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Nancy from Tainted Reality and myself are putting together a fanbook for the band for Halloween to show them support and to welcome Kiddy as well ^^ (We'll be organising one for Zull for Christmas, so if you want to show support for him too, there will be a chance ^^)

★What can I submit?★

  • Fanart / art
    • Letters
      • Cosplay pictures
        • Small gifts (candy, stickers, pins/badges etc.)
          • Postcards

            If you'd like to submit something that's not on the list, please ask first ^^

            • All submissions must be in by October 15th 2007 as it will be sent within a few days of this deadline.

              • If you want a letter translated into Japanese, please send it in an e-mail to me, including your name/dA username. Please try and get this done as soon as possible so I have time to translate them. The original version should be sent to Nancy at the address below. We will then include a translation with your original letter.
                • If you are sending a gift, please include one US dollar to cover shipping costs. (You don't need to do this if you're only submitting something to the fanbook).
                  • Group cosplays and fanart including Zull are allowed, but please do not include US tour photos with him in, or fanart/cosplays of only him. As I said, there will be a fanbook for him at a later date ^^

                    ★Where should I send my submission?★
                    All submissions should be sent to Nancy, by October 15th, at the following address:

                    Nancy Guevara
                    455 Sea Street Apt 10A
                    Quincy, MA 02169

                    Letters for translation should be e-mailed to me as soon as possible at:


                    If you have any questions/suggestions, please comment here, or e-mail Nancy (harro_kurage@hotmail.com) or myself (1x15x5@googlemail.com). ^^

                    I hope you'll all try and join in and make this a great Halloween present for the band! ^_^



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oxX-MADhAttEr-Xxo's avatar
CandySpookyTheater's avatar
It seems like a lot of people want to participate in it, so that's wonderful ^^
oxX-MADhAttEr-Xxo's avatar
yeah, might even be successful since TCST is getting lots of fans everyday~! :dance:
SpiralHumanity's avatar
...That is a brilliant idea!
CandySpookyTheater's avatar
^^ I hope you'll submit something
SpiralHumanity's avatar
Oh, I am sure I will.
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