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300 patapon


("Take no prisioners!")

Inspiration was from here.

this file was modified, only the Zigotons I put them square... :P Thanks to knucklesmetallix for the observation. :)
Old file is gone :(

THANK YOU | 0.5k fav
Since I've posted this work I've got so many great comments e so many fav's...
That could not be possible without you.

300 (c) Frank Miller | Patapon (c) Japan Studios
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I recently found out about this game and I swear this is the most brutally perfect fanart anyone could've done for it. I applaud you.
i like it .. so nice...
نمیدونم انگلیسی چی میشه ! قاب بندی خوبی داره ! رنگش عااااااااااااااااالیه ! کلی ایده گرفتم ازش ! متشکرم !
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Zigoton and Patapon. awwww
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Pata pata pon pon pon 
(That means that I liked it. A LOT)
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I really dont know where to stand on this. on one half im persian and anything 300 disgusts me. on the other hands its frickin awesome art and patapon. hm.... i give it a thumbs up and a fav :D
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keep attacking pon pon pata pon...anyone else have patapon 3 ?
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Wala pang PATAPON 4!!
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Hahahahaha!! KULIT!!!!
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that was the Beta name for Patapon3 for Patapon 2 it was Patapon 200
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wajajajajajaja yeah pon pon pata pon!!!
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Bloody glorious.
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Haha, I love this so much!
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Ahahahahahahahahahahah it's so so so so so so so nice!!!!! :)

This is..... Feveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Compliments!! :D
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It's just awasome drawing i see :D xD
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They found the earthend! :la:
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lol,very amusing :D
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