the nature of the repair, compensation may be required. A significant alteration or repair attempted by yourself or anyone else will void the warranty and you will no longer be eligible for a free simple repair, and I will ask for an appropriate service fee under the circumstances to repair the item.

A valid reason will be necessary for consideration in a return or exchange. A refund will include a full return of balance minus the deposit. An exchange for the total balance of the returned item can be put towards another commission item and the difference compensated for. I reserve the right to alter or sell an unwanted returned item as I inherit all ownership rights, with the exception of character/design copyright, of the product from you upon agreement to a refund. All refunds will be issued in installments and paid within one (1) year of cancellation date. I reserve the right to refuse a return if the product's condition voids the warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated July 19, 2013

If you have a question, feel free to ask it here in this journal or email me. If it is a common question or one that is important to be clarified and is not covered anywhere else in this journal, I'll put it here!

Q: How do I know if you're open for commissions or not?

A: Check my front page- there is a column on the left hand side about halfway down that displays my current status. Click here to jump directly to it. I will announce on Twitter the day prior to slot openings and I will most likely talk about it on my journals.

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MenagerieCat Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hey there! I borrowed a few snippets from your ToS here.. specifically the paragraph "All copyrighted characters and likeness of characters in any form...". You worded it so well and precisely... I hope it's alright that I'm using it! If not, please let me know alright? You're one of my favorite artists, and the last thing I want to do is get on your bad side!

I'm much more active on Furaffinity (same username) if you need to get a hold of me quickly!

Keep making beautiful work <3

A long time fan,

Margo <3
RubyBIue Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
How much would it be to get a fursuit design sheet?
Sonar- Creature Suit Design by CanineHybrid  
MysticTheFox23 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
so my question is. i see your art statues say closed. for everything. but underneath i see 

Cut Resin Masks: Bullet; GreenOPENBullet; Green
Slots open every Wednesday!

so is the slots for everything? or just the cut resin masks. because if it means commissions. My mate may be messaging you.
CanineHybrid Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Professional General Artist
My drawing and custom costume commissions are closed, my masks are usually open all the time... excceeept for right now. Maybe I should re-word my open/close status message now that you point it out. Every Wednesday my mask slots open. However very very soon I'll be opening up for normal commissions as well.

I'm having to take care of some things in my living situation that is preventing me from working on projects in my new house, mostly because the new craft room isn't fully set up yet and a few other personal things to set straight. Should be ready within a week though! I'll be making a journal announcement about it when it's all up and running. Thanks for your interest!
MysticTheFox23 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
alright thank you, I'm sure my mate foxytemptation will be messaging you when you open then. He's trying to find a good artist to make a custom plush of my fursona so he can give it to me when he comes to see me this July. he's going to put a necklace he's buying me on it x3
Exodus-Drake Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Can i ask for a 4ft long tail, specifically a mega garchomp design tail, by the way love the noivern costume plans
CanineHybrid Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thanks for your interest! I could certainly work on making something like that for you. :)
Sorry for taking a bit of time to respond- I prefer being sent an email because I easily miss deviantART messages. (

I have most of the supplies I would need for building such a tail in stock, which should be convenient. Let me know your email address (or just send me an email mention who you are) and I'll start talking quotes and details with you if you're still looking for this to be done.
ggirtc Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
CanineHybrid Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Professional General Artist
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nniikaa Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you take Point Commissions? :meow:
silver492 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012
I think I'm interested in a commission. How much would it cost for a fursuit mask with realistic follow me eyes?
CanineHybrid Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks for your interest! However at this time I am not going to be taking on any new costume projects for the rest of the year as I'm soon to be graduating from art school. I am also revamping all of my prices and working out the specifics involved so I cannot give you a quote at the moment, but do keep me in mind for the future as I hope to have that all figured out this summer.
silver492 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012
Oh ok...
haileybleu Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
you are the best of best! I am your biggest fan. You are the person that makes me want to make a costume!

Your biggest fan,
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CanineHybrid Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Professional General Artist
Well thank you! I am flattered you appreciate my work so much ^^;
And I hope you do go make yourself a costume; it's a lot of work but a lot of fun work!
Andyvncreations Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013
It really is a lot of fun :D but a lot of work D: but that's why its also fun :D. lol

haileybleu Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012
i now have 5 fursuits!!!!! i LOVE making them!!!!!!
Deathfromabove123 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2011
Your costume's are amazing. Would you make a Charizard, if so how much would it be around if it was the foot paws, Hand paws, head, tail, and wings. Pretty much just like the one you made back in 2007. I dont know if you would be interested in doing another Charizard and Im sure i am not the first. But I would love to get something made by you. I hope you have a great day and keep up the amazing work.
Arjunholmie Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011
Would you be able to send a charizard costume over to India?
Scraner Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011
Good luck! :thumbsup:
RussianMaple Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
O3O save me a spot! -flail-
Commanderhurtz Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks For All The Info, If I Get Paypal, I May Commission You Sometime ^^

Remember, Take A Number Of Atleast 3 Or 5 Commissions, Or Any Manageable Number For You ^^
Kai7980Fierro Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
cool Riley i'll ask for the fursuit head commission just asking, i'll send note to you now
ServerLoad15 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
hey riley i sent you three notes about a business subject i hope you got them so we can discuss stuff.
CanineHybrid Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Professional General Artist
I got it, I've sent you a reply back :3
ServerLoad15 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
matt-bulls-stories Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Student Writer
Looks like you have your fingers in many pies. Please don't burn yourself out. You maybe able to cope but I'd advice you take one thing at a time.

Keep safe now.
CanineHybrid Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Professional General Artist
Thanks very much for your concern ^^ Not to worry, I will be very specific on what I'm open for at any given time to avoid the overload I'm currently facing now. I think I've learned my lesson this time (I hope ^^;)
matt-bulls-stories Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Student Writer
Well good luck to you.

Maybe you should do a contract with clients so they can't ask for more than agreed (if you don't alreay).
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