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Dissident by kenket
Why are you gazing at me? by woxys
The magic of ice by woxys
Waiting by kenket
Flying Wolf Sketch Animation by AzuleanLupus
Akuma Icon by Bandarai
Tibetan Mastiff Run Study by purstotahti
Baguette Bab | Gift by TheJokingJester
Digital Art - Closed
Evening Lights _ com by marierockk
Endless Legs by swishchee
Charlie B. Barkin by XKuonjiX
Digital Art closed
Kakkamir by t1sk1jukka
Together Forever by Tatujapa
Rayson by Noquelle
Digital Art
Eyes On Fire by Arkeriel
Doomsday by Aurru
BoltMagie Commission by MonaHyena
Desire by FlashW
Literature and Comics
Zolves Chapter 4 Page 86 by Redwingsparrow
Bloody War - Part 3 - 58 by NaokoHara
When heaven becomes HELL - Page 23 by MonaHyena
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 380 by ARVEN92
Mixed Media
YCH - Aerglo. by Noxeri
Blue Fox by ArkyiVolg
Inktober 6 / Drooling by Serfiaso
Baltasi by haniibuns
Dream a little dream of me by Allerlei
Glowing Fox by Jack-13
Give me the break... by woxys
Hatari by Jackkdaw
Teal Night - Ych Completed by Ulfeid3
[COMM] Khepri - Blue ice, blue eyes by Ulfeid3
-- Double blue -- by 0l-Fox-l0
And you said it's make believe - Milo by Ink-H
Reference sheets
tA: Lajos by Joshua-Kim
Suluwo - Reference Sheet by HappyHyenaGirl
Fimur - Comission by RagnaDesign
DECUS (custom) by Wehtake
Sculpts and Crafts
Catdog pin or HOW DOES CATDOG POOP by ShadowOfLightt
Stamp | Canids by Kelvimax
Traditional Art
Growl by wildfur-warriorcat
Tutorials and Study
Canine paws study by Chickenbusiness

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Want to see more amazing canine art? Check out our faves! :iconfoxylaplz:


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Rules And Important Stuff

Canine-Love Rules

Please read them. They're not here to be ignored.


1. Members may submit up to 1 deviation per week. This number might decrease if it gets out of control, only for your own comfort. I understand how annoying it is when you get hundreds of deviations each day from one group.

2. Please don't submit art that breaks dA rules.

3. Anthro art is welcome as long as it's canine anthro.

4. Please submit your art in correct folders; Don't forget to read the description of folders if you don't know what kind of art you can submit there.

5. Please don't submit scraps and unfinished drawings-- This means drawings don on lined paper or very messy sketches.

6. Adoptables/Auctions/YCH auctions are not accepted.

7. Please do not submit colored bases that you've colored, we here want to see your own art, not some free lineart someone posted and you colored.

8. No tracing, recoloring or whatever. If we catch you breaking this rule, not only will you kicked out, but you will also be blocked from ever coming back to this group.

9. Taxidermy or real fur of any kind is NOT allowed here-- This does include skulls. Drawings of canine skulls/skeletal as more than welcome to be submitted here, as long as the image remains tasteful or is for anatomy purposes.

10. Human/Humanoid art with canine tails and ears are not accepted.

11. Hybrids and/or canine like species are welcome as long as they still resemble a canine in some way!

12. Submitting of any anti-canine art will result in an instant removal and banning from the group; So please be nice.

13. Please NO hate art aimed toward other members/deviants, (we don't want to deal with your issues and drama.)

14. Hyenas are NOT canines, therefore they do not belong in this group.

15. Although we don't mind art that is marked as "mature", we prefer it if you wouldn't submit anything too sexual in nature. Remember, we have younger members in this group, so please don't submit extreme sexual content. Thanks.

16. Submit art that only belongs to you. Collabs, however, are welcome.

Quality control

We will be more strict when choosing which deviations to allow in this group, so please don't think that it's anything personal if we decline your submission request. I repeat it's nothing personal. We just want to keep this gallery enjoyable for the members and non-members to view.

Standard Group Rules:

1. Harassment of group admins or other members is by no means tolerated, so please be nice to each other.
2. Respect others.
3. Don't spam, please.

Thank you,

I wanted to update this journal/blog once again due to the recent influx of hyena art being submitted to this group once again. While hyena may look like canines appearance-wise, and even act like them they are actually not even related to canines; they are actually more closely related to felines and viverrids but are still considered their own species known as Hyaenidae (which is made up of Spotted, Brown, Striped, and Aardwolves).  If you love hyenas though I defiantly recommend doing some research on them as they are such amazingly unique creatures!

Here is a very good informational journal regarding the 4 different types of hyena's: Hyena SpeciesHyaenidae is a family of feliform carnivoran mammals. Hyenas evolved from a small, civet-like ancestor during the Miocene period, later diversifying into two types- the "dog-like" hyenas and the "bone-crushing" hyenas. Hyenas are often considered canine-like in appearance, a result of convergent evolution. They have short back legs and sloped backs. Most species have a long mane of fur that runs down their back. Today, there are only four extant species of hyenas:
Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta)
The spotted hyena is the largest of the four extant hyena species, native to sub-Saharan Africa. Spotted hyenas are intelligent animals with complex, matriarchal social structures resembling those of cercopithecine primates. Contrary to popular belief, the spotted hyena is a hunter, not a scavenger, and have the stamina to chase prey over long distances. They are known for their powerful bite force and the "laughing" sound they make when distressed.
also here's a good informational tutorial comparing the differences between a hyena and a gray wolf! Spotted Hyena Studies / Tutorial by kenket

To those who love hyenas here are some groups I highly recommend checking out!
:iconhyenalovers: :iconafricanvalley: :iconhyenaclub: :iconhyena-fans: :iconhyenaartists: :iconwelovehyenas:

And a group for hyena photography

There are also many wonderful animal based groups here on DeviantArt that you all should check out as well! ^^

Anywoof, I truly hope this journal/blog helped clear some things up, and also helps give more information about this amazing animal!
More Journal Entries


Please make sure you do read through our affiliation rules before sending a request!

Rule 1. Group must be similar in theme, or at least animal related.

Rule 2. Group must at least have 30 or more active members in order to affiliate with us.

Rule 3. Please don't contact us to advertise your contests/competitions/etc. This means NO comments on the front page regarding you contests/competitions/ect. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks for reading.




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