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Character Listing

Wed Apr 6, 2011, 1:49 AM

References: Original skin by NishithV, modified/coded by CypherVisor
New journal skin and code modified by CanineHybrid

This journal will eventually hold on the information about my OCs.

For now it is mostly a placeholder, but will include information and pictures over time. But thanks for looking!

Last Updated: 12/14/2014

Character Listing (incomplete)

Original Characters:
Allison Thatton | Bubbletron | Charlie | Chel | Creek | Garen | Riley | Slate | Spencer | Stiller | TheodTusami | Xeron | Xira

Fan Characters:
Alex Dodgen | Brynn | Dion Keir | Graphite Sketch | Kaida & Nero Desch | Kailee | Midnight

    Pokémon Team: Nero, Kaida, Sylar, Davin, Thor, & Avery | Dusk |

My deviantART gallery of OCs:…

All artwork I've received from others of my OCs, over 900 images:…


Riley is my nickname, main character, fursona, persona, avatar, online identity, and/or animalistic representation of myself. Riley is ultimately everything and often gets hybrid-ifed for fun to be different species or fit into other universes. She is mated to my boyfriend's PoX-9's character, PoX

[Ref] Hybrid Riley: Headshot Turnaround by CanineHybrid Hybrid Riley Comparison GIF by CanineHybrid

German Shepherd Dog

Quadrupedal Forms

Hybrid- Riley the CanineHybrid by CanineHybrid
Riley as a hybrid creature with both German Shepherd Dog and dinosaur-like features, her species simply referred to as a "caninehybrid"- a play off my username. She has an overall dog appearance but with a more dino-shaped head, neck, feet, and tail. Hybrid Riley is my main character and used to depict myself most often. She is a representation of my interests, artistic voice, and is more or less my mascot.

Standard- Riley Reference Sheet by CanineHybrid
Riley as a reality-based German Shepherd Dog. She can still express emotion and talk but otherwise her physical form is unaltered from that of a normal GSD. This is the original representation of Riley and the form she is most commonly known. She's a reflection of my inner animal spirit, if you will, with a personality matching to my own.

Kaiju- A special monster mutation of Riley created for Halloween. The form has changed several times from a sleek hybrid form with spikes to a large and bulky monster, no officially tied down design as of yet.

Prehistoric Riley- Riley as a dimetrodon for fun.


Riley's Hybrid form, but with clothes and human-based body/proportion. Digitigrade.

Standard- Riley Reference Sheet by CanineHybrid
German shepherd. In this form she wears clothes and has a human-shaped body, but the rest of her is canine. She is always digitigrade and has more animal-like paws than human fingers.

Eon- A variation of Anthro Riley created for the collaborative story and RPG world of Eon. She has a completely new personality, different markings, and the power to summon and manipulate blue fire.

Were- A more beastly form of Riley. She is still very anthropomorphic but does not have as human-like of a body in she does in her anthro form. She is comfortable as both a quadruped and biped.

Kemonomimi- This is essentially Riley as a human but with the ears and tail of her canine form.


Human- Riley as a human, or otherwise my real-life self exactly as I appear now.

Pokémon Trainer- Myself as a Trainer in the world of Pokémon.

Riley -Pokemon Trainer by CanineHybrid

Poké Forms

Grovyle Riley

Grovyle Riley is my Pokésona. She has the least amount of German shepherd dog traits in this form than any other.

Pokémon- Riley in a natural Groyvle form.

Anthro- Riley as an anthropomorphic Grovyle.

Pokémon Hybrids

These hybrids combine Riley and a said Pokémon. They are done entirely for fun and are more or less "unofficial", most of them correspond to the costumes I've created.

Eeveelution Riley- Riley as an Espeon. Also seen as a Leafeon.

Midnight Riley- Riley as a Shadow Lugia.


Theod - Reference Sheet 2.3 by CanineHybrid

Theod (pronounced like: they-owed) is a Ruasonid, a theropod-based alien race.


Tusami the Dragon- Reference Sheet by CanineHybrid

Tusami the dragon, my original sona who well-established on my previous account Tusami.


Sonar- Creature Suit Design [Outdated] by CanineHybrid Sonar WIP Turnaround by CanineHybrid

Sonar the angel dragon.


Chel the Werewolf- Reference (Shifted Form) by CanineHybrid Chel the Werewolf- Turnaround (Human Form) by CanineHybrid

Chel the werewolf.


Creek the Bat by CanineHybrid Monsterbat by CanineHybrid

Creek the greater bulldog bat, aka fishing bat. Alternate monster form.


Kailee the Gargoyle by CanineHybrid Any Moment Now... by CanineHybrid

Gargolyes fan character.

Graphite Sketch

MLP OC: Ref Sheet- Graphite Sketch by CanineHybrid MLP- Graphite Sketch by CanineHybrid

My Little Pony character. Her brother is my brother's MLP character, Frost Byte.

Garen & Spencer

The Last Flower -Character Turnarounds by CanineHybrid The Last Flower- Animated Short by CanineHybrid

Two monster characters created for my graduation animated short.

Kaida & Nero Desch

Kaida and Nero by CanineHybrid

Kaida the Charizardmorph by CanineHybrid

Characters involved in the role playing game Pokemorphic-RP. Siblings to AbramWinterSmith's character Andrew Desch the Arcanine-morph.


Xeron by CanineHybrid

A Deep Space Dragon for DragonXborne's headworld.

Brynn Owens

Brynn Owens the Latias by CanineHybrid

A Latias-morph for the role playing group Ferrel-Academy

Pokémon Team

Riley wants to battle by CanineHybrid Riley -Pokemon Trainer by CanineHybrid Doodling On The Job 1 -Pokemon by CanineHybrid

Riley as a human Pokémon trainer and her team.


Kaida and Nero by CanineHybrid Challenging the Blizzard by CanineHybrid Showdown by CanineHybrid How Fly Is Your Ride? by CanineHybrid
Male Aerodactyl- The youngest one of the group, Nero was a candidate in experimentation fossil revival. He is significantly smaller and less aggressive than most members of his species and he will never reach full adult size, but that keeps him lovable and young spirited. He was Riley's first Pokémon.


UBF2010Round04 ToS Part 1 by CanineHybrid
Female Charizard- Being strong and bold, Kaida lives up to her duty as a Charizard to be the protective and caring guardian. She looks after Nero and they often enjoy a nice flight together. She wears a black bandanna.


Challenging the Blizzard by CanineHybrid Found a Beacon by CanineHybrid Spotted by CanineHybrid Retaliation by CanineHybrid
Male Garchomp- Laid back and easy-going, somewhat of a charmer. He has two notches in his back fin instead of one and he's also got two spots on his snout. He thinks his best buddy is Thor.


UBF2010Round04 ToS Part 2 by CanineHybrid How Fly Is Your Ride? by CanineHybrid
Male Feraligatr- He may seem bad and tough as a Fertaligatr, but Davin is a real affectionate sweatheart. He can however get rather lonely quickly so Avery always makes a point to spend time with him. He has faint stripes on his snout and a few running down his back.


Riley's Tyranitar by CanineHybrid
Male Tyranitar- As his name implies, he prides himself in strength. He prefers to be left alone but finds himself constantly bugged by Sylar. He has small triangular spot next to his eyes.


Female Leafeon- She is the modest and friendly one of the group. She always gives off a clam vibe and is willing to lead a paw whenever it is asked of her. Her special feature are the specific notches in her ears and tail.


Have Some Charlie by CanineHybrid

My smooth coat border collie, who passed away and lives on as one of my characters. Optional to include angel wings.

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Oo I can't wait to see pictures!
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Now I wanna do this for my characters too XD;
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woah that's a lot of characters! I'd like to make a character listing of my own (once I organize and sort through my countless pictures that is)
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Thanks for making this, it makes me want to put more thought into character listings. I only have two as of now...

Scraner: My Pokesona Sneasel.

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Those are a lot of characters and I like how you described them. :D
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That's a lot of characters you got there. (And that was just under "Riley"! =p)

Then again, I wonder what would happen if I tried to put together a list of all the characters I've made up over the years... It could take weeks and potentially be uninteresting!
Starmuttani Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2011
Lmfao, that's what I'm worried about if I ever do this character listing! It would simple take forever to go through!! (Character creation, addictive and fun!) xD
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