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Iron witch. So long since I've seen light by naked-superpower, visual art

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Welcome to the world of super-tales. My stories are NSFW 18+ stuff, with sex, erotics and many kinky things.

​My stories are about mighty, beautiful and very curious heroines. From another angle, it's about confrontation of a human being against the society, against the alienated and strange environment. In a fantasy setting, I explore my archaic fear of rejection and hostility. I hail my heroines' freedom, openness, sincerity. I learned much from them :)

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Favourite TV Shows
The Expanse, West World, American Gods
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Radiohead, Pomplamoose, Mgzavrebi, OK Go, Bjork, Califone, Alison Krauss, Cinematic Orchestra
Favourite Books
Le Guin: The left hand of darkness
Commissions open I'd love to get some precious $$, cause I wanna make a good birthday present for some very lovely person :)
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Hey ladies fellas ! I'm moving and I cannot take away all my stuff with me. The 1 item I'm going to give away is this picture of a lady doing stuff with a sledgehammer. It's one of my "Patrons only" images from Patreon, but this time you can have it without being my patron. I'd be happy to send it to someone who'd like to have it in their place! DM me in Instagram… . You may write to me here at DA, too, but I may not get if fast enough. Details: 1. 75x55 cm (30х22 inches) 2. Look closer and you will notice that the item has a few scratches on top-left corner. They're as brutal as the lady, and the one who made them is our cat Aisling, who is by herself worth a shrine full of raving fans. So, those scratches are sacred. 3. You will need to pay delivery from Moscow, Russia. e.g. or any other delivery service that's worthy. Anything you'd like to add as tips is welcome but absolutely optional. 4. I will add a postcard of your choice
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Ultra-Bra drew this for me as a part of the art trade, and I'm very happy! Here's their description "This is my part of an art trade for naked-superpower , of their character Yaroslava (Yara for short). Here, she has intruded an aircraft carrier and started throwing up a ruckus. While effortlessly swinging around a severed wrecking ball, she notices a rail gun aiming at her. While the meter-thick solid steel doesn't offer much resistance to a 3000km/h projectile, Yara stands steadfast amidst this volley of molten steel, her clothes evaporating instantly, but herself no worse off than ruffled hair. This being an art trade, naked-superpower obviously made something for me too. That's a secret for now, though" Are you curious about this secret? Keep following Ultra-Bra !
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Lord Boros: "Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!"

I haven’t seen One Punch Man yet, tho I’m on the edge of doing that :) So, I don’t get the hint. Are you talking about one of my heroines?

Oh, I would have assumed you knew the series! Boros (one of the antagonists) is looking for a powerful being that can give him a good fight. I think that your characters could compete with him.

The quote is just an old meme.

Oh, sure, my heroines are worthy opponents :)

I finally started watching it with my son, that's really fun !

Thank you for the Llama!!!

thanks for your art, i find it very inspiring :)