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Pitahaya is a new character of mine and no more info will be released right now.

The contest is over so I will now talk freely about Pitahaya.

She is created after an epiphyte (grows on trees) cactus that bears fruit by the name of dragon fruit, pitaya, pitahaya and strawberry pear.

Her distinguishing marks are:
her tongue- the outside of the fruit
her fur - the fruit has white flesh and black seeds
her tail - looks like a cactus
and she is in a tree - epiphyte

Photo shop - paint tool and eraser tool. Thats it.
10 hours
no refs used

I was a little disappointed that it came out so styled. I'll do another ten hours and see if I can get some realism.
Plus the lighting is not so spectacular.
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me like! hes cute. I like how you got the idea from Dragon Fruit thats awesome! the impact of the picture is impressive, I think it looks great without the overall realism affect.